11 Instagrammable places in Odense

11 Instagrammable places in Odense

Shamil Hasanli25 April 20213047 views8 min. read
11 Instagrammable places in Odense
Instagram photos that get lots of "hearts." Maybe, you even want to be an Instagram influencer or particularly travel blogger and share the photos of most Instagrammable places. Have you ever checked some Instagram influencers' most liked Instagram photos? Have you wondered why those photos are so Instagrammable? We are here to HELP!

Wanna know about most liked Instagram photos?

odense city If you want to be an Instagram phenomenon, or kind of a travel blogger, or just to share the places you visit with all your friends and followers, you definitely need to know how to take Instagrammable photos. According to the article "13 most popular types of Instagram photos that will get you more likes and followers," published in a photography blog called "Pixobo," the most attractive type of photos are "Landscape, Panoramic and Wildlife Photography." Travel photos, in other words! You get it now. All you need is to know where to find enough Instagrammable places to shoot.

An Instagrammable place to try out

odense street I offer to travel to Odense Denmark. Really! You may think of it as not popular or not so fancy, but see the places to visit in Odense, and I promise you will change your mind! Do you want to know where is Odense? OK, let's go!

Where is Odense?

aerial view of odense city Odense is a city of roughly 200,000 inhabitants, located on the island of Funen, situated in between the hustle and bustle of the Copenhagen-dominated island of Zealand and Jutland, which connects Denmark with the rest of mainland Europe. So it is not hard to travel from Copenhagen to Odense. You can travel from Copenhagen to Odense by train, bus, or car, which prices are ranging between $21-$29, $12-$15, and $23-$35, respectively. 

Places to visit in Odense

odense city Once you travel to Odense you can visit the following spectacular places to get the most out of your trip.

1. Munke Mose Park

munke mose park Munke Mose Park is located directly in the central ring of the city. The park is a huge green area that offers a wide range of activities and nature trails. Surrounded by waterscapes and nature paths, the entire park is an excellent place for running, walking, biking, and, of course, for Instagramming! There are also many open-air events going on in Munke Mose Park throughout the year, as it's an easily accessible area of Odense. It's a great place to take a lunch break for those that work inside all day too. Munke Mose Park is one of the best places to visit in Odense.

2. Beautiful​​​​​​​ Stige Island

stige island In the past Stige Island was used as Odense Municipality's landfill; it was after that cleaned up and reclaimed as a natural oasis and active area, with multiple vantage points. A multitude of hills has been formed, which now houses various plants and wildlife. Underneath these hills, Stige Island now creates gas which is extracted for energy production. It is possible to experience a dirt track for mountain bikes, watch birds, go hiking, enjoy large playgrounds etc. It is the place where is Odense hosts its guests who like some outdoor activities.

3. Odense Zoo - Zoological gardens

odense zoo It is Europe's best zoo where you can discover fascinating lions and Siberian tigers, see chimpanzees swing in the trees, and finish your adventure accompanied by the penguins' call sounds in the Antarctic cold. You can also get close to the tapir - or visit lemur island and experience the lively lemurs up close while helping to feed them. As "Odense ZOO" is one of the most preferred places to see in Odense, it is open 365 days a year, and the exhibitions vary according to season and holidays to give you the best possible experience.

4. Klosterhaven - Medicinal Herbs

klosterhaven This is a geometrically shaped monastery garden with many intricate details. Designed in the 1920s by architect I. P. Sorensen, it consists of a small atrium garden, Fratergarden, with spring bulbs and perennials. In the larger part of the garden, it is possible to explore a collection of more than 125 herbs. Some of these herbs are well known for their medicinal uses. The majority of these herbs cannot be found in your typical garden. It also has benches along one side, where you can sit and enjoy a quiet break or eat your lunch. The garden is open at all hours of the day and is free to visit. It is also considered one of the most suitable places to see in Odense, especially for older citizens.

5. Odense Old Town

odense Some of the city's oldest houses are located within the Old Town, which dates back to medieval times. It is a beautifully preserved part of Odense, where the most powerful and influential citizens had their houses and businesses. The old cobblestone streets and colorful crooked houses are what attract tourists because of its medieval feel. 

6. Hans Christian Andersen's house

odense center Hans Christian Andersen was a poetry and fairy tale writer in the 19th century. He is best known for his fairy tales 'The Little Mermaid' and' The Ugly Duckling.' There is a little yellow house located on Hans Jensen's Stared, where Hans Christian Andersen was born in 1805. Today, the little yellow house is a museum and tells the story of his incredible life as a writer.

7. The Danish Railway Museum

danish railway museum Just beside the railway station, you can experience the history of the railway in Denmark up close. There are 21 train tracks with iconic locomotives and carts. Take a peek into the royal wagons and experience 1st class travel.  The big locomotives fascinate children of all ages. The smallest guests will love the Children's Train Station, which is a children's railway station. There is also a play area with a large steam locomotive and a water tower from which you can slide and more and more. All activities are free once the entrance fee is paid. Children under five years are free of charge. Why not take some good Instagram photos of your children on a lovely tiny train?

8. Arkaden Food Market

food market One of the main street food courts that we know of is the Arkaden Food Market. Extremely Instagrammable "Arkaden Food Market" currently consists of 21 stalls, a wine bar, a beer bar, and a coffee shop, serving over 2,000 people every day. Authentic homemade food is served worldwide to everyone, whether you are picky, vegetarian, or have specific dietary requirements. You will find anything you fancy from sweet, strong, or bitter food.

9. Storms Pakhus

storms pakhus Storms Pakhus is a beautiful old warehouse that has turned street food and more, with 16 different food stalls, bars, and creative stalls. You'll find creative workshops with everything from crafts to their very own hairdresser and barbershop, and you can also check out the streetwear made from recycled material in Storms Pakhus too. This is definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Odense.

10. Delicious Odense Marcipan

odense marcipan Odense Marcipan is, in fact, a world-leading manufacturer of marzipan (a confection of almond paste, sugar, and egg white) and marzipan-related products and is the largest brand in the Scandinavian countries. Founded in 1909 by the Thobo-Carlsen brothers, they focused their efforts on producing marzipan of the very best quality. Fast forward 100 years and Odense Marcipan manufactures over 170 different types of marzipan! With its headquarters still located in Odense, be sure to grab a bar whilst in the town because tasty marzipan is an extremely good excuse to travel to Odense Denmark.

11. Vera's Market

veras market Fashionistas should definitely keep an eye on Veras' website for the market's upcoming dates. It's a great way to buy some inexpensive pieces or just spend a relaxed morning rummaging in tonnes of second-hand clothes and accessories. Vera's market takes place every Sunday – at Bispeengbuen during spring and summertime and indoors at Norrebrohallen in the winter. With such a great number of stalls packed with clothes of all styles, it comes as no surprise that visitors leave the place with bags filled with goodies. Make sure to head in early because the place gets super packed. Although going to a flea market may not be on the top of your list of what to do in Odense, I highly recommend checking one out.

Everywhere you can go by bicycle

bicycles There are several places to see in Odense, including many quality museums and galleries, pedestrian streets, good restaurants, interesting churches, etc. And all places to visit in Odense are easily accessible by bike! In fact, bikes are taken into consideration just as much as cars. So you'll find bike lanes almost everywhere you choose to explore.

What to do in Odense?

odense view I'm sure by visiting all the mentioned places, and you will find how to spend your time effectively. But if you still want to summarise what to do in Odense, I can sum it up like this:  ● Explore the nature ● Visit historical places ● Eat at a Street Food Court ● Shop at a Flea Market ● Taste Odense marzipan ● Eat Danish Pastry ● Ride a Bicycle I promise that your most liked Instagram photos will be the ones taken in Odense! 

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