12 Instagrammable places in Port of Spain

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12 Instagrammable places in Port of Spain
Instagrammable places in this magnificent city! If you are looking for attractive spots both to travel and take photos for your Instagram, here are 12 Instagrammable places in Port of Spain and the reasons why you should travel to Port of Spain Trinidad.

General about Port of Spain

port of spain Where is Port of Spain Trinidad? Port of Spain is one of the biggest cities on the little islands called Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean. The Atlantic Ocean waters from the north-east and Caribbean Sea waters from the west wash its borders day and night. Some people may get confused about where is Port of Spain, Trinidad, or Tobago? It is the capital city of both, as Trinidad and Tobago are twin sisters. Port of Spain weather does not differ from typical island weather; it is warm, sometimes hot, there is little rain, and it gets a little bit cooler in winter.  You should not worry about flights. The Port of Spain airport will provide a high-quality flight for you, so you can only enjoy the sightseeing. You will appreciate the view while flying over the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

1. Queen’s Park Savannah

park Start your trip from Queen’s Park Savannah, and your Instagram will already be full of numerous and outstanding pictures. Victorian-style buildings, castles, zoos, gardens, and museums- this Instagrammable place is all in one. If you are a lover of old, historical buildings, then the Magnificent Seven Houses, a group of old victorian buildings along the famous Maraval Roads; Anglican bishop, Roman Catholic archbishop, and Queen’s Royal College can be your must-go places. Furthermore, Queen’s Park Savannah is known as the city's largest open space. If you want just to sit on green grass, rest your thoughts in the fresh air, and enjoy the warm Port of Spain weather, then consider this place as a du jour. Again, you should not miss the chance to taste local street foods in a night market called Open Air Food Court, as well. The market starts at 6:00 pm and closes at 10:00 pm, so don't be late!

2. Stollmeyer’s Castle

stollmeyers castle If you are not sure about there are any Victorian Esque places where is Port of Spain, then you should see this castle. With its ostentatious Scottish Baronial style, Stollmeyer’s Castle shares its beauty generously with hundreds of tourists every year. It carries the name of Charles Fourier Stollmeyer, who built this elegant mansion in 1902 and is one of the Magnificent Seven Houses. Before World War II, its name was Killarney. The US forces called it “The Castle.” You can enjoy rich details of the castle, mesmerizing harmony of sand, yellow and brown while travelling through time.

3. Royal Botanic Gardens

royal botanic garden If you're a nature lover, then the Royal Botanic Gardens, with its 700 trees, is just for you! The Royal Botanic Gardens hugs the north of Queen's Park Savannah, and it has been charming everyone with its beauty for more than 200 years. These lovely gardens are old enough to be the oldest Botanic Gardens on the planet. So, you can be sure the pictures you will take with these indigenous trees and glorious flowers will be the most liked Instagram photo you had.

4. Fort George

fort george Fort George, 200 years old fort, is one of the best places to spend time in Port of Spain. Back in time, British Governor Sir Thomas Hislop built Fort George to protect the sea areas from Napoleon’s army. Fortunately, it has never witnessed the war and preserved actual artillery weapons till these days. You can enjoy the best panorama views of the city and the sea from here. Also, the narrow road, which leads to the fort, is even more exciting! There you can admire both the scenery and the history of this amusing place and forget about your time in Port of Spain.

5. Heavenly Bays and Beaches

heavenly bay The warm Port of Spain weather gives a great opportunity to enjoy its mesmerizing bays all year long. If you visited Port of Spain, you should take a trip to one of those fascinating bays. Paragrant Bay is one the most famous and breathtaking of its kind. You can hike through the forest to get there. The seascape makes it one of the Instagrammable places around the city. The visitors describe this place as a “fascination”! The picturesque views, unleashed and wild waves, and the famous driftwood swing towards turquoise sea waters are just a bounty! After getting drunk on these earthly delights, you can rest on the rocks of Mal D’Estomac and get pleasure from the sapphire sky above you. Then, go up to a lighthouse in La Vache Bay and just feel the passionate race between waves and wind under your feet. And, don’t miss the luck to admire the deep green waters of Maracas and the golden sand beach of Las Cuevas when you are in Port of Spain.

6. The Red House

red house Even if you're not a politician, you still can appreciate the Red House of Parliament in the centre of Port of Spain. With its interesting story, vibrant red colour, and undeniable glory, it is one of the most Instagrammable places in Port of Spain Trinidad. The Red House has witnessed a fire, and now seeing it all in red gives an impression like the fire has frozen and stained on it forever. It can even inspire some romantic sentences to write down in your post!

7. Saut d’Eau

saut deau bay Saut d’Eau means “waterfall” in French. This island is a wildlife sanctuary and is under the protection of the government. Saut d’Eau is the only place where you can spot brown pelicans and some other bird species which live only on this island. This is the exact place where you can relax both your soul and mind. It is like taking a deep breath of peace. Please, don't forget to post some Instagram worthy pictures of this graceful place!

8. Trinity Cathedral

trinity cathedral One of the oldest buildings, Holy Trinity Cathedral, can be called one of the most exceptional places in Port of Spain Trinidad. The British built this cathedral to strengthen Anglican Church around this place. It has Gothic Revival elements and over 200 years of memories; hence, it is an ideal place to exist inside history! museum The keepers of history flame - museums and art galleries are must-visit places in all countries. The National Museum and Art Gallery of Port of Spain collect and preserve more than 10,000 artefacts. Originally, this museum was a part of the preparation for Queen Victoria’s jubilee; therefore, its first name was Royal Victoria Institute.

10. National Academy for Performing Art

national academy Where else can you encounter the soul of the country, if not in theatres?! The National Academy for Performing Arts is an important part of Port of Spain, and it serves as a cultural centre of the city. It is designed as Chaconia, which is the national flower of Trinidad and Tobago. You can enjoy the art performances of locals. The National Academy of Performing Arts also serves as an educational institute. If you travel to Port of Spain Trinidad, don’t forget to visit this amusing palace of arts.

11. Dattatreya Temple and Hanuman Statue

hanuman statue What about enjoying the combination of West Indian and African cultures? You should visit this place immediately when you get out of the Port of Spain airport. The exquisite Indian sculpture elements melted in outstanding Islamic patterns make this place the first line to travel. You can see the tallest (about 26 m) statue in the Western Hemisphere. The statue of Lord Hanuman standing beside you and posing for your camera can be the most liked Instagram photo of yours! There are lots of temples and mosques, as well. Altogether, you can enjoy plenty of things here; like, architecture, history, spirituality, and breathtaking scenery.

12. Caroni Bird Sanctuary

caroni birds Now, we have reached the capstone of our blog and one of the most Instagrammable places where you can go right after getting out of Port of Spain airport. The rivers, forests, pools and canyons, birds, and animals; all the glory of wild nature just in one spot makes this sanctuary the first-picked place to travel! How about watching charming Scarlet Ibis, the national birds of Trinidad, flying over the evening sky while sailing on a boat? Sounds pretty fascinating, and not only! If you travel to Port of Spain Trinidad, don't miss the chance to swim in the Mermaid Pool and sail in the flat-bottomed boats. There are day and night tours; thus, it is a never-ending adventure in wildlife. These are the most Instagrammable places. You can enjoy not only boat tours, but also hiking through forests. Again, you can be sure of everlasting memories of nature in your mind and the most liked Instagram photo in your account. ¡Don't forget to check your time in Port of Spain, as you will not feel how it flows!

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