12 Instagrammable places in Samoa

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12 Instagrammable places in Samoa
Instagrammable places in the world. One of the places people travel to have pictures, vacation, enjoy tourism, and for sightseeing is Samoa. From this article, you will know where is Samoa, interesting places in Samoa, Instagrammable places when you travel to Samoa. 

Where is Samoa

camera and map Samoa is an eye-catching country found in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Samoa is so beautiful and endowed with many enchanting and appealing islands. These islands comprise many volcano caves, gorges, lovely waterfalls, quite lakes, lush green rainforests, exciting wildlife sanctuaries, and exquisite beaches. This alone shows why most tourists considers it to be the most instagrammable place in the world. There are two major islands in Samoa. They are the Upolu and Savai'i islands. 

Upolu Island 

upolu island Upolu is the habitat to capital Apia, major local services, and the international Airport. This is the place most travelers or tourists base. It is the most populated region in the country with about 150,000 people. Don’t miss coming here when you travel to Samoa as it is considered by many as one of the interesting places in Samoa. 

Savai'i Island 

island Savai’i has about 50,000 people and is considered the second biggest after Upolu. It is one of the places to visit in Samoa. You can lodge here as it has beautiful hotels to choose from. It is quieter than Upolu Island. Here is for you if you need to get away from troubles and have time to refresh yourself. 

Other Islands

american samoa The Apolima and Manono islands found between the two biggest islands have low populations. You might see only 1-2 small villages here. The other uninhabited islands in this country are Nu’utele, Namua, Fanuatapu, Nu’usafe’e, Nu’ulua, and, Nu’ulopa. You can only come close to them when you travel to Samoa by private boat.

Instagrammable Places in Samoa

instagram There are many Instagrammable places to visit in Samoa. The guarantee of having many likes, comments and engagement are high. With your good camera, head over to the following places and take your quality and memorable pictures:

1. Apia

apia This is the largest city a well of the capital of Samoa. It has about 5% the number of total people living in the country. It is one of the interesting places in Samoa. You will find this city on Upolu Island (central north coast). While you take as many pictures as possible, don’t forget to visit the popular food market called Maketi Fou. You will see this market on Fugalei Street. Buy for yourself fresh fruits and vegetables. A short walk away from this food market will take you to an amazing place to buy lovely baskets and stunning jewelry. You can stay awhile to enjoy the country’s traditional music. 

2. The Dwarves Cave

cave The Dwarves Cave is not only an Instagrammable place in the country but a place that attracts many tourists. You will find it in Paia village. It is a well-known place in the country. Several volcanic eruptions many years ago led to its formation (mysterious landmark). No wonder some consider it as the most instagrammable place in the world. Dwarves Cave is one of the places to visit in Samoa for your Instagram pictures. Exploring this intriguing cave can take you many hours. Imagine combining taking pictures with the mindset of sightseeing. You will see a lava tube that is bigger than 1 mile long. The possibility of still seeing footprints inside the race caused by a legendary race of people is there. Take pictures of them when you do. Put your foot into it as you take the pictures. 

3. Papapapaitai Falls

papapapaitai waterfalls One of the attractive natural landscapes in the whole of the country is the Papapapai-Tai Falls. These waterfalls are very high. They are more than 90 meters tall. Certainly, it will give you alluring views. Imagine taking Instagrammable pictures here. It will be wow. These stunning waterfalls are located on the largest island in the country, Upolu. You can swim close to this fall. Take pictures as you do. It will be remarkable, memorable, and reliving. The waterfalls are close to the Lake Lanoto’o National Park. Take a short walk down there too. 

4. Papaseea Sliding Rocks

sliding rocks The Papaseea sliding rocks is not just a tourist attraction in the country but a place for Instagrammable pictures. A 15 minutes drive from the capital city of Apia to the Faleata district will take you there. Don’t miss the whole fun by taking just pictures, swim, and slid down the rock slides into a pool. The rocks were naturally developed. 

5. Palolo Deep National Marine Reserve

marine reserve Another place for your Instagrammable pictures in this enchanting spot. Don’t miss swimming in the Palolo waters. As you take your pictures in your swimming wears in these pure blue waters, give your eyes a memorable experience of viewing different colorful and tropical fishes. You can take pictures of these loving creatures too. 

6. Lake Lanoto’o National Park

lake Have you ever thought of taking pictures of wildlife? If yes, go to the Lake Lanoto’o National Park when you travel to Samoa. This tourist attraction site has different amazing wildlife. Don’t miss watching the local goldfish and hiking. You can also opt for a 4 wheel ride to visit this swamp. Take pictures while on the wheel. You will love the outcome. 

7. Saleaula Lava Fields

lava You will find Saleaaula Lava Fields on the northern coast of the Savaii. It is both a tourist attraction site and a good spot for Instagrammable pictures. Don’t miss watching the Virgin’s Grave, stunning lava rocks and the remains of a concrete church. 

8. Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

museum If you want a spot to take pictures for Instagram, come to the great Robert Louis Stevenson Museum. This museum is well-known because of a famous author from Scotland who lived in Upolo. While you take your pictures at the museum, watch his library, travel mementos, and other of his many belongings. 

9. Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve

rainforest At the largest island in the country will you see the Tafua Peninsula Rainforest Preserve. It is an ideal spot for unique instagrammable pictures especially if you want to see unique birds too. There are many species of birds here. Have your camera set as you will see flying foxes. Go with your binoculars as you go within this stunning and natural rainforest. 

10. Alofaaga Blowholes

blowholes Alofaaga Blowholes is a must-visit for photographers, models, and actors to have their pictures. It is located at the second largest island, Savai’I close to the Taga village. You will see blowholes caused by a volcano eruption many years ago here. Watch the blasting of coconuts into the air as the locals throw them (coconuts) into these blowholes. The blast occurs when there is a collision of water and the shoreline.

11. Falealupo

green grass As you take your pictures in this enchanting Samoa, visit this  Falealupo village too. You will see it in the west part of the second-largest island in the country, the Savai’i Island. Take as many pictures as possible as you stroll in the village. There is a rainforest here known as the Falealupo Rainforest Preserve. It is a natural eye-catching preserve the government of the country set up. Explore different wildlife, and lush green vegetation as you take pictures of them too. You will see here a treetop canopy walk where many banyan trees in the rainforests connect. Don’t forget to take pictures of yourself when swimming in the cool waters. You will also see a white sandy beach nearby. Take pictures there too as you have your leisure time. 

12. O Le Pupu-Pue National Park

trekking This is the last Instagrammable place to visit when you travel to Samoa. It is a must-visit for photo lovers. If you are also a lover of hiking, then this national park is what you have been looking for. Take your pictures, enjoy and explore it by following different loving hiking trails. The park is about 29 sq. km, so hiking within it as you take your Instagrammable pictures is not what you will love to miss for anything. Make such to see the eye-appealing rainforest scenery. Don’t forget to visit and take pictures of the Togitogiga Falls inside this national park. Here also will you find the Peapea Cave, a great spot for Instagram pictures. 

Final Thought 

canon Having read through this article, you will see where is Samoa, why some people take it as the most Instagrammable place in the world, and why you should write it down in your traveling diary as a place to visit next. There are many interesting places to visit in Samoa for Instagram pictures, relaxation, and sightseeing. The people of Samoa are accommodating and welcoming. Just keep to the rules governing the country and you will surely have a memorable traveling experience you have not had for a long time. 

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