11 Instagrammable places in Victoria

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11 Instagrammable places in Victoria
Seychelles has been mesmerising tourists for a long time. The Republic of Seychelles or Seychelles islands is a group of 115 islands that lies in the Indian Ocean, almost 1500 km from the East coast of Africa. It falls within the grasp of a cluster of other island countries, namely Comoros, Madagascar, the Maldives, Mauritius and the French territories of Reunion and Mayotte. It also boasts of the smallest population among all African countries. Being in the midst of a booming tourist route, Seychelles pulls some of the largest numbers of travellers. It is a well-known travel destination, luring worldly travellers to its vast beaches and azure ocean fronts. The tourism industry of the island country is quite a frontrunner when it comes to looking after the hordes of visitors who throng. Seychelles is also blessed with some of the most stunning views nature could afford. For the closet photographer peddling their ware on Instagram, Seychelles is certainly the manna from heaven. However, the underdog in this story is the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. Many times in the race to visit the oceanfront, this quaint little capital is overlooked or not given much due. And that is as unfair as it comes. However, before we get onto knowing more about the capital city, let us look at the nation first.

Travel to Seychelles

air seychelles Seychelles is connected by flights from most capital cities. However, a flight from Dubai, Doha or Nairobi would prove to less costly compared to others. Being 300 miles off the coast of mainland Africa, flying is the best option. There are quite a few sites which offer discounts and deals. A bit of research is needed before travelling to Seychelles. Travelling between the Seychelles Islands can also be done through interconnecting island flights as well as by ferry. The ferry services tend to be erratic at times, but it's still comfortable. And now, since you have landed in Seychelles, it is time we take a tour of the capital of Seychelles, Victoria. Get ready to click as much because we are going to visit the 12 Instagrammable places in Victoria. Victoria is one of the world's smallest capitals, housing almost one-third of the island nation's population. However, do not be fooled by its silent nature. The city is full of life and vigour and gradually envelopes its visitors with a sense of fulfilment and inner peace, which most other cities don't. Victoria is not your run of the mill cacophonic cauldron. It gives you a feel of a commune nestled between hills and the ocean. It also houses an eclectic mix of nationalities and is a confluence of myriad ethnicities. So let's get going with the list of 12 Instagrammable places in Victoria:

1. Clock Tower

clock tower This tower is situated in the city centre and was the idea of Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott, who then made the labourers from Madras toil hard for 9 days to have it erected. It is built in honour of Queen Victoria and is a must-visit for all international tourists.

2. Victoria Botanical Gardens

victoria botanical gardens Mont Fleuri Botanical Gardens is the other name by which the Victoria Botanical Garden is known as. It was opened in 1901 and since then has enthralled the paying visitor, exhibiting 500 species of indigenous plants and exotic plants. Other than the vast collection of flora, the garden also has a great section related to fauna. One can take a look at the fishes, reptiles, amphibians, insects, etc. The Victoria Botanical Garden is one of the oft-visited sites in the capital city.

3. Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

sir selwyn clarke market This is one of the crowded areas of the city. It is named after Sir Percy Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke, who was the Governor of Seychelles. He was also the Director of Medical Services of Hong Kong. The market sees a crowd on Sunday, and most of the shops are to be found here. If you are looking for fresh vegetables and fish, this is the place to be. The market also has shops selling clothes and artwork. However, Seychelles is an expensive place to be, so do negotiate before buying memorabilia.

4. Sri Navasakthi Vinayagar Temple

sri navasakthi vinayagar temple Once you travel to Victoria, you will find the eloquence of different communities coexisting within a small boundary. The temple is the centrepiece for the Hindu community that resides in and around Victoria. The temple is open on all days and sees a sizeable crowd daily.

5. Sheikh Mohamed bin Khalifa Mosque

sheikh mohammed bin khalifa mosques Another example of the eclectic ethnicity of the city, the golden-domed Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Mosque serves the Muslim community residing in Victoria. Situated a bit away from the city, the mosque is surrounded by a pristine landscape and makes for a pleasurable visit. It is the busiest during the Friday prayers and can hold up to 600 worshippers.

6. National Museum of History

national museum of history This is an Instagrammable place that is customary for all travellers to visit. It has a vast collection for geology enthusiasts. The museum offers a treasure trove for those who want to know about the natural history of the island and its surroundings. Travel to Victoria is indeed incomplete without a visit to the venerable National Museum of History. It is also definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in the city.

7. Cathedral of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

cathedral of our lady of immaculate conception An imposing colonial structure, the cathedral is for the devout and is open to all faith. The Christian community of the city of Victoria is quite a vibrant one. There are Sunday masses that are well attended. The building is exquisitely built and has a blanket of carvings and tapestries woven over it, a definite Instagrammable place to be in.

8. Mission Lodge Lookout

The panorama that the Mission Lodge Lookout provides against the backdrop of the vast ocean makes most visitors tongue-tied. The glistening waves and the verdant mountains are a combination most will die for. The Mission Lodge Lookout is also one most liked photo on Instagram. A must-visit for the nature fanatics.

9. Bicentenary Monument

bicentennial monument It is a three-winged monument, each representing the continents of Asia, Africa and Europe. It was built by the Italian sculptor Lorenzo Appiani for the commemoration of Victoria's 200 years of existence. Another Instagrammable click that no one misses.

10. Seychelles International Airport

seychelles airport This one may not suit everyone's taste, but the quaint city also has a quaint airport. It may not be too flashy compared to some of the other behemoths dotting the aviation landscape, but it has a silent charm. The Seychelles International Airport garners some of the most likes on Instagram, making it an Instagrammable thoroughbred. You can capture your most liked photo on Instagram here.

11. The National Library

seychelles national library Copyright: @bodrumlu55 The National Library is an ideal dugout for the history, culture and humanities junkie. It caters to both literary aficionados and serious educationists alike. There are no admission charges because knowledge is priceless. Look out for the timings because Saturdays have a different closing schedule, and it's closed on Sundays. Seychelles is an island full of vigour and yet staid. It is a land that exudes vibrance through its varied populace and bursting natural beauty. It is also a nation that promotes silence and solitude in equal measure. And Victoria is an ideal example of a capital city that never boasts and yet reflects life in the subtlest form. The city is not a boisterous amalgamation of culture, art and life like every other tourist-heavy capital of Seychelles are. But it still is a magnet for the weary traveller who would want to find solace amongst the teeming population without getting mobbed by must-see affiliations. The leisure of the city is palpable, and the laid back attitude adds to the charm. Victoria may not be a metropolis, but it certainly has a heart that never forgoes someone. It is filled with memories at every corner, and when things get a bit too urban, the vast Indian Ocean washes those anxieties aside. Every single day spent at Victoria is worth a page is written in someone's travelogue and life. Instagram has created a community of travellers who scourge for places that may garner the most eyeballs and, in return, likes. This has also boosted the travel industry in a way. Visitors are now more particular about their social media standing than ever before. While it certainly has its cons, the pros too cannot be ignored. Some of the most Instagrammable places on Earth have seen a rise in tourist population. This has led to an increase in revenue and a general improvement in services. The real economy is now virtual driven, and demand is created through social media.

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