Investor visa to France: Requirements & Documents

Investor visa to France: Requirements & Documents

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Investor visa to France: Requirements & Documents
invest in France? Great! Because France is one of the most avant-garde countries in everything related to entrepreneurship and development, it surprises with a new initiative for foreign professionals. The Government offers a visa program to attract talents from different parts of the world: the French Tech Visa. It is aimed at ICT professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. It should be noted that with an investor visa, you can live in France for 4 years and have the possibility of extending it if you wish. So, in this post, we will explain how the visa works and the specific documents required for a business investor visa France.

Is Golden Investor Visa France and Investor Visa in France the same?

toy eiffel tower I understand that it can be confusing, but France's golden investor visa does not exist exactly. Compared to many European countries, France, apart from providing the typical visas, does not grant a golden visa and instead grants an entrepreneur or investor visa. Okay, but what are their differences? As I mentioned earlier, the investor visa is called French Tech Visa, is not related to investment in real estate or government bonds.

French Tech Visa: a visa for entrepreneurs and foreign investors

man writing laptop French Tech Visa is a visa program for foreigners outside the European Union and responds to the country's need in light of the strong market demand for technical and professional profiles in the area of ICT and the entrepreneurial ecosystem. This special visa is valid for a maximum of four years and gives a residence permit to professionals, and can also be extended to their families. It also offers help and advice in everything related to administrative procedures to make them stay simpler and more profitable. The visa is part of the "Passeport Talent" program that was launched by the French Government. It should be noted that citizens of the European Economic Area and Switzerland do not need such a visa. For professionals and entrepreneurs, there are two ways to obtain the French Tech Visa: 1. Through a job with one of the leading French Start-Ups. Those who are hired can benefit from a quick hiring procedure and different administrative procedures. 2. By sending the France investor visa requirements to the Consulate. On the other hand, investors have three ways to request this special visa: 1. For workers of an international firm with plans to open a branch in France, who can benefit from a quick procedure. 2. The second option is aimed at those who are hired by a French venture capital company. 3. The third way to apply for a visa is through the talent program.

Who can apply for a Business Investor Visa in France?

samsung There are different types of entrepreneur visa, each aimed at a different investor profile. Among the most common are: • Startup founders. • Employees. • Investors. The French Tech Visa, for example, is ideal for those who want to found or invest in a startup, as well as being part of the French technology industry. Through this program, you will have the opportunity to establish yourself in the country and extend the benefit to your direct family. How to invest in France? To become an entrepreneur in France, you need to: • Present an innovative business plan that could be developed in the country. • Obtain recognition of the project by the Government. • Prove a minimum income of one French minimum salary per month for as long as you stay in the country. If you fulfil all the prerequisites, you and your family will be entitled to Passeport Talent, valid for four years with the possibility of renewal. In addition, entrepreneurs guarantee the right to have access to quality of life, security, health and education.

Specific documents required for Business Investor Visa France

france visa Next, you will find the France investor visa requirements: • Visa application form. • Photocopy of an identity document. • Photocopy of passport. • Proof of accommodation. • 3 current photos with white background. • Diplom equivalent to a master's degree or document certifying a professional experience of at least five years. • Proof of payment of taxes in the country of origin. • If necessary, proof of your ability to perform the intended business. In addition to the documents mentioned above, each category requires some particular proof:

Passeport Talent – New Business

traveler holding passport For the entrepreneur visa as a company founder, it is necessary to present: • Master's certificate or proof of at least 5 years of professional experience in an area similar to the one targeted. • Minimum investment of 30 thousand Euros in the company. • Concrete and detailed business plan, informing budget and steps for its development. • Prove minimum financial resources equivalent to the SMIC – per year, the amount would be 18,654.96 Euros.

French Tech Visa – Innovate Business Project

shaking hands For the entrepreneur visa as a startup founder, it is necessary to present: • Innovative and well-structured project for creating your startup. • Prove minimum financial resources equivalent to the SMIC – per year, the amount would be 18,654.96 Euros.

French Tech Visa – Business Investor

contract For the entrepreneur visa as an investor, it is necessary to: • The commitment to create and protect jobs during the validity of your entrepreneur visa in France. • An investment of at least 300,000 Euros in tangible or intangible fixed assets in France.

How to apply for an Entrepreneur Visa in France?

employment agreement The first step in applying for an entrepreneur visa in France is to identify what type of French visa best suits your profile. Subsequently, it is necessary to gather all the requested documents to submit the application. Remember that for some documents, you will have to do a sworn translation. Also, the France visa processing time will depend on your country of residence. Keep in mind that they may ask for documents such as your birth and/or marriage certificate. In this step, you must make an appointment at the French Consulate that serves the region in which you live. If you already live in France and you are going to apply for a visa change, the appointment must be made at the Prefecture of Police of your city in the country. After the interview, follow up on the application and when the application is approved, simply buy the ticket and start operating in the country.

What is the Investor Visa to France cost?

euro To get the visa, you will be charged 3 fees: the first € 200, the second is € 25 and the third € 99, that is, a total of € 324. The value is the same despite the different categories of entrepreneur visa.

What is the France visa processing time?

contravention notice The waiting time varies. It usually takes at least 4 months before you can start your business. So, plan ahead.

Best areas to invest in France

stamping If you liked the possibility of having your own company in France, now is the time to act. Combine your passion with market research and find out what you can promote in the country. A tip is to think about sustainable businesses that take into account the environment and represent innovation. To help you discover an area to invest in, check out a little of what has been done in the main centres of French entrepreneurship:

Technology and innovation

lyon city Is your company modern and looking for innovation? Bet on Lyon. Regarded as the second-largest research hub in France, the city increasingly receives entrepreneurs with a young and inventive mindset. Between 2004 and 2014, the number of companies increased by 120%.

Motorsports, transport and logistics

lille city If your goal is to invest in one of these centres, consider Lille. In addition to business dynamism, the city concentrates part of the population with the highest purchasing power in France. Currently, Lille is the third-largest French university centre and has more than 80 research and innovation centres. In addition to Lyon and Lille, Bordeaux and Toulouse are growing regions when it comes to innovation. The increase in startups is constant, and they have been very successful. Finally, I could not leave out Paris, the French capital. Because it is so diverse, investors can find their niche more easily. It is also a good option for more traditional investors. As the most visited city in the world, the hotel and gastronomic sectors have great possibilities of reaching a good audience.

Tips for starting a business in France

passports of different countries The next step is to research and prepare yourself, but before I say goodbye, here are some tips that can facilitate this moment: • Search well the cities of France. See what are the advantages of living and doing business in each of them. • Do good market research. This is essential for the creation of any business. • Prepare a good project. • Learn the local language and culture. These are the keys to get an investor visa in France and to understanding the market. And who understands the market, discovers what the population of that place wants.

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