Kenya Visa Application for Special Purposes

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Kenya Visa Application for Special Purposes

Kenya is one of the most magnificent tourist destinations in the world. The country attracts visitors from all over the world due to its beautiful landscape and diverse population. People know Kenya for safaris, Wild animals, immense deserts, and so on. Kenya's unique wildlife, habitat, and fauna, as well as its superior towns and rich culture, amaze visitors. Therefore, nature lovers visit this country multiple times to explore its irresistible beauty. A lot of people apply for Kenya visas online. Kenyan digital visas allow eligible individuals to travel to Kenya with just a click. The state of the Republic of Kenya built a computerized system to streamline and speed up the visa for Kenya application procedure for the ones who want to travel to Kenya, visit their parents, or want to see a different country. The e-visa application takes a couple of moments to complete. Everyone, photographers, doctors, and business people, can apply for an evisa.

Medical Visa

Nowadays, going abroad for medical treatment has grown more and more popular. Due to the lower costs and superior service standards, most individuals travel for health reasons.m

Kenya is becoming known as a popular spot for medical tourism. For residents of East and Central Africa, the nation is quickly becoming a major medical tourism hub. Kenya is not only known for its wildlife, but it also gives many chances with its healthcare facilities. Did you know you could go to treatment with an online medical visa? 

Citizens of more than 140 nations can obtain a Kenya eVisa for medical tourism. Travelers can submit their applications using their smartphone or tablet from home, eliminating the need to visit a Kenyan embassy or consulate.

 If you wish to get medical treatment in Kenya, you can check if your nationality meets the Kenya e-visa requirements and apply for an evisa. Whether you are suitable for the visa, you must only fill out the application form and the required documents. The document list is so simple, 

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Photograph of your which meets the Kenya photograph requirements.

Some supporting documents are needed, such as a doctor's referring letter and appointment documents from the hospital.

You can obtain either single or multiple e-visa for your medical treatment purposes.

Volunteer Visa

Have you ever considered helping at a local charity or pondered what it might be like to visit another nation and work with charity projects? Kenya volunteering will provide you with all these incredible opportunities, but the best part of what you do is the joy you bring to children's faces. This expertise will make you more modest and empathetic, give your patience, and improve your leadership abilities. The most essential lesson you will take away from this experience is finding enjoyment in the little things in life.

The country has many different volunteer programs like Non-profit organizations that help you to develop yourself with various NGO works and projects. You can work in schools, orphanages, hospitals, and other places to educate children, spend quality time with Kenyan kids, and so on.

You can visit the country, explore local knowledge of the county's population and spend time in the country while meeting your volunteering requirements. It is not only giving you a great experience of traveling to different countries, but also you can make tons of friends. 

The unique touch of volunteering may affect both your life and the lives of others. You can check if you are qualified for an e-visa, all you need to do is to get a tourist visa and travel to your experience. It is only 51$ to discover your future.

Cultural Exchange Visa

Kenya has gorgeous scenery, fascinating civilizations, and stunning national parks and animal reserves. It's a great spot to smell the delicious smell of local cuisine and shop at the colorful corner markets that reflect the city's hectic and buzzing spirit. It is well known for its effective initiatives in preserving and maintaining its magnificent species and environments. People from many different nations travel around the world to explore the cultural programs of several countries. Kenya has agreed on foreign cultural regulations and contracts with friendly countries that are the foundation for implementing cultural exchanges. In recent years, Kenya has established cultural programs involving painters, cultural organization professionals, and governmental authorities. The opportunities for cultural exchange have been made available by foreign embassies operating in Kenya to improve access to global markets for the Kenyan cultural dimension, the arts and performances of participants, participate in international cultural programs, and impart skills to cultural creators. 

If you wish to apply for those kinds of cultural exchange programs, Kenya offers visas with various purposes like tourism, visit, meeting, or workshop visas. Those exchange visas are all available for single and multiple-entry choices. Your visa will last 90 days with only a few requirements, such as your valid passport and photo.

Research and Conference Visas

Many people in the world travel to other countries for business purposes. This purpose can be to talk in academic conferences, to take place training, or make some meetings in

Kenya. Whether you can enter Kenya legally as a business guest or need a work

permit depends on what country you are from and the activities you plan to

engage in there. Conference visas are also available for scientific events such as research congresses or public conversations about problematic issues. You can find many researchers who

travel to Kenya with their research projects. Some of the main

travelers for business trips are trainers from all over the world who are coming to participate in academic conferences and talk at those conferences. For these purposes, you can get a Kenyan business visa. Kenya Immigration System gives specific visa choices for you to travel for meetings, academic conferences, and research tasks. The cost of a visa for business purposes is 51$. The visa usually takes three business days for Kenyan Immigration.

Some necessary documents for business visas are

  • Passport valid for at least six months
  • Recent passport-size photo 
  • Invitation letter from the host
  • Company registration certificate
  • Staff ID of person countersigning

Sports and Athletic Visas

Kenya is an original member of the East African Community, and athletics have been essential to the country's culture since its inception. Sports allow Kenyans to bond with their past while also gaining international recognition. There are a lot of various sports competitions taking place in the country. Sport competitions such as volleyball, basketball, swimming, baseball, and softball are widespread in Kenya. Kenyan athletes are regarded as among the finest marathon runners in the world. Each year, sportspeople from other countries do their hardest to compete, but Kenyans continue to dominate. In this vein, the Kenyan government is promoting athletic events. Traditional Kenyan sports include wrestling, hunting, and board games. Football is Kenya's primary sport, although the country's club has still achieved a name for itself on the world level. 

Because several athletic events are taking place in Kenya, many athletes are flying to Kenya for sports purposes. These purposes are mostly to participate in international tournaments and sports events. Visa requirements for different countries and sport competitions change differently. You need to follow up Kenyan Embassy or related consulates in your country to get detailed information.

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