Kenya Visa Stories and Experiences

Shehla Hamzalizada23 May 20231332 views6 min. read
Kenya Visa Stories and Experiences

Dear Diary, I applied for a Kenyan visa today!

Many people apply for visas in today's global environment to travel the world, work in a foreign country, or live abroad. It is now the primary means for people to discover new traditions, nations and meet new people. The application for a visa is a serious matter. Because you are dealing with a government document that helps you to enter a foreign country, you must pay close attention to every aspect. I know a lot about visa applications because I deal with them and apply for different visa types, immigration services, and so on. Today, I'll tell you everything you need to know about Kenya visa applications and the problems I've encountered. 

Kenya has a straightforward application service for the visa process. You can apply for an electronic visa by just clicking your smartphone on the website. The country offers more than 100 eligible nationalities for an e-visa. You do not need to go to the embassy or any consular office in Kenya to obtain your visa; you apply and print your approved document. The visa application process is also effective and fast, so you fill out the form, add the required documents and submit your application fee online — the type of visa changes to your travel purposes. If you want to join business meetings or conferences for your work, you can apply for a business visa. Or if you want to visit your relatives or family there, all you need to do is to choose the visit types of visa on the website.

Successful visa applications

The Kenya visa approval process takes little time. But 11 hours? Let me tell you the story of one customer who applied for a visa only 11 hours before his flight. 

When I checked my last messages before leaving the office, I saw a text, says "I have a flight for today. When will I get my visa approval? I applied just now." I felt the clock ticking more slowly from the time I read the message I said. It was too late; I texted to the man. He was asking the impossible. Immigration would not approve a visa within that short period. However, I said I would do it, but I was aware that it would not be supported by that short period. Therefore, I applied for evisa, filled out all application form, and waited for visa approval. I called the Immigration office several times, but they did not answer me; I searched for application tips. I was so stressed and frustrated. Once I got a mail from one of the immigration support address about visa approval, I was shocked. It obtained only 5 minutes before his flight, he thanked me a lot, and I still could not forget that situation. That moment was one of the most positive experiences I can remember in my working life.

Visa application challenges

Visa application has a lot of difficulties because it is a governmental application and mandatory to fill out carefully. We are facing many different challenges every day with visa applications. Some of them are difficulties with the website; another is eligibility criteria, complications with the application framework itself, and so on. Of course, many nationalities with many applicants take more work to manage. Therefore, it can take some obstacles for applications if you want to apply for evisa but need to know if you are eligible. You can search many resources, but the difficulties start when you need help managing the whole process. Let's say some nationalities do not qualify for electronic Kenya visa applications, so you need to find another way to apply for a visa; it needs to be clarified for applicants. If they can never use it or are just not eligible for this time, it is essential to understand the process so you can have the whole way of information from start to finish.

Visa Rejection or Denial

The most essential thing to understand about the visa application procedure is that visas are not always granted. The Immigration Service sometimes refuses visas. There could be multiple reasons for refusal. The most significant cause for Kenya's denied visa is the application process. If you fill out the application form incorrectly, the Immigration Service will deny your visa. The application details, passport data, gaps with letters or digits, and incorrect name or the expiration date can all result in your denied visa. You must ensure that the information on your application form corresponds to the information on your passport. Besides passport information, photo specifications must be considered when applying for a visa; an incorrect photo size or pixel might result in a denied visa. Minor mistakes are the most common reason for Kenya's electronic visa denials. With this blog, lessons learned and visitors are encouraged to reapply in this scenario and will pay attention to details.

First-time Travelers to Kenya

It is always hard to start something new. The first step is the most complex, people always say. It is a challenge for us to create something unique because there is always a risk, and we do not think something good will happen; we always assume the worst case. That is why many people still need to go on the first visit they dream about, the Michelin Chef restaurant they always wanted to sit in. The different meals they wanted to try sometimes. If you choose to live your dream and realize your first visit, keep reading! Visiting a diverse nation for the first time is always challenging because you do not know any culture or people, are unaware of the city, and so on. But there are a lot of resources you can use as a guide if it's your first visit to Kenya. One of them is our blogs that make you sure which places you need to travel to and why you should go to Kenya overall. Our blogs give you general knowledge about Great Migration, National parks, Safaris, Kenya culture, and other newcomer experiencesCountries' cultural tours, wild lifestyles, view places, and all others will help adapting to Kenya, and you will feel at home.

Expats and long-term visitors

Kenya is a popular destination for expats from all over the world. Many visitors travel to Kenya for its wildlife, safaris, and sightseeing but end up living in Kenya. They may have several reasons for staying. As the unemployment rate rise, the government needs to be more politically stable; expats face many challenges in cultural integration with nationals and adapting to the country. Many expats feel the guilt of abandoning their families, living in Kenya, and not being there for their happiness or sadnesses. They feel shame not being there for their relative's weddings, emergencies, and other activities. There is some article about how expatriate life can feel people about leaving their family behalf;

"The most the challenging thing for me is handling the constant guilt of having left my family to chase selfish life objectives in a universe far away, abandoning my relatives in the process of living in Kenya. While they experience family incidents, situations of emergency, or events within the home, the shame is highly intense. But it's real, regardless of whether they are not there anymore."

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