Kenya Visa Types

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Kenya Visa Types

Kenya is one of the amazing African countries. Kenya’s nature and culture are vibrant. Here is a unique oasis for safari lovers. It is no coincidence that thousands of people plan a trip to this charming country every year. There are multiple types of visas available to travel to Kenya. These are tourist, transit, business, and work and study visas.

Tourist visa

Planning to go on a trip to Kenya? Prepare to have your mind blown by Kenya's unique animals, gorgeous scenery, and rich culture. You should learn about the procedure for acquiring a tourist visa before becoming overly enthusiastic.

It's not as complex as it appears, so don't worry! Go online and apply. Upload a recent passport photo.

The best way to apply for a Kenya tourist visa is through the official e-visa website of Kenya. The Kenya tourist visa online application process is so easy and can be completed in a small amount of time:

1. Kenya eVisa website is:

2. Log in to your existing account or sign up on this website

3. Fill in personal and travel details and complete the online application form.

4. Upload your passport bio page and scanned passport photo.

5. Pay for the visa by credit card or debit card.

6. Submit your application.

The processing time for a Kenya visa for tourists is approximately three to four days. When your application has been approved, you will receive an email attaching to your eVisa. The eVisa must be printed and kept with you when traveling to Kenya.

Kenya tourist visa fees vary depending on the type of visa and length of stay. The rates at the time of writing are:

Single-entry visa (up to 90 days): $55

Multiple-entry visa (up to 90 days): $105

Please check the most recent costs before applying, as visa costs are subject to change.

Transit Visa

You can travel through Kenya with a Kenya transit visa.

A visa for transit requires some documents. You must show proof of your future travel plans and information on your route, including flight information and your final location. Other requirements include a scanned copy of your passport's bio page and a passport photo.

You'll receive an email with your eVisa attached once your application is accepted. As you'll need to provide it to the immigration official in Kenya when you arrive, make sure to print off the eVisa and have it with you while traveling.

Visitors whose nationalities require a visa to visit and layover in Kenya and are connecting through Kenya to other locations for up to 72 hours (about 3 days) are eligible for this visa. Transit visas are unnecessary for those who connect aircraft without leaving the airport.

Currently, Kenya transit visa costs $21. It's a good idea to verify the most current fees before you apply because visa fees are prone to vary.

Business Visa

Business is one of the reasons why people want to travel to Kenya. For that, you must obtain a Kenya business visa. Some essential information is below that will be useful for you.

There are two ways of getting a Kenya visa for business purposes. One is applying for a Kenya business visa online through the Kenyan eVisa website or physically at the nearest Kenyan embassy or consulate. Applying online for a Kenya business visa is a better choice and more suitable for visitors. A valid passport is a must. A passport-sized photo, a return ticket, proof of accommodation, and a business invitation letter from a Kenyan company or organization are needed. Evidence of sufficient funds to back up your stay in Kenya may be required for a visa for business purposes.

Ninety days are the maximum limit for a Kenya business visa that you can stay in the country, but the duration may vary depending on the situation. During this duration, you can do some commercial visits around Kenya. It is essential to check the validity of your visa before applying.

Nationality and length of stay are the factors that affect the price of a Kenya business visa. You can check the fees and payment methods on the Kenya e-Visa website or at the Kenyan embassy or consulate.

Work Visa

Kenya work visa is necessary if you plan to work in Kenya for a specific period. This visa type could be named as an employment visa too.

Working in Kenya could be very useful for your future career and an employment visa is best for it. Like the Kenya business visa, there are two ways to get a Kenya work visa. One of the ways is through the Kenya eVisa website. The other one is through the Kenya embassy or consulate. For that, you need a valid passport, passport photo, work permit, medical certificate, and a police clearance certificate from your country of origin or the country where you have resided for the past 12 months.

Nowadays, work permits are a big deal. Without them, you cannot work in Kenya. A work permit applied for by your employer is a must, and this process can take a long time. Kenya's work permit duration is usually 90 days (about 3 months), but it can vary on your current situation.

Student Visa

Everyone planning to study in Kenya must get a Kenya student visa. Kenya student visa is a great opportunity. You have to provide some documents for this. You need three things to enter Kenya: a letter from a school or university in Kenya, a paper showing that you have enough money to stay in Kenya, and a filled visa form.

Upon submission of your form, it is necessary to await approval from the Kenyan government. It might take some time, so please wait calmly. Why not learn some Swahili words while you wait? This will impress locals when you go to Kenya, and your professors may also be proud of your language skills.

If you can get a study visa, prepare for your trip and fly to Kenya. Tell us all of your things when you get here. It's crucial to avoid getting into legal trouble with customs.

Remember to use all the good chances that the country gives you. In Kenya, you can have fun by going on a safari or visiting the beaches in Mombasa. To be successful in classes requires hard work and dedication. It's essential to study very well. Remember to study so that you don't fail. Doing well on exams can make you feel happy! Obtaining an education visa for Kenya may require some patience, but the rewards are plentiful as you can witness and participate in numerous enchanting experiences in this magnificent nation. Once you complete your studies, you may pursue a career as a safari tour guide in Kenya.

Before flying to Kenya, be sure you have all of the essential vaccines and prescriptions. Some immunizations are necessary for admission into the country, such as yellow fever, while others, such as malaria prevention, are advised. Consult your doctor or a travel health facility for advice.

To summarize, acquiring a Kenyan visa is a reasonably straightforward online process. Once you obtain your Kenya study visa, double-check the details, print a copy, and ensure your passport is still valid. Consider purchasing travel insurance, as well as the necessary vaccines and prescriptions, after researching your location and planning your schedule. With a bit of scheduling, you'll be ready to experience everything Kenya offers!

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