Key factors of Zimbabwe visa

Key factors of Zimbabwe visa

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Key factors of Zimbabwe visa

International travel requires visitors to have visas. The requirements for obtaining visas will vary depending on the country. Some counties will grant you entry to their territory with just a passport, depending on the country of origin.

What about Zimbabwe? A visa must be obtained when entering the country unless you come from 46 Zimbabwe visa free countries. Visitors from these countries can stay in Zimbabwe for up to 3 months. Holders of service and diplomatic passports from any country also do not need a visa for entry.

Passengers on connecting flights through any Zimbabwe international airports are allowed up to 6 hours without a visa. This exception applies to all countries except Bangladesh and Pakistan who need to get a visa.

How to get a Zimbabwe visa?

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As in all other counties worldwide, you will need to have a visa to gain admission. You can make Zimbabwe visa applications through any of the following methods.


You can make a Zimbabwe visa application online before you visit the country. You can use the e-visa (electronic visa) platform and complete your application to completion. The platform saves time and is convenient as you can access it from anywhere in the world.

Once you make your application and pay the required fees, you will get an electronic visa through the mail. You will only receive this mail if your visa application is successful.

You will need to print the visa and keep it with your passport all the time. When boarding your flight and at the Zimbabwe immigration, you will need to present this document.

When using the e-visa system, your application will be reviewed and usually approved in 48 hours.

Embassy Application

If you cannot access the e-visa platform and still wonder how to get a Zimbabwe visa? Well, here is another option for you.

You can make a visa application in your resident country through the Zimbabwe embassy. If you choose to do this, you will need to go to the embassy physically.

Before heading to the embassy to make your visa applications, you will need to fill an application form. You can get this form by downloading it from the Zimbabwe embassy website. Ensure that you get the correct form, as this will prevent processing delays. On this form, you will find information on the supporting documents to be presented at the embassy.

While at the embassy, a Zimbabwe immigration officer will conduct an interview reviewing your documents. Your application will be approved or declined depending on whether you have enough proof of residency in your country. Please note that the immigration officer holds discretion on approval even if you have all the required documents.

Once you meet all the requirements for a Zimbabwe visa, the officer may approve your application. At this point, you can choose to wait for your visa or have it sent by mail to you. The best option is to wait and prevent the risk of losing it while it is in transit from the embassy.

Apply On Arrival

Another way to make an application for a Zimbabwe visa is on arrival. Once you land at one of three international ports, make your application before heading to customs. Please note that the visa will only be available at Victoria Falls, the Bulawayo, and the Harare International Airports.

Pay close attention to the Zimbabwe visa policy if you choose this method. You may find yourself being denied entry just for not having a single document. Ensure you confirm all the documents you will need from the embassy, as information may change without notice.

The cost of a Zimbabwe visa will be anything between 30 USD and 100 USD depending on the type of visa. Make sure you carry cash to these ports for payment to prevent delays with credit card use.

Requirements for a Zimbabwe visa

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If you want to apply for a Zimbabwe tourist visa, here is the list of documents you will need. We advise that you carry any other additional documents with you that might help with the approval process.

Required Documents:

  • 2 recent passport photos
  • Return ticket confirming departure out of Zimbabwe
  • Your passport, valid for at least 6 months after the date of entry in Zimbabwe
  • Passport holders should have at least a blank page on their passport. We, however, recommend you having two
  • Pay for the visa using a debit or credit card for e-visa applications. For in-person applications, use bank draft, money order, or mail to the embassy. The embassy will accept no personal check
  • Proof of adequate financial support for the length of your visit to Zimbabwe (bank statement)
  • Earlier Zimbabwean visa if you have made an application before and have them available
  • Hotel confirmation or letter of invitation showing the address where the applicant will live while in Zimbabwe
  • Self-addressed, stamped return envelope (Priority Mail or Express Mail). This only applies to those who applied for a visa via mail or in person at the embassy

If you plan to apply for a business visa for Zimbabwe, there are a few extra documents you will need. You can find this information on the Zimbabwe embassy website.

There are two more essential requirements for a Zimbabwe visa you need to know. The requirements are:

1. Children will also need to have a visa to gain entry into the country.

2. The parents will need to provide customs agents with the birth certificate of the children accompanying them. This is to help prevent child trafficking.

Zimbabwe visa free countries

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The use of visas began after World War 2; before this, people could travel without restrictions and settle in any country. The adoption of the visa system came about when nations wanted control over who entered their territories.

The system helps stop terrorists, criminals, and drug lords from crossing to different counties on their own. The system keeps them grounded and helps law enforcement agencies arrest the criminals.

Even so, some counties have no visa restrictions to specific country’s passport holders. This privileged is usually dependent on the economic power of the residents’ nation. Passports from countries with weak economic governance will have fewer options than those with developed economies.

According to the Zimbabwe visa policy, citizens from some countries can enter Zimbabwe without a visa. However, this may not be enough to grant you entry into the country. Other factors may prevent you from entering the country.

Zimbabwe visa types

There are a few types of visas available to you when planning your visit. Pay attention to the cost of a Zimbabwe passport when selecting a passport type.

  • Single Entry visa allows for one-time entry into Zimbabwe. As soon as you exit the country, you cannot use the visa again. Single entry is the most popular Zimbabwe tourist visa.
  • Double Entry visa permits for up to two admissions into Zimbabwe. It expires after 90 days from the date of issue. The visa becomes invalid from the moment you use it for the two entries and two exits.
  • Multiple Entry visas. You will not obtain this at the port of entry for those planning to get a Zimbabwe visa on arrival. You have to enter Zimbabwe using a single entry visa and then apply for a multiple entry visa. The application is made in the town office, taking up to 7 working days to be issued. On many occasions, the government will not accept these applications. If you need to enter 3 or 4 times, get a single entry followed by a double-entry visa or two doubles. Doing so will not land you into any trouble with immigration.
  • Children. From June 2012 - Zimbabwe charges full fees for any persons who require a visa despite their age. This new law includes infants and children who were formerly exempt from this.

In Zimbabwe, please find out about the crime rate and police inability to deal with it completely. Also, look at the political situation and see if the country has stabilized before heading there.

Pay attention to the visa application process to avoid getting a visa you will not use. There is no need to get a double or multiple entry visa, yet you will only visit once. Also, make sure that you have all the necessary documents with you to apply for a visa on arrival.

It would be a harrowing experience to take a long flight to Zimbabwe only for denied entry. For those with children, remember their birth certificates. Immigration officers might ask for them, and if you fail to produce them, you might find yourself in jail.

We have shown you the different ways to get a Zimbabwe passport. You can select the process that will be easiest and cost-effective for you.

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