Kuwait e visa

Kuwait e visa

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Kuwait e visa
Kuwait is an Arab country located in Asia. Although the main economic activity in this country is indeed the export of oil, not tourism, its nice architecture, geographical location, and extraordinary history make it a place worth visiting. Due to Kuwait's immense wealth, the country has had a wonderful development reflected in each area. Traveling to Kuwait is like to be in the hidden center of the world and all in a rather small place and therefore very easy to get to know. Also, Kuwait visa requirements are easy, even you can apply for Kuwait visa from your home before visiting, thanks to Kuwait visa policy. If you are more interested in how to get Kuwait visa, how much is Kuwait visa, or Kuwait e visa processing time, keep reading the post, you will learn enough about Kuwait online visa and all other Kuwait visa types.

Visa policy

flag of kuwait Kuwait has such a diversified visa requirement for visitors from different countries. Based on Kuwait visa policy, it would be better to group these countries into three categories. First, the tourists from Gulf Cooperation Council member countries can freely enter the country without any Kuwait visa requirements. These lucky countries are Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. Do not worry if you are not from these Arab counties, you are still lucky, because of the Kuwait e visa. Second, the citizens of the European Union member countries, Andorra, Australia, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Laos, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, China (including Hong Kong), Turkey, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Vatican can apply for Kuwait visa on arrival or beforehand via the system of Kuwait's Ministry of Internal Affairs. You can check more up-to-date information from the website. If you are not from these countries either, you should not be worried about how to get Kuwait visa, too. You can visit the embassies and consulates of the Kuwait State in your country, or the nearest assigned ones, and get information on Kuwait visa requirements for you and get your visa.

Visa types

embassy of kuwait Besides visa types mentioned above (e-visa and visa on arrival), tourist visas, there are a few other Kuwait visa types. People who have business ties in Kuwait or wanted to invest in this country can apply for a business visa. Luckily if you have friends or relatives in Kuwait and they can sponsor you, then apply for a Kuwait visit visa. Similarly, family members can get visas easily. Additionally, work, student, and transit visas are issued for certain people. The experience as a tourist in Kuwait will not disappoint you after getting your visa. Just by looking out from the balcony or walking through its streets, you will be able to enjoy beautiful skyscrapers, amazing cars, luxury brand shops, and the best restaurants. Just check the list of wish places as you check your Kuwait e visa status.

How to get Kuwait visa?

document Based on the specified list of countries, you can get your visa in three ways: on arrival for air travellers, the Kuwait e visa system, and the embassies and consulates. Note that visas on arrival are not for all people who are eligible to apply for e-visa. If you plan to stay for a short term and visit for touristic purposes, you are considered eligible for a visa on arrival. You may find some websites titled Kuwait visa, which will make you mistakenly differentiate between a visit visa for Kuwait and a tourist visa for Kuwait. After browsing the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior website or the page of the General Administration of Residence Affairs (evisa.moi.gov.kw), you will find all relevant information for the application. In 2016 the State of Kuwait started the electronic visa system, which is an online authorization website for foreign travelers. After the launch of the Kuwait online visa, it speeded up the visa application procedures for tourists. This novel interface dramatically dropped the time spent at the border checks and get rid of the need to go to the Kuwait consulate or embassy. What you need is your passport's scan of personal data, and the last page, your selfie holding the bank card that you paid for the Kuwait e visa fee. If appropriate for you, the ending four digits of your bank card should be easily seen in the picture. Suppose border workers find any inconsistency between the data you provided when on the form and your actual passport checked on the border. In that case, the given visa will be reissued as not valid and they will not permit you to enter Kuwait. That is why it is important to have all required parts of the e-visa system to be filled carefully and precisely so you never have issues with border control.

Kuwait visa requirements

completing application form First of all, you have to carry a passport that is valid for at least 6 months from your planned date of visit to Kuwait, and your passport should have at least 2 blank pages. Kuwait's Government does not accept temporary identification documents to supplement your passport, so it is a basic regulation that you must hold an official national passport issued by the country of your citizenship. The e-visa to Kuwait is organized as a single entry visa that permits the holder to stay in this country for a month, and the greatest of 3 months in sum, so you cannot use this e-visa to re-enter the country more time than once. Nonetheless, you can apply for an extension to your visa, if verified, which will allow you to stay an additional one month in the State of Kuwait. Also, if you stay more than regulated 90 days in the country, you will face fines and other legal circumstances. Moreover, you always should have your justifiable e-visa on your phone or another personal electronic device (tablet, laptop, smartwatch, etc) or a hard copy of this e-visa in your bag, or pocket. Nevertheless, carrying an e-visa hard copy or electronically does not exempt you from carrying your passport always on your side. Additionally, besides the e-visa fee payment, you might be asked to endow a fee of about 10 US dollars upon your arrival in the country based on your citizenship.

Kuwait e visa processing time

apply for kuwait visa Having all documents necessary and filling the website sections, you will spend about 5 minutes applying for an electronic tourist visa. Normally you will get results, hopefully positive, of your electronic visa application a maximum of 2 working days after you applied. If you have done all correctly and do not have any travel restrictions, you will receive your e-visa as an attachment to your provided e-mail. Always plan perfectly and apply, for example, a week before so that nothing can stop you to visit Kuwait. Last but not least, do remember that Kuwait visas are not processed on weekends, which can be usual for other countries as well, but here note that, in Kuwait, Fridays and Saturdays are considered weekends. So do not worry, you can check your Kuwait e visa status on the system regularly regardless of the day of the week.

How much is Kuwait visa?

dollar The Kuwait e visa fee is 20 US dollars for all as a standard, but you can pay an additional 40 or 60 US dollars to quickly process your application if you are in a hurry. Some travel agencies or hotels can be relied in order to obtain a tourist visa for Kuwait or tourist purposes because they play the role of the sponsor and applies for the visa on your behalf, but all of these services are paid. So, in these cases, if you face more charges, do not count that on visa fees.

Kuwait visa on arrival

passport How can you apply for a visa on arrival? First of all, be clear that on-arrival visas are issued for travelers who visited Kuwait by air. So, if you are entering Kuwait from the Gulf or one of the neighboring countries, you will not eligible to get an on-arrival visa. Also, if it is a regulation, you have to be a citizen of the countries listed above. It is always wise to check the list and ask from the embassy beforehand so that you would not be rejected at the border. After all, if you are eligible for all criteria, as a regulation, you have to need to show your national passport, border pass (plane ticket). Your passport should have enough blank pages and will not expire within the next 180 days. More importantly, do not forget to pay the on-arrival visa payment. Besides these documents, the border control may ask for additional documents, such as an on-arrival visa application form. Although you may have this form on border control and fill it up, it is better to check the Consulate website before your visit and find the application form, so you will lose any time. Also, carry your photos, which might be required in some circumstances. In the end, they will always ask you about your purpose of visit, so be prepared.

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