Kyrgyzstan e visa conditions and types

Kyrgyzstan e visa conditions and types

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Kyrgyzstan e visa conditions and types

Kyrgyzstan, situated in Central Asia, once home to nomadic people, now accommodates modern civilization. Kyrgyzstan is a landlocked nation. Even though the nation took up today's lifestyle, they still keep their nomadic traditions alive which were inherited through generations. This country might seem to many as a place off the beaten track, adversely it welcomes many tourists who are beaten by the heavy burden of stressful city life and seek to get away from it all. Reasons for traveling to Kyrgyzstan is another topic; in this article, we will try to answer questions like do I need a visa to go to Kyrgyzstan? If so, what are the Kyrgyzstan visa requirements? How to get Kyrgyzstan visa? Let's talk about visas for Kyrgyzstan. To start, let's look at Kyrgyzstan visa policy.

Kyrgyzstan visa policy

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Kyrgyzstan is a visa-friendly country, and perhaps it is the most visa-friendly country in central Asia. It is most notoriously known for offering visa-free travel to the nationals of more than sixty countries. Kyrgyzstan visa policy allows applicants to either obtain a visa from one of the Kyrgyzstan diplomatic missions or through an online application. There are easier ways to visit Kyrgyzstan. However, they are dependent on your countries relations with Kyrgyzstan.

You might be asking yourself, "do I need a visa to go to Kyrgyzstan?". The country currently exempts visas for nationals of 69 countries. Citizens of these countries do not need visa for Kyrgyzstan. They are divided into four groups:

  • Visa-exempt for unlimited time. Nationals of some post-soviet countries such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Cuba, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, North Korea, Russia, Tajikistan, Vietnam are visa-exempt and can remain in Kyrgyzstan for unlimited time
  • Only citizens of three countries Mongolia, Serbia, Ukraine, can stay in the country for 90 days without obtaining a visa
  • Citizens of EU (except for Bulgaria, Cyprus, Romania) and Argentina, Australia, Bahrain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei, Canada, Iceland, Japan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uzbekistan, Vatican City
  • Citizens of countries that are visa-exempt for 30 days: Malaysia and Turkey
  • If your country is not on the list above, then you will need to apply for Kyrgyzstan visa. For your convenience, we can categorize countries that need visa for Kyrgyzstan into groups:
  • Visa on arrival. Andora, Argentina, Albania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Indonesia, Israel, Macedonia, Mexico, Montenegro, Oman, Philippines, Cyprus, Romania, San Marino, South Africa, Thailand, Venezuela
  • Visa acquired through an embassy or any diplomatic mission. These are mostly little island countries of Oceania, the Caribbean, and African
  • The third group is e visa which covers around citizens of 120 countries, and we will elaborate that with more details. Additionally, we will try to answer questions like what is Kyrgyzstan e visa fee and how long is Kyrgyzstan e visa processing time?

Kyrgyzstan e visa

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The Kyrgyzstan e visa is an electronic system that enables foreign citizens to get a visa to the country. It renders absolute the need to go embassy or consulate, therefore saving tons of time. So which nationals can benefit from this service? Almost every African country, some Latin American countries, and the majority of Asia are included. Those who do not know how to get Kyrgyzstan visa should meet Kyrgyzstan visa requirements and present the followings:

1. Application Form

2. Passport

  • That should be valid for at least 6 months after leaving Kyrgyzstan
  • Should bear the signature of the holder
  • Should not be valid more than 10 years 
  • Should possess a minimum of one or two visa pages that are not used
  • Undamaged photos that are attached to the passport

3. Photo

  • Should be new! (not to be taken 6 or more months before)
  • The digital format of the photo should be either JPG or PNG
  • The size of the photo should not be less than 10 KB
  • The size of the photo should not be more than 1 MB
  • The height and width of the photo must be equal
  • Facial features should be clear, fully covering the face, front view, eyes should be open, and glasses should be taken off

• Photo should show the head optimized in the center and cover it from the top part of the head down the bottom of the chin

• The background preferably be white or at least plain-light colored 

• There should be shadows neither on the face of the applicant nor in the background

• No borders

visa stamp

4. Photocopies

  • Copy of the major page of the passport of the applicant

5. Upon arrival in Kyrgyzstan, the applicant should submit as well:

  • Kyrgyzstan e-Visa that is printed to paper
  • The document that proves the planned route of the journey with the followings (Travel Itinerary):
  • Flight reservation
  • Any type of proof (booking, reservation) that shows the full address of the applicant's accommodation 

One thing to bear in mind is that all documents should be in Kyrgyz or Russian. After collecting all required documents, the applicant should submit them to the Official website of the government. Depending on your nationality, some additional documents can be requested. We got insights about e visa requirements, but what about the Kyrgyzstan e visa fee? Depending on the visa category, type, and nationality of the application fees can vary. However, generally, figures range between 51 – 62 USD. Regarding Kyrgyzstan e visa processing time, it usually takes 1-5 days visa to be processed. It is important to note that after receiving the verification email, you should verify it within 72 hours. Otherwise, your application will be canceled. 

A growing number of people from Pakistan visit the country; therefore we will touch on the matters related to Kyrgyzstan e visa for Pakistan. If you are wondering how much is Kyrgyzstan e visa fee, simply it depends on the type of visa and entry types. For example, as a Pakistani, you will be charged 51.50 USD for a single entry for tourism purposes, not exceeding one month. Kyrgyzstan e visa for Pakistanis others can be processed within a week.

Kyrgyzstan e visa types

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Like others, Kyrgyzstan offers a variety of visas. Although requirements are diverse depending on the type, the main core of the requirements (Passport, photos, photocopies, itinerary) remains similar to general conditions for e visa described above. Kyrgyzstan e visa processing time will remain the same. To apply for Kyrgyzstan visa, you will have to submit these specific documents:

1. Kyrgyzstan Business Visa

  • The applicant should represent an invitation letter from a company or organization. This company/organization should be registered in Kyrgyzstan. In the invitation reasons for a visit should be indicated
  • Certificate of Registration provided by Kyrgyz Republic's Justice Authority 
  • Contract of Founders of organization/company
  • Charter of organization/company
  • A certificate that indicates the nonexistence of debt provided by a Tax authority
  • A certificate demonstrate the nonexistence of debt provided by the social fund

2. Kyrgyzstan Guest Visa

  • The guest should submit a written request and copy of his or her ID
  • A reference that proves the financial feasibility of the applicant.

3. Kyrgyzstan Family Visa

  • Documents that prove the relationship of the person with a Kyrgyz family member (marriage certificate or birth certificate)

4. Kyrgyzstan Investment Visa

  • the authorized state body's written request regarding investment which is signed by the head or other high-rank officer of that state body. Note that there is no fee regarding the visa. 

5. Kyrgyzstan Mountain Tourism Visa

application form
  • Applicant should represent written application provided and verified by tourist organization and plan of considered route and organization.

6. Kyrgyzstan Relatives Visa

  • If an applicant intends to get a residence permit or citizenship, then the document of consideration should be submitted
  • Copy of document of relative's permanent residence and document for proving relationship with that relative

7. Kyrgyzstan Religion Visa

  • Invitation letter on a religious matter from the authorized state body

8. Kyrgyzstan Ethnic Kyrgyz

  • A document that proves the Kyrgyz ethnicity of the applicant

9. Kyrgyz Work Visa (w1)

  • An invitation letter, written by inviting part which is registered in Kyrgyz republic and have the status of legal entity
  • Work permit entitling foreigners to work in the country issued by an authorized migration state body
  • A certificate that indicates the nonexistence of debt provided by a Tax authority
  • A certificate demonstrate the nonexistence of debt provided by the social fund

10. Kyrgyzstan Work Visa (w2)

  • A reference provided by an authorized migration state entity or official accreditation that indicate journalist activity of the applicant
  • A certificate that proves the applicant is registered in the Kyrgyz republic's justice authority
  • A certificate that indicates the nonexistence of debt provided by a Tax authority
  • A certificate demonstrate the nonexistence of debt provided by the social fund

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