Liberia visa information

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Liberia visa information

Before one decides to travel to any country, it is advisable to find out information about the country and their visa requirements. One of the countries with beautiful culture, sandy white beaches, and lush greenery is Liberia. The country has produced many renowned influencers in the world like George Weah. So, there are many reasons to have Liberia included as one of the countries to visit this year.

You need to have a visa before traveling to Liberia if your country is not among the Liberia visa-free countries. It is why you need to visit to find out information about Liberia visa policy, Liberia visa information services, and Liberia visa cost. This article will also find out how a Liberia visa application is made, the Liberia visa fee, the Liberia visa information system, and how to get Liberia visa.

Liberia Visa Free Countries

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Citizens of every country in the world apart from these countries need a visa to travel to Liberia:

  • Ghana
  • Guinea
  • Niger 
  • Benin 
  • Nigeria 
  • Mali 
  • Cape Verde
  • Burkina Faso
  • Senegal
  • Gambia
  • Togo
  • Sierra Leone
  • Guinea-Bissau
  • Cote d’Ivoire

You can always use visa to find more information regarding Liberia visa free countries and Liberia visa on arrival. Also, service and diplomatic passport holders of the countries below can visit Liberia without a visa:

  • South Africa
  • Vietnam 
  • China 
  • Turkey and Kuwait for only diplomatic passport holders

Types of Liberia visa

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It is not enough to know how to get Liberia visa or a Liberia visa fee when you don’t know the types of visas you use to visit Liberia. The government of Liberia gives the following types of visas to foreign nations:

  • Liberia business visa 

This visa is given to foreigners who want to conduct a business meeting or attend a business conference in the country.

  • Liberia tourist visa

It is a type of visa the government of Liberia – embassy gives to foreign coming for tourism purposes. So, if you want to visit to see the country's beauty, this is the best visa to apply for. Visit and apply for a tourist visa using the Liberia visa application portal.

  • Liberia official or diplomatic visa

Just from the name, it is a visa given to foreign citizens who want to visit the country for official, diplomatic or government issues.

There are other types of Liberia visa that are based on the number of days, months or years you want to stay in the country.

Example of such visas are:

  • Single-entry visa 

With this visa, you can stay in the country for up to 90 days – 3 months.

  • Multiple-entry visa

This visa allows you to stay in Liberia for up to 3 years.

It is of importance to know that you can still visit the country if the reason why you want to travel to Liberia is not mentioned above.

Liberia Visa Requirements

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There are different documents you need to have to apply for a Liberia tourist visa and any other type of Liberia visa. When you know these documents, you can now estimate Liberia visa cost. The documents include:

1. Passport

This is one of the important documents you need to travel to Liberia and other countries. It must have a blank page and its Validity must be more than six months.

2. Photo 

You need two passport pictures or photos. The pictures must the requirements below:

  • It must be on a white background
  • The dimensions should be 2x2 inches.
  • It must not be older than six months. That is, it must be taken within the six months that you want to travel.
  • Your face must appear clearly.
  • You don’t need to wear a headcover or eyeglasses while taking the picture.

3. Liberia visa application form

This form must be completed and signed for you to be issued a Liberian visa.

4. Proof of funds

This document is needed to prove that you can financially cater for your needs while in Liberia. In some cases, a letter of invitation is asked for by the embassy if you are invited by an individual or a company. It would be assumed that such an individual or company would take care of your financial needs while in Liberia.

5. Medical insurance certificate

To minimize the spread of diseases such as yellow fever, you need to provide a medical certificate that shows you are not a carrier or unfit to travel.

6. Proof of Accommodation

On the Liberia visa policy made available on, you need to show where you will be staying in Liberia. The location and address of your hotel should be provided.

7. Proof of travel arrangements like travel itinerary and flight ticket documents are required for obtaining a Liberian visa.

8. Letter

A letter that shows the reason while you are visiting Liberia should be provided if you are coming for a business purpose. The letter should contain your business or company’s contact, which must be duly signed by the company inviting you. A notarized letter from parents or guardians showing authorization is required for minors visitation to Liberia. 

You can have experts like make Liberia visa application easier and faster by helping you get these documents faster while you focus on other traveling needs.

How to get Liberia visa

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To get a Liberian visa, you need to contact the Liberian Consulate or embassy in your country or nearby counties. The processes involved include:

  • Contacting a Liberian embassy or consulate. However, you need to know their working days and time. You also need to know the visa information services and requirements for Liberian visa applications
  • Fill and complete the visa application form and collect the necessary documents. You can easily save time in visiting the embassy for a Liberia paper visa by making use of e-visa. It is easy to apply and get on The visa will be sent to you to your email
  • There is a Liberia visa fee that you must pay
  • After paying, submit both the Liberia visa application form and the required documents mentioned above at the embassy
  • A Liberia visa interview may be required. If you are called for such an interview, attend it
  • Wait to pick the visa after it has been processed as there may not be a Liberia visa on arrival
  • Pick your passport with the Liberia visa affixed. If you applied for the visa online, you will receive back your documents by mail from the diplomatic mission

These steps might be tiring and stressful and this is why is available to assist you to obtain your visa at the shortest time. You can check the website to see the Liberia visa information system and if they support a Liberia visa on arrival.

Liberia Visa On Arrival

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Getting your Liberian visa on arrival is possible if you are from Taiwan. You can also get the visa on the airport in Liberia if you meet any of the conditions below:

I. Your inability to apply for a Liberian visa due to no embassy or consulate in your country.

II. You can be in Liberia for an urgent or emergency business obligation or meeting without a visa if:

  • You travel often for business issues
  • You are a government delegation member
  • You are a multi-national company executive
  • You hold an ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States) Laissez-Passer or UN (United Nations) Laissez-Passer or AU (African Union) Laissez-Passer.
  • You can also get Liberia visa on arrival if you are holding any official travel documents given to you by an International Organization

Nevertheless, to have this privilege, you must get a letter that approves it by email before traveling as you can’t just get the visa at Liberia.

Processing time for a Liberia visa

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There is no specific time for a Liberia visa to be processed and issued to you due to many factors. The Liberian embassy that is handling your Liberia visa contributes to the processing time. However, it is expected that your Liberia visa processing should not be more than 10 business days. Another factor that can affect the processing time for a Liberia visa is an incorrect piece of personal information. So, start early to apply for your Liberia visa and consult an expert traveling company like to get your visa faster and easier. To get started, visit and start filling the Liberia visa application form.

Final Thought


Don’t embark on a journey without adequate preparation. You need the right information about the country you want to visit to have a memorable travel experience. To travel to Liberia for tourist, business or any other reason, you need to have your visa ready. From this article, you will see the steps in applying for a Liberia visa, how to start applying for it and the documents that you must have. Applying for a Liberia visa might involve different complicating processes due to different information online. It can also be stressful going to and from the Liberia Embassy in your country. To avoid the stress and confusing processes, visit to know the exact Liberia visa requirements or information.

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