Must-go restaurants in Frankfurt

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Must-go restaurants in Frankfurt
Germany tourist visa and travel to Germany Frankfurt, and looking for the best restaurants in Frankfurt? Well, Frankfurt has the best restaurants in Germany. But, if you search for restaurants in Frankfurt, you will get thousands of results. How can you find the best restaurants in Frankfurt Germany? This post will give you information about the best restaurants in Germany to visit during your travel to Germany Frankfurt. After reading this post, you will know what are the must-go Frankfurt restaurants, which best restaurants to travel to Germany, Frankfurt, etc.

1. Erno's Bistro

ernos bistro It is at the top of the best Frankfurt restaurants. Erno's Bistro is a bastion of French cuisine, hidden behind the charming inn. They have been cooking at a high level here for forty years, but never as good as it is today. Chef Valery Mathis, who learned from the great masters, prepares the tastiest fragrant southern French-inspired dishes with emotionally charged classics clams, subtle mussel cream, and sensual lemon-tomato jelly. He has great enthusiasm for the essential caviar cream with Ossietra Imperial caviar, lukewarm, smoked eel, potato cubes, poached quail egg, and foam made from the fish stock eel. Mieral's superbly prepared Dombes duck is served in two courses: Duck breast with a crispy spice crust with tingling Szechuan pepper in a gorgeous just pulled from the duck carcass along with pointed cabbage cannelloni with hazelnut cream and seared peach. Second bang: buttery pieces from the leg with crispy skin in a glossy bouillon with ginger, chili, lime, and coriander. One highlight follows the other until dessert. The marinated and lightly frozen melon cubes served in a large martini glass in a brew of vodka, ginger, coriander, and chili are the best cocktail.

2. Lafleur

lafleur restaurant Not only in Frankfurt, but Lafleur is also one of the best restaurants in Germany. The coo, Andreas Krolik, is so famous. But not because he dislocates himself at the stove and serves artistic combinations. He let the chorus of praise sound because of the pure clarity that characterizes his dishes. The tartare from mildly smoked arctic char with artistic miniatures of apple, radish, and wasabi as well as ice cream from Bamberg croissant shows tenderness and finesse in every part, with the stylish combination being carried by a blissful harmony. You can feel the secret of success also in the pot-au-feu of wild shrimp, game fish, and crustacean ravioli in saffron-mussel veloute as well as paprika chutney, young leek, and cauliflower risotto. The kitchen works with top products, cooks and combines them optimally. Above all, however, he uses even complex food fusions so that they appear easily accessible and lead right into the center of the senses. Besides, supplements are not treated casually and have more of the main actor's stature than an extra. He prepares carrots, cabbage, and other vegetables in such a flavourful way that you will like to eat vegetarian. The desserts by pastry chef and sous-chef Tobias Schmitt seduce with charm and smoothness: slightly exotic marinated and caramelized pineapple cubes, coconut sorbet, pina-colada foam, spiced macadamia, pomegranate. The prices correspond to the high level of German cuisine, and you will see very hospitable offers at lunchtime.

3. Villa Rothschild Grill & Health

restaurant in frankfurt It is among the most interesting restaurants in Frankfurt Germany, with a completely different kitchen, a completely new ambiance, but everything with style. The noble Villa Rothschild in the Taunus has completely redesigned its restaurant with a thorough and bold redesign. The cheerful country house chic is very stimulating. Christoph Rainer and Christian Eckhardt present were phenomenal, but the new head chef's achievements, Sebastian Prussmann, also testify to a great class. Anyone who likes very well-made and visually beautifully presented classics such as entrecôte, saddle of lamb, and guinea fowl breast will be happy in the Villa Rothschild. The Wiener Schnitzel is also served in the manner one would expect in Austria. But the kitchen can also be very tender, which you can feel with the fish dishes with the pickled and miso-glazed Ikarimi salmon fillet with fennel salad and pink ginger you think you can eat slim. The highlight is the choice of side dishes. You must try a crispy Doppekooche with potatoes and bacon. There are also seven different sauces. The guest is easily tempted to choose the sauce first and then the appropriate dish, whereby the bearnaise sauce and truffle jus are particularly recommendable. The restaurant seems to be wrapped in a cozy velvet dress, and the large open fireplace also conveys comfort. You feel like you are in a luxury chalet in the mountains. The service exudes harmony and friendliness to match the atmosphere. The passionate sommelier Benjamin Birk can do more than just reach into the Rothschild crate and always has discoveries and good drops from unknown winemakers ready.

4. Goldmund Restaurant

goldmund restaurant It is one of the interesting Frankfurt restaurants located in the Frankfurt Literature House. The people speak plain language, at least the kitchen gets to the point quickly: modernized classic with a French accent and a slightly local expression. It tastes like pots and pans; every plate is carried by emotional power. The new head chef Daniel Schonberger has brought a lot of energy into the house. The juicy sea wolf with tasty potato mousseline, green apple, pumpernickel brittle, and cress is just as exciting as the delicate guinea fowl breast from the Dombes crispy skin and fried oyster mushrooms, spicy spinach, and fennel seeds. The crispy fried pikeperch fillet with aromatic peas, fried potato cream, chanterelles, and wild herbs will make you want the next with every bite. The perfectly pink roasted veal fillet is also great in a silky and expressive jus with kohlrabi, bean cassoulet, elderberries, and air-dried ham. Not a gram too much, no aroma penetrance, just finesse. This calm simplicity of elegance is more attractive than some chefs' nervous pseudo-creativity: moderate menu prices, plus a good vegetarian offer. The wine list can still be improved with new ideas, newcomers, and top producers. The friendly, lively service pleasantly loosens up the stylish ambiance. The story "Narcissus and Goldmund" by Hermann Hesse was the inspiration for the Goldmund Restaurant name, and there are worthwhile readings in the Literature House all year round. 

5. Biancalani

biancalani restaurant One of the most beautiful restaurants in Frankfurt Germany, offers guests an open view and plenty of places all around, with the chef's table getting particularly close to the action. The restaurant was designed with a great sense of decorative finesse; the solid, elegant wine counter is modeled on the classic Italian Riva boat and is set for two guests or those who just want to drop by for a good glass. The atmosphere is relaxed; the service is friendly and never intrusive. Andreas Busse succeeded Christoph Kubenz as a head chef but was already a sous chef with him at the stove, and before that, he worked at the "Ketschauer Hof" in Deidesheim and the "Favorite" in Mainz. The menu mixes creative and classic, with small plates and larger portions. With the first-class and juicy Branzino with a crispy crust, you can easily get over the unimportant side dishes. The tasty pappardelle with distinctive Marsala truffle sauce is just as popular as the risotto with saffron and parmesan. To cook eagle fish to the point, you need nothing more than herbs, spicy pearl barley, sweet potato slices, and paprika croquettes accentuated by a beautiful parsley-tarragon stock that is served à part on the table. The kitchen is good but has not yet found its style. With the change, a new concept followed: the restaurant is only open for three days and wants to provide a stage for well-known guest chefs, discoveries, culinary events, and wine festivals. The very good and individual wine list provides space for explorers and newcomers.

6. Heimat Essen & Weine

burger Last but not least, it is one of the nicest and best restaurants in Frankfurt. Even if the restaurant can bask in all-around praise, this has its downsides for guests, as they have no chance of a spontaneous visit and have to reserve a little longer in advance. It could get even tighter; you, too, can only compliment Heimat. In the dollhouse kitchen, Gregor Nowak is now almost exclusively women, and together with his team, he puts hearty, well-thought-out dishes on the menu. The varied, juicy chop from Duroc pork, which is often on the menu, is a prime example of Nowak's style with smoked paprika in light jus. The goose liver dishes are always a hit, especially the raw marinated foie gras with hazelnut cream and woodruff sauce. With a first-class, intensive beef consommé with root vegetables and butter rolls, the young cuisine shows how well it masters the classic. The small, frequently changing menu offers dishes that never go out of style and rejects any inconsistent stupidity. Also, one encounters concentrated wine competence here; three sommeliers manage the 500 wines. German kitchen is well represented, also with Austrian and French. In the casual, slightly dim atmosphere, you can still see the performance of the jazz band. The seats at the kitchen counter are always booked up first. Such a coherent package of kitchen, cellar, service, and ambiance is rare and explains the restaurant's enormous success.

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