Portugal study visa

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Portugal study visa

Situated in the west of the Iberian Peninsula, Portugal is a perfect place for travelers worldwide. It is one of the ancient nations and one of the oldest countries, maintaining its independence for more than 8 centuries. Portugal is bustling with activities as it allures many with different tastes. You can find an ancient building right next to a modern one, existing in harmony. Portugal has a unique culture in which religion is heavily rooted. It is full of cathedrals, churches, built-in unique style.

Furthermore, it is famous for its rich cuisine. It is an allure for people who loves to taste new things. Alongside delicious foods, you can listen to Fado, music of Portugal in many restaurants. This sad music speaks of life, struggle, and passion. It has been said among locals that Fado is a window into the soul of Portuguese people. This art form is so valuable that it is part of the UNESCO intangible cultural heritage list. The music is so smooth that you will understand most of the words though it is in Portuguese. Being one of the cheapest countries in western Europe, it attracts many people worldwide who seek affordable and quality education. This article will cover issues regarding study visas in Portugal. We will try to answer questions like what is Portugal visa requirements? How to apply for Portugal visa? What are Portugal visa types? How much is Portugal visa fee? But first, let’s check out Portugal visa policy.

Portugal visa policy

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Portugal's visa policy can change depending on relations between countries. Portugal is a member of the Schengen area. It grants visa-free movement for nationals of Schengen countries. However, it is not exclusive to only Schengen countries though. Generally, the followings are Portugal visa free countries:

European union member countries, Nationals of Andorra, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Hungary, Israel, Korea (Rep. of), Lithuania, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Paraguay, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Switzerland, United States, Uruguay, Vatican City, and Venezuela.

Nationals of other countries that are not on the list will need to make an appointment for a Portugal visa. If you are a citizen of one of the Portugal visa free countries, you will not need to go through such procedures.

What about Portugal visa types? There are three categories of visa types for Portugal: Schengen visas for short stays, airport transit visas, and national visas designed for long stays. Schengen visas are granted for travels up to 90 days. There are many subcategories of Schengen visas, and one of them is for study purposes which we will elaborate on. On the other side, national visas are for long-term travels and comprise different types that long term study visa is part of. To apply for Portugal visa, one should be aware of the Portugal visa requirements. Even though additional requirements will be asked depending on the type, the main requirements for visas remain the same. They are the following:

embassy of portugal
  • Visa application form
  • Two photos that fit the requirements of passport format

 1.  Backgrounds with light colors are preferable
 2.  The whole face should be seen clearly
 3.  Photos should be colored with colors other than white and black
 4.  The size of the photo should be 35x45 mm
 5.  No facial expression is important
 6.  Clothes that maintain colors the same as the background should be avoided

  • The passport and former visa copies. Its validity should last for at least 3 months after departure from Portugal. There should be two pages in the passport that are free.
  • One return ticket booking’s copy
  • Medical insurance should cover cases worth up to 30 000 euros.
  • An itinerary and a letter that demonstrates the nature of the travel. The cover letter should also include funding for the trip. If it is sponsored by someone else, the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant should be shown.
  • Booking for flight itinerary. Timelines for entrance and exit, flight numbers should be indicated.
  • Documents proving the accommodation during the trip, which can be hotel booking, an invitation from the host, etc.
  • A document indicating the civil status of the applicant. It can be a certificate of a child, certificate of marriage, or a certificate proving the death of the spouse, etc.
  • The document which shows the ability to sustain himself/herself financially during the travel. Financial meaning should be worth 92 euros per day. For students, the amount is down to 27 euros per day. It can be cash, a personal bank statement, credit card, a document proving employment, etc.

You might be wondering how to apply for Portugal visa? You need to locate the nearest Portugal embassy and contact them. In most cases, it is more convenient to contact Portugal study visa consultants, increasing your chances of getting a visa. Pickvisa.com provides Portugal study visa consultants to ensure the client is not troubled with any legal issue regarding visa.

Portugal study visa

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If anyone from the visa required country intends to visit Portugal for short-term study or educational purposes, he or she will need to apply for a study visa. To do that, he or she should meet the requirements by presenting the following additional documents:

Document proving the nature of the visit - It can be an invitation letter from an official Portugal institute.

Financial proof: It can vary depending on the source. If the applicant got a scholarship or grant, confirmation that the applicant is granted funds. If the applicant funds it, then bank statements of the applicant, personal properties, etc. If another person sponsors the applicant, bank statements of the sponsor, properties, or assets, alongside with sponsor’s passport copies.

To apply for such visas, prospective candidates should contact Portugal embassies and make an appointment for Portugal visa. You might be wondering how much is Portugal visa fee is as we have not touched Portugal study visa fees. It is 80 euros for Schengen visas except for Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Russia, Serbia, and Ukraine as the fee for them is 35 euros. 

When we talk about study visas for Portugal, one thing should be clear. Does the applicant intend to stay more than 90 days or short than 90 days? Because if it is short then, he or she needs to apply for a Schengen study visa as we described above. If it is not the case, he/she is entitled to apply for a study visa (for more than 90 days) that is part of national visas. Following additional requirements are set for the long term Portugal visa:


Information on Portugal university admitted the applicant as a student, including university admission document alongside admission letter provided by the university. In this letter language of the study and start/end dates of the study should be indicated.

Depending on the language of study, one of these should be presented. If the language is English, then certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL which show proficiency in the language, are required. If it is Portuguese, then certificate proving proficiency, provided by official institute according to ALTE.

Financial proof – It can vary depending on the resource. If the applicant got a scholarship or grant, confirmation that the applicant is granted funds. If the applicant funds it, then bank statements of the applicant, personal properties, etc. If another person sponsors the applicant, bank statements of the sponsor, properties, or assets, alongside with sponsor’s passport copies.

Official document or certificate that demonstrates the criminal record of the applicant. It should be issued in your home country and not be older than 90 days. Apostille is required alongside Portuguese translation for the document.

The average visa fee for a Portugal study visa is 75-100, which varies depending on the nationality. As we mentioned earlier, the processing time can be quite long, but it usually takes 10-60 calendar days.

Such visa applications are long processes. After acquiring an admission letter, you should locate and contact the local or nearest Portuguese embassy. There you need to make an appointment for Portugal visa. Fill in the application form and present the required documents. Then pay the required Portugal study visa fees. If your application is approved, you will need to appoint the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service to get your residency permit as a last step. 

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