Top 15 pubs with best drinks in Philadelphia

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Top 15 pubs with best drinks in Philadelphia
where is Philadelphia? In the United States, Pennsylvania has a beautiful city with a rich history - sunny and bright Philadelphia. Here, in Independence Hall, signed the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. This place is notable for the fact that each of its districts is unique, quite different from the others. From modern multi-storey high-rises to quiet streets, from which the spirit of history and cosiness blooms. small pub But wait, there is a reason to stay here even longer. It is not for nothing that Philadelphia is called a city that loves and can drink. Just as the neighbourhoods are not similar to each other, the pubs of this place are full of various drinks for every taste. Yes, this is for you, lovers of cocktails, wine, and great pastime - top pubs with the best drinks in Philadelphia.

1. Jonny Brenda's pub

pub It is not only a pub and a restaurant but also a perfectly equipped stage for talented local musicians. You must first enjoy the amazingly delicious food, which, by the way, is made exclusively from local products. Jonny Brenda's is proud of the history of its neighbourhood and, in general, of its location, from the menu to a selection of unique handmade beers made in the region. Enjoy fantastic live music by drinking excellent beer with friends - what could be better?

2. Monk's Cafe

monks cafe One of the oldest pubs in Philadelphia, which has been serving world-class beer for over 20 years. Not only fans of quality beverages from all over the world but also famous brewers flock here to learn the secret of such a long experience of successful brewing. This pub is the soul of Belgium in the heart of Philadelphia because, almost alone, it gave birth to the Belgian beer hobby in America. Here you can also taste delicious European and American dishes, drinking a glass of excellent wine.

3. Graffiti Bar

small pub It is located in the back part of the Asian restaurant Michael Shulson, on the open 30-seat yard, which, by the way, serves delicious dishes and drinks from the chef of this restaurant. The bar is named so because it is located in a narrow alley surrounded by a wall with graffiti commissioned by local artist Ali M. Williams. But this is not the thin, dark and dangerous alley that one should beware of. Here you can relax and have a good time with healthy drinks and delicious Asian cuisine. The choice of drinks is daily supplemented and improved. The most famous cocktails are Ming Mule (vodka, lychee, mint, and ginger) and Hashi Old Fashioned (rum Applejack, bourbon, and smoked caramel), as well as classical beer and wine.

4. McGillin's Olde Ale House

pub The oldest tavern opened already in 1860. This family-run facility started its history as a simple tavern for working people. It later became the most famous tavern in the city and one of the oldest establishments in the USA. The place is mainly focused on beer production. They offer over 30 varieties of excellent beverages to choose from. Cosy and, if you want, homelike atmosphere to this day continually attracts quite different visitors - from students to older adults, who enjoy drinking and remembering the ancient times.

5. Bloomsday

bloomsday So we went from older adults to a new trend in the history of the pubs of Philadelphia. The bar works morning, day and night. In the morning, you can have a delicious and hearty breakfast with delicious buns from the chef, drinking this charm with a cup of fragrant coffee. At lunchtime, you can sit with good friends over a glass of excellent wine and eat deliciously in a cosy atmosphere. And in the evening and at night, relax in the company of something healthy and have fun, having tasted unusual cocktails. All this Bloomsday is a beautiful place, made in nut and turquoise shades. There are a working fireplace, sofa corners and whitened brick walls. Don't pass by; you'll come here and don't want to leave anymore, and the wine list with 60 kinds of chic wine and unique cocktails will only contribute to it.

6. Ashton Cigar Bar

cigar bar It is a beautiful modern design and warm disposing atmosphere in the very centre of the city. The choice of 200 premium cigars will surely attract both connoisseurs and amateurs, as well as beginners in cigar smoking. More than 400 varieties of excellent whisky, including rare vintage varieties and a signature menu with classic cocktails... Do you still think? Friendly staff, excellent service, regular air purification system will contribute to your chic mood and perfect rest.

7. Hard Rock Cafe Philadelphia

hard rock cafe Nightclub in the city centre, located near the famous sight of Philadelphia - Independence Hall. An impressive list of signature cocktails made on your eyes with unique recipes, an excellent menu of American cuisine and delicious desserts. Enjoying all this, you will be surrounded by the things of legendary musicians such as Elton John, The Beatles, Jim Morrison. Also, here you can buy collectables in the rock store of the club, thus saving a piece of great music. It is also interesting that around the world, there are 185 more places where the Hard Rock Cafe is located.

8. Art Bar

art bar Live music plays in the pub, works of local artists change periodically, and there are always lively, friendly conversations. Pleasant modern design without any extra pretentiousness, undoubtedly, disposes to warm and relaxed discussions. You won't be able to break away from the delicious food that the masters of their craft are working on, creating a separate work of art from each dish. Unusual wine and strong beer are served here, as well as delicate cocktails, with raspberry and peach sweetness, schnapps and sparkling wine. Art Bar is a bar for art connoisseurs, where they come to philosophize about everything with a glass of wine and discuss new trends in art, sipping exquisite cocktails.

9. The Franklin Bar

franklin bar It is an underground pub, which has earned a reputation as one of the best pubs in Philadelphia. There are rumours that once the bar was covert and secret, intended for particular sections of the population, but now all this false and ostentatious secrecy is a tribute to the former image. What about the drinks? The barmen know their business very well, they reinterpret the classic cocktails, creating excellent alcoholic masterpieces, so they deserve the title of the bar with the best drinks. The seekers of unusual and original cocktails will find here new exciting discoveries. The Franklin Bar - a quiet, dark, expensive and elegant place, with a small space and several tables for conversation - all this creates an atmosphere of some mystery and a narrow circle of "their" people.

10. The International

pub Two-level best bar in Philadelphia Kensington District. The lower floor is for a night out with brightly decorated D.J. space and tall bar chairs. Here you can drink a light cocktail and have a great time. The upper floor has dark walls and the same dim lighting, which as if emphasizes the complexity and seriousness of making special craft drinks. The International is engaged in its production of original cocktails, so here you will find something new for yourself.

11. Nunu

cozy bar Connoisseurs of Oriental culture, and Japanese in particular, should take a look at this bar. Muffled lighting, small tables hidden under wooden arches in curved cabins and many red lights. Very unusual and atmospheric. The menu is not the largest, but the choice of drinks will make you stay here longer - white, red, pink, and orange wines, local and regional beer, nine different Japanese, and several American whiskeys. And cocktails, made according to the most complicated recipes, using a whole range of Asian tastes. On top of that, the bar shares a joint yard with Cheu Fishtown restaurant, and you can order from both facilities there. Excellent Japanese cuisine and chic alcohol are a stunning combination.

12. Aether

aether Bar-restaurant with seafood in fish town. Very bright and beautiful place - marble bar counter, many handmade lamps, cosy and hospitable place. You can have a tasty and nourishing snack in the separate dining room, where a dozen different kinds of oysters, three sea towers, and a pleasant shrimp cocktail are served. You can also have a drink and relax at the bar with the quite diverse wine list and freshly made cocktails, among which the famous oyster cocktail is especially notable.

13. The Thirsty Soul

thirsty soul pub A team of bar designers used a religious element to build a barroom with pew-shaped chairs, a confessional booth and a throne worthy of the Pope. And it turned out, and I must admit, relatively cool and unusual. The bar counter is filled with coloured stained-glass windows that reflect glassware standing on it. The cocktail menu is also divided into two sections: the Old Testament and the New Testament. The first section contains classical and slightly old-fashioned alcoholic cocktails, and the second section includes original recipes of branded drinks, for example, Saint-made based on maple bourbon, Aperol with spicy notes of pear. And as a pleasant bonus, you can enjoy live music walking through the confessional booth to the place, separated from the main hall, and listen to cosy blues, soothing jazz and warm country. 

14. Khyber Pass

koszyki Another pub where you can enjoy delightful live music. Once a week, such bands as Nashville Pussy, Iggy Pop and Human Television perform here. The rest of the time, there is energetic hip-hop and crown punk. Khyber Pass pub has a vast selection of selected draught beer and other drinks to your taste. To all other things, excellent Indian cuisine complements the superb impression of this place, which does not stop attracting more and more crowds.

15. Friday Saturday Sunday

pub Beautiful small bar with relatively simple design - one long, narrow hall with a marble bar counter, light lighting and stunning atmosphere of cosiness and warmth. There is a pleasant choice of interesting cocktails - with spicy fruit notes and Jamaican rum, on strong scotch with coffee beans or with hot pepper and cognac. Excellent choice of pink, red and white wine, and, of course, eight kinds of rare beer for real taste connoisseurs. And also, a great menu to eat deliciously and finally relax under quiet and calm music. In addition to excellent pubs and bars, we would like to highlight a couple of separate cocktail bars with excellent cocktails for every taste—for example, Irwin's and R&D. The first one has revised initially classic drinks, carefully designed cocktails, firm and tart alcohol, which is impossible to break away from. Moreover, the bar is famous for being one of the largest alcoholic beverages elections in the country. Once, it was a real wine bar, but now it is a whole cocktail bar. The menu here changes in seasons from the beautiful and talented bartender Aaron Dear. It is one of the best pubs in Philadelphia, thanks to tasty snacks, a calm atmosphere, and, of course, to the talent of the barman. Philadelphia is incredibly rich in its choice of various Philadelphia pubs, bars, and restaurants, worthy of attention and visit. In this top are only some of them, which, in our opinion, are worth paying attention to first. Evening and night city play with completely new colours, and this list of establishments will undoubtedly help you to taste their full range as best you can. You have the initial plan, and then it is up to you! Get yourself a US visa and explore it yourself!

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