Qatar business visa requirements & application

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Qatar business visa requirements & application

Qatar, over the years, has become the hub of business in the Middle East. With more significant government incentives, a skilled workforce, and superior infrastructure, the country has come a long way from being just a desert country. Qatar business visa is the prerequisite for any individual before setting up shop in the country. Applicants will be able to qualify for one only after Qatar business visa requirements have been fulfilled. This article aims to provide the reader with the following information:

  • Qatar Business visa requirements
  • Qatar Business visa processing time
  • Qatar Business visa cost
  • How to extend Qatar business visa?

Qatar Business Visa Requirements


The foremost important document that the individual will require is a passport. The parameters to meet the Qatar business visa requirements are:

  • The passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the stay is over
  • The passport has to be original
  • There must be a minimum of two blank pages for the visa stamp to be marked
  • The passport has to be in good condition
  • The authorities will require a photograph of the individual:
  •  It must be photographed in front of a white background
  • One photograph to be submitted
  • It needs to maintain the provided dimensions: 35x45 mm (length - 45mm, breadth - 35mm)
  • The face needs to be 80% of the entire frame
  • No smiling and frowning faces allowed
  • Photographs with glasses will not be allowed
  • The ears of the individual must be visible
  • Apart from religious reasons, there shall be no headgear
  • There will be no show of teeth

The individual will have to carry the original and copy a government-issued card or document proving citizenship.

These cards are important proofs of identity, and not complying with them will lead to the rejection of the application.

The air ticket is another important document that has to be provided to the embassy or consulate. It is pertinent to remember that the air tickets will be for the round trips, ie. It was coming in and leaving the country.

The invitation letter from the company that has asked the individual to visit the country needs to be produced.

This letter will need to have the signature and stamp of the relevant officer of the said company. The contact details, the purpose of the visit, and sponsorship details will all have to be mentioned clearly. This letter will have to be addressed to the relevant diplomatic mission.

There are still some more parameters that have to be met before one is eligible for a Qatar business visa:

  • The individual must be a genuine traveler. It would mean that the person will only have good intentions behind the purpose of the visit
  • The individual is eligible to bear all the expenses of the visit. Qatar will take no responsibility for a fall in the finances of the business or the individual
  • The individual shall have no criminal background. There might be an added document about a Police Clearance Certificate or PCC confirming the same
  • There is a minimum health requirement that has to be met
  • The purpose of the visit will have to do with only business and nothing else

Qatar Business Visa Processing Time

Typical Visa application form

The Qatar business visa processing time may vary according to the urgency of the application. However, it takes not more than 5 to 6 days for it to be completed. In case of emergencies, the time taken may extend.

Qatar Business Visa Cost

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The Qatar business visa is categorized under two heads: a 30 days stay and a 90 days stay.

  • The Qatar business visa cost for a 30 days’ stay is $130
  • The Qatar business visa cost for a 90 days’ stay is $220

Qatar Business Visa Apply Online

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The Qatar business visa online method saves a lot of effort. One can also make payments online and submit the documents too. It does, as mentioned earlier, save a lot of time and effort. However, what needs to be taken care of is the documents and the application form need to be in perfect order. It is applicable while applying for a business visa to any country. Every embassy and consulate are diligent while providing a visa to a foreigner. There are quite a few challenges that they might face if due diligence is not maintained.

  • The individual might have nefarious plans and hence wishes to visit the country
  • The individual would want to settle down illegally
  • There are employment laws that protect the locals from losing their jobs to a foreigner

All these have to be taken care of before a Qatar business visa is issued. However, Qatar also welcomes companies and individuals to set up businesses in the country. This will provide the country with greater investments and a larger return of revenue. There is also the added advantage of employing the locals.

How to extend Qatar Business Visa?

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The Qatar business visa extension has a few rules and regulations to be followed. At the end of 30 days or 90 days, depending on the type of visa applied for, the visa is subjected to expiration if not applied for an extension.

The process is straightforward:

  • One has to log into the website of the Ministry of Interior or MOI using the smartcard provided.
  • Once in, there is the head called Visa Services, under which Extend Visa needs to be navigated to.
  • There is a little information that needs to be filled out.
  • There are a few options about the extension period, one of which needs to be selected
  • Depending on the extension period, a fee has to be paid.

It is also advisable that before submitting the forms, either online or offline, all the applications need to be reviewed. For family visits, the extension would require medical tests and fingerprint checks.

The extension fee is QR200 per month.

It is important to remember that a Qatar business visa does not allow the person to settle permanently in the country. These are short-term employment visas subjected to extension after fulfilling all the Qatar business visa requirements. The rules governing the Qatar business visa extension are particular about these.

There are few categories of Qatar business visa:

72 Hour business visa: This is issued on arrival. This visa is for those who have a short purpose, like meeting a potential client or attending a conference or a convention. The 72-hour business visa can always be extended by providing all the documents.

The business visa: The criteria for this visa have been mentioned in detail in the article. It is arranged by the employer or the owner or competent authority of the organization. The company should be approved by the relevant ministry. A contractual worker is allowed to stay in the country for a maximum time of 90 days.

Investor Visa: This is the third type of Qatar business visa that an individual can apply under. This is for those who wish to invest in the country. However, there is a long list of dos and don’ts that has to be complied with. There are also certain ventures in which one is allowed to invest only. There are documents about the property, good behavior, and medical condition that needs to be submitted.

Driving Rules in Qatar for Business Visa

visa denied

Driving rules in Qatar for business visa suggests that individuals holding it are allowed to drive for not more than 7 days from the date of entry. This can be done using the driving license issued by their respective nations. After the expiration of the license, a temporary Qatari driving license will have to be acquired. This license will be valid as long as the visa is live. Those who have an international driving license are also eligible for six months from the day of entry. If someone becomes a permanent resident of the country, only a Qatari driving license will be allowed. It is also the only document related to driving that the insurance company acknowledges.

Residents of GCC are exempted from these rules. There are no limitations for these individuals. Individuals from other countries holding a GCC license are allowed a Qatari license for 7 days.

If a company leases the vehicle, then it becomes the responsibility of the company to see that the driver complies with Qatari rules and regulations. The insurance companies, too, are strict about this and will not entertain any deviation.


Qatar Doha

Anybody fulfilling the Qatar business visa requirements and paying the Qatar business visa cost is eligible for one. It is a country that welcomes expatriates with open arms and gives them ample opportunity to grow.

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