18 reasons why you should travel to Austria right now

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18 reasons why you should travel to Austria right now
get an Austria visa and travel to Austria. Why? There are numerous reasons, and I will try to clarify some of them by observing the best places to travel in Austria, the capital of Austria, "is it safe to travel to Vienna Austria," "what languages are spoken in Austria," Austria population, the best time to travel to Austria, "how to spend valuable time in Austria?". However, where is Austria? This largely mountainous landlocked country is located in the southern- center of Europe. Austria forms together with Switzerland what has been known as the neutral core of Europe. Germany surrounds it on the northwest, the Czech Republic on the north, Slovakia on the northeast, Hungary on the east, Slovenia and Italy on the south, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein on the west. The capital of Austria is Vienna. The official Austria language is German, but the answer to the "what language is spoken in Austria?" is a little complicated. So, Croatian, Hungarian, Slovenian, Turkish are spoken in this country too. Also, a variety of Bavarian dialects can be one of the answers to the "What languages are spoken in Austria?". Thus, we can say that content of the Austrian language is distinctive. As Austria language Austria population also contains diverse ethnic groups such as Germans, Serbs, Bosniaks, Turks, Hungarians, and Croats and Slovenes. So, a little acquaintance about this European country, let's start to take a glance together at the reasons for my desire to travel to Austria.

1. The capital of Austria, Vienna

In my opinion, travel to Austria cannot be thought of without a miraculous country, Vienna, the capital of Austria. I think this is the main motivating stimulus to decide on a trip to this country. Vienna is the most popular trip destination among tourists over the world. This beautiful city with the stunning landscape of its gardens and parks is known as the heart of Europe. This city represents a great combination of nature and city living for visitors. The capital of Austria is also popular as a perfect winter destination. It does not only maintain in itself the wonderfully decorated streets, the most charming atmosphere but also offers a large number of activities and events, such as outdoor ice skating and New Year's Eve Ball during winter. Admirable architecture, interesting history, beautiful landmarks, amazing street art, incredible cleanliness, and other numerous factors can be among the essential encouraging reasons. 

2. Beautiful places

Another essential motivation to travel to this part of Europe, best places to travel in Austria. During your holiday in this country, you should visit one of the prettiest towns in Europe, Hallstatt. Its stunning view will be in your mind forever. On the other hand, climbing, hiking, and boating will help you have an interesting time in Austria. Also, ice caves and salt caves are worth visiting. And do you know about the birthplace of Mozart? This is Salzburg. It is not only a place of music but also one of the most marvelous cities in Austria. Besides, The Museums of Vienna, Salzburg’s Getreidegasse, Tirol Province, Historic Innsbruck, Schloss Belvedere, Graz Old Town, The Wachau Valley, Melk Abbey, Linz, and others are among the best places to travel in Austria. So, when you plan a tour within Austria, you should take a long vacation to see all of the wonderful destinations of this place.

3. Travel all year round

lakeside city If you think about the "best time to travel to Austria" I have great news for you! Austria is a perfect destination all year round. It does not matter in which season you plan to go. Austria always has something to suggest to its visitors. You can enjoy thrilling ski trips and charming Christmas markets in winter, relaxing summer walks across the dreamy shores of lakes in the summertime. So, be relax during the planning "best time to travel to Austria," because you will spend an unforgettable time in Austria each season of the year.

4. Austrian culture

ritterruestung museum The diversity of the Austria population gives the country a colorful culture. Not only Vienna but also other cities of the country was a house of art and culture throughout the 19th century. Salzburg's Museum of Modern Art, The Museum of Vienna, Vienna State Opera is one of the most wonderful representatives of the Austrian culture. So, you will have an amazing holiday and enhance your cultural worldview during your travel to Austria.

5. Austria music

street music Probably, everyone knows that Austria is the heart of European classical music. If you walk along the streets of its cities, you will hear constantly sounds of the golden music of composers who were born and lived in the country throughout the centuries. One of them is Salzburg. Here, everything is about Mozart. Some buildings have a distinctive impact on his life, his music. On the other hand, a lot of gorgeous avenues will hold a once-residence of Ludwig Van Beethoven in Vienna.

6. Architecture in Austria

schonbrunn architecture If you like to see wonderful examples of architecture, then Austria is a perfect trip destination. There are spectacular diverse architectural styles. Many of the buildings were designed around the time was called the "Red Vienna" Era- between 1918 and 1984 by the innovative, forward-thinking architects such as Otto Wagner leading the way. The Karl –Marx-Hof, which is often referred to as a "people's palace," s one such building. This is situated in Heiligenstadt. We can see a lot of examples of Baroque, Romanesque, and Medieval architecture in this country. For instance, Salzburg Cathedral, Belvedere Palace, and Mirabell Palace.

7. Lakes in Austria

lake in austria The lakes in Austria can be one of the best answers to the "where to travel in Austria?". Austria's lake district is a marvelous place in the world. The most beautiful ones of these lakes are Halstaattersee, Bodensee (Lake Constance), and Worthersee. 

8. History of Austria

word museum giant The incredible history of Austria can encourage people to travel to this country. There are numerous museums to see which represent each part of the country's history. If you want to gain more information about the royal history of Austria, you should only visit the collection of palaces lining the major cities. There is the Hofburg among them which is an entire complex with a museum, and two palaces included Schonbrunn Palace. So, if history lovers choose this country's destination, they will spend valuable time in Austria by visiting historical monuments.

9. Outdoor activities

snowboarding Austria would be the perfect choice for people who are looking for outdoor activities during their travel. No matter the weather, there are a large number of examples to them. Some of them are hiking, swimming, snowboarding, skiing, and mountain climbing. In the summer, kilometers of hiking trails can be enjoyed throughout the mountains, and in the winter, those mountains turn into snow lovers' lovely places. Also, numerous freshwater lakes create a great opportunity to go boating, swimming, and fishing. So, for outdoor activities lovers, Austria would be paradise.

10. Easy to get around

red train Another reason to go to Austria is that it is easy to get around. This country is not so big, so the distances between different locations are manageable. Within the country, the cities are connected by rail routes and roads, making the connection very easy and preventing waste time, no matter where you want to go.

11. Beautiful villages

hallstatt Beautiful villages are a great destination for visitors who think, "where to travel in Austria?". This is the Salzkammergut Region of Austria, popular for its traditional-style wooden homes surrounded by charming lakes, mountains, meadows, and the cutest tiny town squares. There is a beautiful little village of Hallstatt, which is embraced by the clear, clean water of the Hallstattersee and the Dachstein mountain in the Salzkammergut Lake Region's heart. So, its stunning scenery is enough for your rest. 

12. Authenticity

austrian city Authenticity makes this country more attractive to visitors who try to be far from crowded people. Unlike other European touristic destinations, Austria is still an authentic place where you can take a breath and live the inner spirit of the capital. Here you feel yourself in a fairy-tale far from everything that can disturb you.

13. Stunning scenery

dachstein It is worth of travel to Austria because of its stunning scenery. Beautiful landscape from the Dachstein Mountain Range in the Salzkammergut Region to the Nordkette Mountains in Tirol will admire you. The harmony of Turquoise rivers, which flow with mountain backdrops, green valleys, and traditional alpine homes, will be an unforgettable travel experience in your life. And if you can get a chance to climb the mountain tops, and watch the towns and villages from there, you will give yourself a marvelous gift.

14. The safety

camera The safety in the country where we plan to go is the main feather. So, when we travel to Austria, especially to its capital, we think about "Is it safe to travel to Vienna Austria?". Do you know that Vienna is known as one of the securest cities in the world? Although there is little crime, such as pickpocketing like in other countries, you can manage the situation by being more careful even in the safest places. Besides, Austria is the perfect place for a solo female traveler too. So, if you plan your travel destination to this European country, but concern about "is it safe to travel to Vienna Austria?", you can relax and buy your ticket at your convenience. 

15. Cleanliness

mask and disinfection Cleanliness is the first factor in the country where you are going to travel, especially in this pandemic period. It is known that the most popular touristic places in the world suffer from a lack of hygienic, but Austria is not among them. Even I can say that it is one of the cleanest countries. So, this feather put this country to the top in the visitor's travel list.

16. Landmarks in Austria

hofburg If you like to see and get acquainted with landmarks in the country where you are, then Austria is your place. There are endless sights to see. Some of them are Hofburg Palace, Hohensalzburg Fortress, National library, Rathaus, and others. Also, this outstanding building can be a perfect answer to your question, "where to travel in Austria?"

17. Muehlbauer hats

muehlbauer hat Have you ever heard about the Muehlbauer hats in Vienna? I think if you want to get an amazing memory of your travel you should visit this destination. This is the place where the Muhlnauer family has been making hats by hand for over a century. And it is interesting that, when you buy one of these hats, you join the ranks of stylish customers like Brad Pitt, Madonna, Yoko Ono, and Meryl Streep.

18. Austrian food

austrian food The country's food is the essential point which should be at the center of the attention of visitors. Traditional Austrian food consists of basic meat. Nowadays, they think about vegetarians too. The main thing is that their kitchen is clean. There are some delicious dishes. For example, Wiener Schnitzel. So, during your vacation in Austria, you will not be hungry.  In conclusion, I would like to say that, yes, we can line up numerous reasons to travel to Austria, but, in my opinion, this country deserves to be visited, just because of its incredible beauty, so, do not hesitate, travel!

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