18 reasons why you should travel to Georgia right now

Anar Mammadov19 March 20212449 views10 min. read
18 reasons why you should travel to Georgia right now
Eagle and Tails Georgia". So I will find you 18 reasons to mark this country as the next on the list of places you are going to visit. First, we will learn a little bit more about it. Where is Georgia? As I hinted earlier, not so far away. We can refer it to the western part of Transcaucasia or Eastern Europe, which undoubtedly gave this country a peculiar charm by mixing the west and east culture. It has the eastern coast of the Black Sea, has a population of Georgia of no more than four million citizens who are always happy to see you. Let's move on to the promised reasons.

1. Sights of Georgia

tbilisi street Well, where to go in Georgia? The answer to this question can be extended to a lecture, as it is rich in beautiful landscapes and fascinating cultural values that exist thanks to the diverse historical events in this region. The beautiful sights of Georgia will not be difficult to find. When you start your enlightenment journey in the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi, you can visit its "Old City", which is characterized by narrow courtyards, ancient elements of the last century, and Mtatsminda Mountain, at the foot of which the old city is located. Narikala fortress, translated as "impregnable", is located on its top. Among the modern beauties of the capital can be distinguished "Bridge of Peace" erected across the Kura River in 2010, a symbolic purpose of connecting two historical epochs of this city. The architect of the bridge Michel de Lucci equipped his creation with a light system, which colours Tbilisi with lights when darkness comes. It would help if you visited the ancient district of the capital - Metekhi, where its development began, paying attention to the temple of the same name on the top of the cliff, which refers to the 12th-century construction. In Batumi, you will also find something to please your eyes. The Alphabet Tower, 130 meters high and a structure resembling a spiral of human DNA, is painted by the sea, and 30 kilometres from the city itself, among the beautiful mountains of Adjara, you will find Mahuntseti waterfall and the nearby bridge of Queen Tamara, 29 meters long and nine centuries old. In Zugdidi, you will find the Dadiani Palace, the estate of the Dadiani rulers. A small Georgian town Tskaltubo boasts one of the most unusual sights - the karst cave Kumistavi known as Prometheus Cave. It is a beautiful chance to visit the magical underground world, which attracts with its colours and mineral formations.

2. The weather in Georgia

sunset For guests who prefer the sun and subtropics. The weather in Georgia in the west recreates excellent conditions for summer holidays, at this time of year the temperature reaches +36C, and the decline is only by the end of September. It means that the long summer and an entire period for choosing your vacation are in your pocket. In winter, Georgia can please the snow preservation due to the temperature -15C, hello fans of snow resorts and winter sports.

3. The Black Sea

black sea Naturally, how not to single out a single item for such a good reason. Georgia-Sea is created to be associated with each other, annually tourists from all over the world come here, and in 2019 their number exceeded 9 million. The vast majority did not deny themselves the pleasure to relax on Batumi, Kobuleti, and Magneti's beaches. Fresh sea air, sand, walks in seaside parks and a light breeze will complement your sea adventures and give them a magical colour.

4. Georgia cuisine

georgian khinkali Is it possible to spend a vacation in Georgia without allowing yourself to taste delicious national Georgia cuisine? Well, of course not! The homeland of such delicacies as Khinkali, Ajapsandali, Khachapuri and Pkhali will not leave you indifferent. A lot of food establishments with reasonable prices will meet you on your way almost everywhere, and Georgian masters of cooking who they are not by duty, but by vocation and kind will serve you at a high level.

5. Wine

georgia wine Winemaking here is like a separate kind of art. Being listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest in the world, its origins began 8000 years ago, and the citizens themselves are great lovers of this art. They keep the tradition of feast since ancient times and today grow 500 varieties of grapes. The guests of these fertile lands can choose from a variety of white (khihvi, chinuri, tsitska, sakmiela, rkatsiteli, avasirhva, mtsvane, etc.) and red (chhaweri, mujuretuli, zveltavi, tavkveri, krakhuna, etc.) wines. And it is a shame not to bring a couple of bottles with you as a reminder of this craft's homeland.

6. Georgian hospitality

tbilisi lifestyle A good tourist knows what factors to evaluate a trip, and a significant aspect in this is how comfortable he felt abroad. And if you agree with me in this regard, there is a suitable country for you: Georgia, where you can go without fear of these problems. You will be met as close friends and help with all the questions and concerns that you may have. You will not be afraid to be in a crowd of people you do not know, because the population of Georgia has a great experience of relations with tourists. You will be politely shown the way in town, will be told where to buy the most necessary things and will find common ground with you, even without understanding yours. Feel like on the streets of your native city can, without exaggeration.

7. Is it safe to travel to Georgia?

camera Are you wondering is it safe to travel to Georgia? The security level of tourists undeniably keeps the bar high. The proof of this is the list of the safest countries in the world according to "Crime Index for Country" for 2016, in which Georgia took the sixth place. You can walk freely through the streets of the city at any time of day. Law enforcement agencies are seriously monitoring the situation in all regions and providing reliable protection to residents of the country and its warmly beloved guests.

8. Residence

georgia One of the most critical aspects of your trip abroad is settling surprisingly quickly as the search for a suitable hotel. For every taste and budget, you will be able to find not only a hotel but also a decent apartment or private house closer to the coast. Residents entirely find a common language with their country's guests and often rent accommodation for the connoisseurs of the home environment and reasonable prices, which makes a vacation in Georgia a profitable solution.

9. Cost savings

coins Even though you will go to a kind of Europe, do not let the cost of your pleasant pastime scare you. Many tourists, who were lucky enough to visit it, will confirm that you can go even with a minimum budget. Release of the TV program "Eagle and Tails Georgia" is a direct confirmation. Food prices are acceptable, and a large number of such facilities creates a choice that is designed for your wallet. Even a decent vacation will not make you spend more than $ 20 per person per day if you exclude accommodation. However, it also does not bite and has a wide range of options to suit every taste, as mentioned in the paragraph above.

10. Recovery in Georgia

cargo ship Georgia - the sea, on whose shores due to favourable conditions, clean air, and the prevalence of ultraviolet rays there are many health resorts, and more than 300 hundred of them. Among them are mud therapies, mineral springs and balneological recreation areas. For many years, skin diseases, lung tuberculosis, bronchial asthma, and anaemia have been treated here. Everyone who wants to take a full course of body regeneration should immediately visit the places mentioned above, having received their share of natural riches of our planet, which are crucial for our health.

11. The bicycle as the main transport

bicycle Bicycles began to be popular here in 2011 when the construction of roads for bikes with attached signs and stands began in Batumi. There are not a few cyclists from Europe who decide to pave their way there. "Useful mode of transport" is also the right way for all other guests to save money on travelling to the right places in the city and watching the beautiful sights of Georgia while cycling.

12. What is the visa?

bicycle Another step of the government to attract tourists' flow was an impressive list of countries that do not need a visa to enter and stay in Georgia during the year. More than 90 countries are on this list today, which saves their citizens from unnecessary troubles and expenses.

13. Souvenir

You won't be able to come back empty-handed, the Georgian markets will charm you with all kinds of handmade products and antiques that you can buy for a small price. There are also antique backgammon, carpets, books and, of course, a wine horn - which you use at home more than once for a glorious toast in memory of this unforgettable journey.

14. Nightlife in Georgia

nightlife in georgia Night clubs and bars in Tbilisi and Batumi will help you feel this nation's unique rhythm and discover new colours of Georgia. For those who love modern trends and a "noisy" lifestyle, there is Akhvlediani Street in the capital of Georgia centre, which has an impressive number of such establishments.

15. Mineral waters

mineral water Water quality is not inferior to that of wine, and mineral waters play a significant role in the country's economy. Possessing healing properties, they have been used since ancient times. Nowadays, the number of species of these waters is more than 700, at the springs of which are based many sanatoriums. Well, the world-famous "Borjomi", whose waters have been famous for their miracles for more than 1500 years, I think all have heard.

16. Georgian fruits

georgian fruit Travelers often praise Georgian fruit for its first-class ripeness and taste because the weather in Georgia is suitable for a good harvest. In search of exotic figs, feijoa, mandarin and pomegranate fruits, you shouldn't go deep into their search; they will be in the nearest stalls of markets and supermarkets. Apples with pears and melons with watermelons can be purchased on a par with them.

17. Culture

church Local culture rarely appears at world forums and among UNESCO's world heritage values, including the "Gelatsky Monastery", "Monuments of Mtskheta" and "Upper Svanetiya" region. The history of national treasures goes deep into European, Anatolian and even Arab cultures. To date, the state has preserved such treasures as choral culture; the so-called "dance dialect" language of national dances, divided into regions (Kartali, Rachin, Kakheti, Gurian, etc.). There are more than 30 theatres and about 100 museums throughout the country.

18. Mountainous terrain

mountains Of course, the Caucasian mountains and its beauty did not pass by the area where is Georgia located. Especially in the north, which is famous for its ski resorts and will delight extreme lovers with its inaccessible routes. Mesmerizing landscapes from the Caucasian peaks, namely from the mountainous village of Ushguli, contribute to loss of voice at first sight. So if you are a lover of seclusion with nature and listen to the enticing silence, you know where to look. I am sure that after the right decision you have made, each of you, dear friends, will have many more reasons, but not to visit, and return to this beautiful country again.

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