15 reasons why you should travel to Mexico right now

15 reasons why you should travel to Mexico right now

Punhan Shukurov25 March 20211602 views8 min. read
15 reasons why you should travel to Mexico right now
How to travel to Mexico? There are dozens of international flights to Mexico from many European and Latin American airports. You can also find low-cost flights very easily. When is the best time to travel to Mexico? The dry season in Mexico is from December to April, when it never rains, and this is the best time to travel to Mexico. What is the number of Mexico population? According to the latest statistics, the current Mexico population is almost 130 million. Many foreigners who want to visit Mexico want to know the answers to the following questions: Is it safe to travel to Mexico? How can we find the safest places in Mexico? In this blog, we will list the best places to visit in Mexico and the reasons why Mexico is an excellent tourist destination and you should apply for a Mexico visa now.

1. Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

security office Before traveling to Mexico, a particular question concerns many people: Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! Famous tourist destinations in Mexico are almost totally safe from violent crimes. Police successfully ensure the safety of the tourists in the well-known tourist spots of the country. The government of Mexico considers the tourism industry as a very important source of national income. Therefore, the government is doing its best to create the best safety conditions for foreign visitors. Violent and non-violent crimes indeed occur throughout Mexico. However, tourists can easily avoid crimes by traveling with groups and sticking to famous places. It would be better to stay away from the unknown streets and towns of Mexico.

2. The land of taco

taco Worldwide famous taco is a traditional Mexican food that is super delicious. Millions of people around the world enjoy eating taco every day. If you are a taco lover, you can find the tastiest taco in Mexico. The local people make tacos by folding wheat tortillas around pork, vegetables, beef, chicken, cheese, and other kinds of fillings. Mexicans also love to garnish taco with sour cream and salsa. In general, taco is known as street food, which is very affordable. However, you can find tacos in many restaurants and cafes served in different forms at varying prices. Backpackers love eating taco as fast food when they travel on a budget and do not want to spend a lot of money on expensive meals.

3. Diving at its best

scuba diving Mexico is a tourist destination that offers one of the best diving experiences in the world. Many spots on the map of Mexico are perfect for diving. Discovery Bay, Gordo Banks, Afuera, and Manchones Reef are among the best Mexican diving sites. Especially scuba divers will adore Mexican diving sites. The water of Belize, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico is extremely pure and clean. The crystal clear water will allow you to experience diving at its best. Diving, especially scuba diving, is a must-do activity during your travel to Mexico. It is also worth noting that diving sites are among the safest places in Mexico. Local tourism agencies and hotels offer instruction courses before diving trips. You can also get diving clothes and types of equipment for very affordable prices.

4. Amazing nightlife in Guadalajara

neon light at club Guadalajara city is home to great entertainment. In Guadalajara, life never stops during the long nights. Night markets, restaurants, clubs, cafes, and shopping malls stay open until the late hours of the night. The best entertainment places are nightclubs in Guadalajara. Many nightclubs do not require entrance fees for foreigners who come with a passport. Therefore, many foreigners enjoy spending a lot of time in nightclubs. Amazing Spanish music, dance shows, extraordinary performances, and local alcoholic drinks make Mexican nightlife super fun. Guadalajara nightclubs are among the best places to visit in Mexico.

5. Practice your Spanish

spanish language The vast majority of the Mexico population speaks Spanish in their daily lives. Almost everyone knows Spanish in Mexican cities and towns. You can learn some basic words, phrases, and sentences before visiting Mexico. During your time in Mexico, you will feel an improvement in your Spanish knowledge. If you look at Mexico's map, the names of many travel spots will remind you of Spanish words and phrases. Guidances in public transportation, menus in restaurants, and the streets' directions are all written in Spanish. Therefore, good knowledge of the Spanish language will make your time much better in Mexico.

6. Excellent surfing spots

surfing The endless sandy coastlines of the Pacific Ocean offer great conditions for surfing. Mexico is a favorite surfing destination for water sports lovers. The winds will create great waves in the ocean, making your surfing experience much more exciting. Mexico tour companies and hotels organize group surfing trips where tourists can enjoy surfing together with foreigners from different countries. Pacific surfing spots are among the best places to visit in Mexico. You can also enjoy some kitesurfing depending on weather conditions and mood. It would be better to consult with the hotel management about weather conditions before going surfing.

7. Playa del Carmen

playa del carmen Playa del Carmen is a must-visit city during your travel to Mexico. Coral reefs and white sand beaches are typical of Playa del Carmen. When is the best time to travel to Mexico to enjoy the Playa del Carmen beaches? The summer can be the best time when the weather is hot, dry, and calm. Most beaches are free of charge and close to the hotels. Coconut trees, pristine white sands, and crystal clear water of the ocean will make your Mexican tropical vacation unforgettable. Moreover, Playa del Carmen is a magnificent island city home to great shopping malls and nightlife. 

8. Colorful carnivals and festivals

colorful carnival Since the end of the 19th century, Mexican people have celebrated special days with festivals and carnivals. Many towns on Mexico's map are home to seasonal carnivals, parades, and concerts organized for holidays. Traditional banda music is a very important part of Mexican carnivals. People enjoy wearing unusual clothes, dancing to dynamic music, and performing in some street theatres during festivals. Foreigners can also join festivals and national celebrations. Sometimes, carnivals may continue till the late hours of the night. Mexicans usually stay awake until sunrise. The fun, dance, and music never stop in Mexican festivals!

9. Picturesque street art

mexico city graffiti You can see the most beautiful graffiti on the Mexican street and building walls. Walking around the streets will make you feel great, thanks to the amazingly colorful street art. Mexican street painters and artists are extremely talented. Mexico's graffiti artists amaze the whole world with their talent. You can see many drawings on the walls, such as war, philosophy, science, literature, history, etc. You will have dozens of chances to capture great street art and graffiti works for social media posting.

10. Delicious street food

street food Mexican streets are famous for their food vendors offering homemade food. Local people prepare spicy fast food and sell it in the marketplaces and streets for very affordable prices. Trying various kinds of Mexican street food, such as empalmes, gorditas, nachos, chalupa, and fajita, will be an unforgettable experience for you. Mexican street food features unique spices and flavors unique to this country.

11. Canyon Train Ride

train path The copper train of Mexico is worldwide famous as its route passes through a canyon. Imagine a train ride through wild forests, hills, and steppes! In Mexico, you will have the most extraordinary train ride of your lifetime. You will be able to see amazing scenic views of Mexican nature during your train journey.

12. Try some Michelada

michelada beer Michelada is a Mexican alcoholic cocktail made by mixing beer, salt, Mexican locally made spices, and lime juice. Mexican spices add a special and unique flavor to Michelada. This cocktail is a must-try during your Mexico trip.

13. See live football match

football Mexico is a great country where you can enjoy football match excitement at its best. There are many football matches every week in many cities in Mexico. You can get tickets for very affordable prices and see a live football match. You will have great fun with local football fans while watching live games.

14. Enjoy some golf

golfing player Golf is a traditional sport for Mexicans who have played this game for decades. You can find golf in many hotels and entertainment places in Mexico. Also, you can find huge golf grounds in Mexico. Golf courses are available for those who want to learn the basics of the game.

15. Trip to Yelapa village

mountains Mountains, white sand beaches, fishing boats, and tropical trees are the valuable treasures of Yelapa village. A boat trip to Yelapa would be amazing that would make your Mexico trip more memorable. You can also enjoy fishing in the crystal clear waters around Yelapa village.

A quick recap

cancun In this blog, we have answered the following questions: How to travel to Mexico? Is it safe to travel to Mexico? Where are the safest places in Mexico? After finding out how to travel to Mexico, you can organize an amazing tropical vacation with your family and friends.

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