12 reasons why you should travel to Ukraine right now

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12 reasons why you should travel to Ukraine right now
is it safe to travel to Ukraine? Overall, Ukraine is a safe country for travellers. Popular destinations in the country like the capital Kyiv and the coastal town Odessa are calm and enjoyable. What can a curious traveller see in Ukraine? In this article, there are 12 reasons why you should get a Ukraine visa and travel to Ukraine right now.

1. The city on the Black Sea coast is Odessa

people on beach If you have planned to visit Ukraine in the warm season, you should travel to Odessa Ukraine. Even if you've never been to Ukraine, you've probably heard of Privoz and Deribasovskaya. It's a city of unique flavour and humour. When you arrive in Odessa, any resident or guest of the city will tell you how to find Deribasovskaya. It's a tourist alley full of different shops and cafes. If you need to buy souvenirs, then a shop called "Passage", which was built back in 1899 will be an excellent place for shopping and excursions at the same time. Do you want to feel the real taste of Odessa? Then go to the market Privoz. The location of the market is just near the central station, so finding it will not be difficult for any tourist. At this market, you will be able to communicate with the citizens of the city, buy fish delicacies, homemade wine. And a must - do not forget to bargain with the sellers to get a discount. It's a tradition of the market that you will surely enjoy. And after shopping, you can take a unique photo near Auntie Sonya's monument at the market. This, of course, is not all the sights of Odessa. Particular attention should be paid to the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater, Primorsky Boulevard and the famous Potemkin Stairs on the Black Sea coast. To visit all these places, one day will not be enough, so it is better to travel to Odessa Ukraine, for a few days at a time to have time to look at everything and relax on the beach. For this purpose, choose the best city beaches - Arcadia, Otrada, Dolphin and Langeron. In summer, the water is warm with small waves, and sunny weather will allow you to have an unforgettable seaside holiday.

2. Ukrainian Carpathians

synevyr mountain The Carpathian Mountains in the west of the country should be included in the list of best places in Ukraine. There are so many interesting and exciting touristic places that it is worth having at least a week to go to the Carpathians. However, even this period would not be enough to get acquainted with the best sights. If you are travelling in the Transcarpathian region, be sure to visit the city of Mukachevo, which is home to two famous castles with a rich history - Palanok Castle and Sherborne Castle. We guarantee that you will get a lot of emotions and instagrammable photos. Palanok Castle, with an area of 14 thousand square meters, is located on the river bank. The three-level castle admires its majesty and beautiful landscapes.

3. Sofiyivka Park

sofiyivka park Sofiyivka Park is a fantastic place located in the central part of Ukraine in the small town of Uman. It is not only a unique architectural monument but also a symbol of eternal love. That is why this is a must-see place for couples. It is best to go to Sofiyivka Park in late spring, summer, or early autumn; at this time, you can see the park in its most beautiful state. Blooming plants, fresh warm air, and a unique romantic atmosphere will make you come back to this park again and again. Just imagine that the park covers 180 hectares. In a very distant 1796, Count Stanislaw Szczesny Potocki built this park in honour of his beloved wife. More than 2000 bushes and trees grow on the territory, and there are artificial lakes and waterfalls, caves, and statues. Nature and the hand of man are united here. In Sofiyivka, you will want to make just an incredible amount of photos and videos. It is simply impossible not to fall in love with this one of the greatest places in Ukraine.

4. City of Lviv

lions Lviv is a historic city in western Ukraine. If you find yourself in Lviv, you will find something to see there. Excursion to Lviv is relevant at any time of year, so if you are now planning your travel to Ukraine, be sure to include this city in the list of attractions. The visiting card of Lviv is Market Square. Above all, it is beautiful architecture and buildings of historical importance. You have to take a photo here and drink a cup of real Lviv coffee in one of the cafes. If you like palaces, then visit the famous Korniakt Palace and Potocki Palace, as well as the Lviv Opera House in the city centre. Lviv is a mix of cultures and religions, which is why there are so many different churches and cathedrals in the city. Every tourist should note the Church of St. John the Baptist, Jesuit Church, Dominican Church, St. George's Cathedral, Church of St. Olha and Elizabeth, and many others are not included in this list.

5. Khotyn Fortress

khotyn fortress This place in Ukraine is worth visiting for every traveller who wants to touch the history and take a break from the city bustle. The fortress is located in Khotyn, on the bank of the Dniester River. The area of the majestic fort is about 17 hectares, and it's not just a historical building. It's a natural reserve, where you will discover a lot of new things. Inside the fortress, there are always held different thematic exhibitions and unique rooms of instruments of torture and executions from the Middle Ages, military equipment of those times are presented. Any tourist will not be bored here, because in addition to historical exhibitions with the tower of the fortress there is spectacular scenery on the Dniester River. Positive emotions and fresh photos are guaranteed for everyone. After visiting Khotyn, you can go to Kamianets-Podilskyi, which is only 30 km from the fortress. Do not be surprised, but in this city, there is another exciting sight - Kamianets-Podilskyi Castle.

6. Askania Nova Reserve

zebras and blue wildebeest The Askania Nova Reserve consists of three main parts: the territory of steppes, the dendrological garden, and the zoological park. This reserve should be included in the list of the best places in Ukraine. It is in Askania Nova that you can visit the protected steppe and see wild animals in their natural habitat. This excursion is especially exciting in the summer period when the hot weather and the unique atmosphere of the wild steppe are fascinating.  Children will also like this trip very much, as animals can be seen close by. In Askania Nova, you can see flamingos, black swans, antelopes, Przewalski's horses, and many others listed in the Red Book of Ukraine. This is the place that will give you a great mood and amazing instagrammable pictures to remember.

7. Dniester Canyon

dniester canyon It is a natural complex, one of the largest canyons in Europe - its length is 250 km. If you are looking for "things to do in Ukraine" and want to relax from the city bustle, admire the scenery and swim in the crystal water of the Dniester, you should visit this place in Ukraine. Fans of active rest can take part in rafting on the river, make a stop with tents, fish, swim under small waterfalls in the rocks on the river bank. It is better to visit the Dniester Canyon in summer when the water in the river warms up to a comfortable temperature. This is one of the best places in Ukraine, where you can have a great rest and gain strength.

8. Tunnel of Love

tunnel of love Tunnel of Love is an extraordinarily romantic and beautiful place that will please all the subtle people. The Tunnel of Love is located in the Rivne Oblast in western Ukraine. It is a unique railway track in the form of an arch, which is tightened by plants. The length of the tunnel is 4 km, all this way, stretched with bushes and trees. The view is awe-inspiring, so people often come here to make a marriage offer to their soulmates. Do you want to make a wish? Visit the Tunnel of Love, and it will come true. The place is so amazing and unique that it is impossible to believe that a real train passes here three times a day.

9. Pochayiv Lavra

pochayevskaya lavra Pochayiv Lavra is an Orthodox monastery located in the Ternopil region in western Ukraine. The monastery was approximately founded in the XIII century. Today the Lavra includes the Assumption and Trinity Cathedrals, and there are cells, a bell tower, Bishop of Volhynia. Theotokos of Pochayiv, which is known throughout the world, is located in the Dormition Cathedral. It is a shrine to which pilgrims from all over the world go, so Pochayiv Lavra in Ukraine is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. The vast flow of tourists is justified by the fact that after visiting the Lavra, human vitality is renewed, and complex problems are solved. Whether it is true or not, you can check it yourself. The Lavra is open to tourists from all over the world all year round. Come, and you will feel the energy and power of the Orthodox world.

10. Kinburn Spit

kinbur spit beach If you can't imagine your life without a sea vacation, then you will enjoy visiting the Kinburn Spit in Ukraine. This place will suit those tourists who are looking for privacy, tranquillity and the beauty of wildlife. There are no crowds of tourists; there are only clean water, a pleasant breeze and wild nature, which you can enjoy in silence. The Kinburn Spit is also unique in that it is washed with fresh and saltwater. It is located in the Mykolaiv Oblast in the south of Ukraine and is considered a natural monument. Besides the purest water and sand, you can get acquainted with the world of fauna. Pink pelicans live on the spit, real vines grow, and there are different kinds of snakes and spiders. This is truly a tropical paradise in Ukraine, which is open to every traveller. 

11. Lake Lemuria

lemurian pink lake Lemurian pink lake is a very unusual place in the south of Ukraine, in the Kherson region. This lake is one of the bays of Syvash Bay which is rightly included in the list of the best places that everyone should visit. It is a pink lake with healing waters and mud baths of natural origin. Luckily, this natural spring is still poorly advertised, so there are really few people in the area. Tourists visit this lake for beautiful photos and recovery of the organism in general. I recommend visiting this lake when the bathing season is open, and it is no worse than the world-famous Dead Sea. After all, you can lay down and read a book right in the water on Lake Lemuria. It is very salty and therapeutic with an unobtrusive pleasant smell.

12. Oleshky Sands

oleshkovskie sands Kherson region of Ukraine is rich in natural reserves, and another of them is the Oleshky Sands. The place is rightfully one of the best, and if you have not been there yet, there are a lot of exciting things waiting for you. The sand massif of over 8 thousand hectares is a unique desert in the south of Ukraine.  The boundless sands received the status of a natural national park not so long ago, in 2010. Now the park is popular among visitors because you can find there a lot of entertainment and enjoy the sandy landscapes as in African deserts. Visiting the Oleshky Sands, you can also take a ride on quad bikes, make a unique photoshoot and have a picnic. Also, tours of Oleshkovskiye Sands are always meeting with unusual residents, such as snakes, lizards, and spiders. Be sure to come because an excursion to the Ukrainian dessert will be much cheaper than visiting the desert in far Africa or Asia. As you have already understood, there is a lot of things to see and a lot of things to do in Ukraine. This article does not describe all the best places for excursions, but only some of them, which are popular with tourists. Whether you like city scenery, sea relaxation or hiking in the mountains, in Ukraine you will find everything you want. After learning ten reasons why you should travel to Ukraine right now, you are well prepared for your trip to this beautiful country.

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