Rwanda visa conditions

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Rwanda visa conditions
visa for Rwanda to see these for real. Some of the other reasons people visit or want to visit Rwanda apart from tourism or enjoy the citizens' unique experiences include business purposes, study purposes, and visiting friends and family. Depending on the reasons you want to come, you need to know how to get Rwanda visa or the cost of Rwanda visa, and all information about a Rwanda visa application.  You need to be aware that the cost of Rwanda visa, Rwanda tourist visa, Rwanda business visa, or Rwanda work visa differs among countries and currencies. To get more details about Rwanda visa policy, how much is Rwanda visa or Rwanda visa free countries, visit 

Conditions for getting a Rwandan visa

passports on map The two major conditions you must meet for obtaining a Rwanda visa are a passport and proof of funds. Others are photos, medical certificates, etc.  • Passport: The first condition or document to have a visa for Rwanda is an international passport. Just like every country, you need to have your valid international passport ready. It doesn't matter if you are coming from a neighboring country or not to see the beautiful gorillas in the country or for a business meeting; you need an international passport. Every tourist or visitor must present an international passport once they arrive in the country. Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months after your duration in the country, and it should have a full blank page for exit and entry stamps. rwanda passport The holder must duly sign the passport. Also, it should not be older than 10 years. Passport to get either a Rwanda business visa, Rwanda work visa, or Rwanda tourist visa must be issued to you in the last 10 years. It should have an undamaged picture that is affixed to the passport securely. The passport should also have one or two free visa pages.  • Fund: Apart from knowing the cost of Rwanda visa or having your international traveling passport ready, all visitors are meant to show they have the fund or access to funds that will be enough for their upkeep throughout their stay in the country. However, this condition is seldom enforced.  • Photo: Photo is needed for obtaining a Rwanda visa only when you are applying for a conference visa or East Africa visa. The photo should be new – not more than 6 months old. The photo or picture must be in a white background displaying your face frontal view (32-26mm) of the picture. It should be of 3x4 size. While posing for the picture, your eyes and facial features should be clear enough and must not be covered by glasses frames or hair.  medical certification • Medical certification: The increase in infectious ailments has made it mandatory for every traveler to provide their health certificate. It will show they are healthy to travel to Rwanda. Apart from the COVID-19 health concern, you should have a yellow fever certificate ready before getting the Rwanda visa application. It will make the visa application easier for you.  • Flight reservations: You must present not only a travel itinerary or printed Rwanda e-visa, but a valid and existing accommodation or hotel reservation or booking with the full address. It should contain the name of the hotel or accommodation, street, booking reference, contact information, city of the hotel, and contact information. It will help the government authorities in Rwanda to know about your whereabouts in the country. 

Types of Rwanda visa types and how to get Rwanda visa

visa application There are different types of Rwanda visa you can apply for. You can apply for a business visa, tourist visa, family or friends visa. These visa types have different requirements, which may affect the general cost of a Rwanda visa. You can visit to read about Rwanda's visa policy to learn about the visa types.  You can make your planning dream of visiting the eye-catching places in Rwanda or big business opportunities by obtaining a Rwanda visa. If you want to come to Rwanda for temporary reasons, apply for Rwanda's short-term visas. The temporal reasons include cultural, business, tourism, visitation, etc. Since 2018, visitors from every country are qualified for Rwanda e-visa and Rwanda visa on arrival. You can get both the e-visa and Rwanda visa on arrival before you arrive in the country if your country is not among the visa-exempted countries.

Rwanda E-visa

single entry visa Another way on how to get Rwanda visa is through Rwanda e-Visa. It is made eligible and available to all citizens and countries.  There are four types of Rwanda electronic or online visas. They include: • Single entry visa: You can make use of the e-visa to enter Rwanda. The maximum number of days you can stay in Rwanda with this single entry visa is 30 days.  • Conference visa: This type or e-visa can be used for a single entry into Rwanda. Like the single entry visa, the maximum number of days you can stay in the country is 30 days. This visa can be the right one for you to go to Rwanda for a business conference or meeting and won't stay more than a month. • East Africa visa: This type of electronic visa is set aside for traveling to Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya with one visa. This particular visa can be used to travel to these countries. You can stay in any of the countries with this visa for up to 2 months – 90 days.  • Multiple entry visa: Just from the name, a multiple entry visa supports visit to Rwanda for more than one time. You can stay up to 90 days in Rwanda with it. 

Rwanda E-visa processing time

rwanda visa The processing time for a paper visa differs among countries. When it comes to an online or electronic visa to Rwanda, the average processing time is 1 – 3 working days. It will take an average processing time of 3 – 25 working days for a paper visa

How much is Rwanda visa?

dollars Many factors can affect the price of a Rwanda visa. The price for a Rwanda paper visa is not the same for a Rwanda e-visa. While it will cost you around 50 USD to process a single entry visa for 30 days, you will spend around 100 USD for a multiple entry visa for 90 days. You will need about 100 – 315 USD for a paper visa. These price estimation has answered the question of how much is Rwanda visa. 

Where can I apply for a Rwanda visa?

documents If you are going after an electron visa, you can easily apply for it online at It is fast and stress-free. The website is user-friendly and written in simple English text for easy understanding. All you need to do is to select your citizenship and apply. On this website, you will see information about Rwanda visa free countries. You can also contact for extra information. For a Rwanda paper visa, visit a Rwanda embassy, visa application centers, or consulates close to you. If there is none in your country, apply for it at a closed Rwanda visa application center.

Rwanda long-term visa

visa application Rwanda does not have any long-term visa. If you intend to long stay in Rwanda, apply for a residence permit after you arrive in Rwanda with your e-Visa or paper visa. You will be given a residence permit in Rwanda by the migration department if you have a reason for staying longer in the country. The reasons for staying longer can be to study, employment (gainfully employed), family reunion, and the rest.  After obtaining your Rwanda visa, be it a business visa, Rwanda study visa, or any other type of visa, you must be ready to keep the rules and regulations of the country to avoid being deported or punished by the Rwanda security department. Always avoid bad roads and night traveling within the country because of security issues. 

Quick recap

girl holding passports There are many reasons for choosing to leave your home and comfort to travel to another country. People travel for fun, tourist, business, student, or visitation. Before traveling, you are meant to have different traveling documents ready, and one of the most important is your visa. So, you need a Rwanda visa to be able to come to the country for any purpose. The article you just read has made it easier for you to know the conditions of a Rwanda visa. If at any moment you need extra help or a guide, always visit to get the right information. 

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