Serbia study visa types

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Serbia study visa types
Visiting Europe has always been a dream of many travellers if not a wish of all of them, however, getting a visa to enter this beautiful continent might be a bit of a struggle which we know as “Schengen”. The Schengen Region is a set of 26 European countries that have agreed to remove all passport and other forms of border protection at their shared borders. In short, getting a Schengen will give you access to travel to all of the member countries, but what to do if your visa submission was not successful, yet you still want to feel the European spirit during your trip? Well, I have got you completely covered as today we are travelling to one of the hidden gems of Europe, which you can visit under a far lighter visa regulation. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Serbia!

Great Serbian culture

serbian night Even though, as you can tell from the title of this blog, our main topic is student visa in Serbia, I think it would be perfect to have some basic knowledge about the country before we go any further. And let us start with the fact that Serbia is a country in southeastern Europe, situated right in the Balkan Peninsula's centre. Serbian capital and largest city is globally known Belgrade, which has about 7 million people. Interestingly enough, Serbs and the majority of Southeast Europe's inhabitants share certain cultural characteristics. And also, by faith, they are mostly Eastern Orthodox Christians. Serbian is the official language in Serbia. Meanwhile, it is co-official in Kosovo and Bosnia and Herzegovina also widely spoken in Montenegro. As a nation with a vast cultural heritage that enriches the whole European culture, Serbia is one of those places on the world map that you must explore and encounter. In short, Serbia is vibrant and grey, calm, and loud, very European and also with an eastern charm.

Visa to Serbia

visa stamps Now that we have talked about the country's main characteristics, let us see what we even need to get a visa to Serbia and have a life-changing experience! First of all, let us try to answer the question of “Do I need a visa to visit Serbia?”. Unless visitors are holding a passport of one of the visa-exempt countries where citizens of those countries and territories are permitted to enter Serbia for tourist or business purposes without obtaining a visa, all other travellers are highly encouraged to apply and then, of course, obtain a visa. But do I need a visa to visit Serbia if I hold a passport from an EU member country? Well, the answer is no! Serbia is completely visa-free for citizens and holders of ordinary passports from the 96 countries and territories, and I highly encourage you to visit the link to get to know if your homeland is in the list of visa-free states.

Serbia visa fee

euro One of the most common questions asked before applying for any visa is its cost. So, indeed how much is Serbia visa fee? The cost of a Serbia visa fee for tourists is 80 EUR. However, depending on the country and place of the documents' request, you will also be required to pay other administrative costs such as the Visa Application Centre fee, postal service fee, and so on. So, if you ask me “How much is Serbia visa fee?”, the closest to the exact answer would be “starting from 80 euros”. However, it is better to remind you the fact that not all Serbian visa fees cost the same price, the price and also requirements depend on the type of visa, which will be discussing right now. There are only 3 Serbia visa types: A short stay visa, Long stay visa and a transit visa. Let us now look at the few differences between these types. Transit visa is pretty self-explanatory. However, when it comes to the other two some explanation is needed. By getting a Serbia short-term visa, you will get an opportunity to make your long-lasting dream of visiting Serbia finally a reality. Except for travel purposes, visiting families or relatives, and business trips are also possible reasons to apply for this kind of visa. If you have letters of admission and wish to study in Serbia for more than 90 days or work permanently in a Serbian institution, that is a perfect chance for you to apply for a Serbia long-term visa.

Serbia Tourist Visa

visa application So how to get a Serbia visa when you want to visit the country for a short time and, most importantly, what are the Serbia visa requirements you should never forget? Depending on your nationality, you will be allowed to receive a Serbia Tourist visa before visiting Serbia for less than 90 days for tourism purposes. Application document, passport, two photos, copy of ID card, travel itinerary, the roof of both occupation and financial means are just some of the most important documents you need to have in hand while applying for a Serbian visa short-term visits as a tourist. You will get your Serbia tourist visa usually between 3-10 calendar days. However, in any case, let us just remember that it is mostly dependent on the country from which you are applying for a visa so, some minor time differences might happen. By having complete knowledge of how the visa system works in Serbia, we can now come back to our main focus: getting a Serbia student visa and studying in this beautiful Balkan country! I mean but why to study in Serbia though? By studying in Serbia, students earn a widely regarded diploma that is recognised worldwide and could benefit their future grandiosely. Also, students in Serbia have a wide range of university options and the tuition costs are extremely low and the student life is ranked highly compared to other countries worldwide. But of course, before packing your luggage and books to head to Serbia, let us look at Serbia study visa requirements. This visa designed to enable foreign nationals to receive a long-term visa that will allow them to stay in Serbia for an extended period of time. This visa is for those who have been accepted to a Serbian state college or university. open passport You will be required to pay a fee when you apply your application for a Serbia Study Visa. For foreign upcoming students, the long-term Serbian visa fee which is the best Serbia visa type to apply to when you want to get a full degree study costs 80 EUR. But naturally, the fee can differ depending on your nationality or the country where you submit your application from. And when it comes to the total time it needs to wait for the visa process a Serbia Study (Long-term) visa on a usual basis takes 10-60 calendar days to process. There are some specific documents are needed to qualify to be considered for this long-term visa:  Firstly, the visa application form is required to be filled by the applicants themselves: a passport that is valid for at least 1 year beyond the arrival date to Serbia, two new photos that are in 3.5x4.5 size format. Copies of ID Card, of the main page of your passport and copies of previous visas. Document confirming the availability in Serbia of appropriate accommodation for the intended period of stay. Most importantly, documents considering your education in Serbia, starting with proficiency in English if you plan to take English-taught classes and Confirmed University Admission. Also, students enrolled in full-time college should send a letter from their educational institution stating the course of study. Documents Attesting Previous Education are also a requirement to successfully obtain a Serbia study visa and obtain one-year health insurance from a firm licensed in Serbia. But bear that in mind that there is no allowance for travel insurance as a substitution for health insurance.

Serbia visa requirements for exchange students

approved stamp What are the Serbia visa requirements for exchange students? In that case, the original certificate from the university confirming that the applicant is a student. Secondly is a copy of the official information from the universities regarding the student exchange and last but not least, an invitation from the Serbian university. The third type of visa covers educational purposes, which is named “Serbia Short-Term Education or Internship Visa”. It is provided to students who plan to travel to Serbia for academic reasons. The applicant must submit documentation such as evidence of suitable housing, an acceptance letter from the receiving school, and sufficient financial resources. Now that we are coming close to the end of our blog post, I would love to kindly remind you that all of the documents need to be submitted in person. An e-visa system in Serbia is not acceptable and obtaining a visa by e-mail is neither available.  Nevertheless, Serbia is a magical country that not all travellers have experienced yet, and if you are one of the wonderers that are constantly seeking uniqueness, Serbia is waiting for you and getting a visa has never been as easy as it is today with so, if after reading this blog you have any questions you know whom to contact!

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