South America: danger or beauty?

Baba Aghayev01 July 20192044 views3 min. read
South America: danger or beauty?

How many countries are in South America? South America is located in the Western Hemisphere and mostly the Southern Hemisphere. There are a total of 12 countries in South America.

Travel to South America

This time I had the most exciting, although unplanned journey of my life. After 6 years, I returned to colourful South America and visited 5 magnificent points on the continent. The 35-day crazy journey started and ended in Buenos Aires. In Buenos Aires, we visited the La Recoleta Cemetery, the La Boca area and Palermo with its sleepless nightlife. Then we set off for the city of Mendoza and the mountains. Our main goal in coming to Argentina was to stand at the summit of Aconcagua (6961m), the highest point of the continent. We completed the program in 9 days (which normally takes 12-14 days to finish) and stood at the summit of Aconcagua with my brother in the Azerbaijan National Clothing. As a bonus, we even met the Russian legendary mountaineer Victor Bobok on our way back.


Back to civilization. We tasted the famous wine of Mendoza Merlot, and local brand steak and the grilled meat. We had the Aconcagua stamp on our passports.

Then I went to Chile. We travelled to cities such as Santiago, Vina del Mar, Valparaiso and visited 3 cafes/restaurants recommended by Lonely Planet. I tasted local Ceviche and Michelada, the taste which I continued to feel since Mexico.   

azerbaijani tourists

The next stop was Peru. First walked in the port and then headed to Cusco, the historic centre of the Incas. It seems to me that I could stay in this city easily for about 2 weeks without getting bored. It is a quiet, historic, colourful and vital city. We stayed here for 3 days. The first day we did sightseeing in the city, the next day was the shopping day and the visit to the interesting monuments and the last day we went to one of the 7 Wonders of the World - Machu Picchu. It is impossible not to be astonished by the settlement constructed at this height with the handmade technique by the people of that era. Machu Picchu is a picture in the mountains, all you need is just to sit and watch all day long.

In our travel to South America, the next stop was the Puno, located on the shore of Lake Titicaca, Peru, the highest lake in the world at 3810 m above sea level. We took a boat and headed for the shores of Uros Islands, in the middle of the lake. These people have lived in these islands for centuries and still live there today. It requires serious hardship to preserve these islands. In order to keep the foundation of these floating islands, residents renew the cane layers every 15 days (by diving in the water). Just imagine, these people repeat every 15 days for centuries. However, talking with the locals, we concluded that young people do not want to live here anymore and heading up to the shores and land. So, in 15-20 years, these islands can be just history. Hurry up if you plan on travelling around there! One of the things I liked in Peru was their tropical fruits. What can be more fantastic than eating the Passion fruit every day?!

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