Tajikistan Student Visa process

Tamerlan Mehdiyev 29 November 2022 658 views 5 min. read
tajikistan on the world map
tajikistan on the world map

Located high up in central Asia, Tajikistan is desperate to impress its visitors. This majestic place has a fame for being so high in the world as most of the area is mountainous. That is why it is also called the roof of the world. This landlocked country is also known as the smallest country with the smallest population in central Asia. It has a total area of 143100 square kilometers with a population reaching about 10 million. The majority of the population has Tajik ethnicity, a Persian-speaking Iranian ethnic group. It is remote, and not many people travel to the country. But that does not necessarily mean a bad thing as Tajikistan can offer some of the best natural sights. Impressing Pamir range allure daredevil travelers who seek opportunities to push their limits further. These lands have seen great turnovers of historical events. Great Alexander fought against Scythians here. Some of the most powerful empires had come to life here, such as Samanids, etc. Soviets have kept these lands for many years until 1991, when it gained independence. Nowadays, it’s the land of nomads who mostly carry herds of animals from mountain to mountain year-round. It is a modern republic now, and the country's capital is Dushanbe, the biggest city in the country. Khujand, on the other hand, is one of the biggest cities in Tajikistan, but it has a historical significance for the country. Its foundation dates back to VII-VI centuries BC. Khujand fortress is among the favorite tourist destinations. Although it is reconstructed, it still carries so much information on the pre-historic era. To see all these beauties, one may need to apply for Tajikistan visa unless he or she is not from a visa-exempt country. One can get a visa in various ways. All of them will require your time and attention. You may feel overwhelmed and therefore made mistakes which can be an obstacle for your travel. There is one way to avoid all unwanted situations. It is contacting Pickvisa and benefiting our visa services. Leave all the visa workflow to Pickvisa’s professional team and enjoy planning your trip. Applying Pickvisa’s services is easy as it only takes a few clicks to complete the application. Go ahead and check our services section to further learn about our services.

This article will share valuable information on how to get study visa. We will discuss the procedures of student visa application. But before jumping onto that we need to have a look at Tajikistan’s visa policy.

Tajikistan visa policy

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According to the Tajikistan visa policy people are either from visa-exempt countries or visa required. There are a few visa-exempt countries to Tajikistan, and you will find them in the list below:

Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

Yet again, according to the country's visa policy, there are several visa types that one can apply. To apply for Tajikistan visa you have to gather the required documents and start your application. What are these visa types, you may ask? Namely, they are tourism, business, student, investor, private, free economic zone, transport, labour, foreign media representative, missionary, humanitarian, and permanent resident visas.

What is a student visa?

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There are more than 10 higher educational institutes in Tajikistan that foreigners also study at. To do that, foreigners will need to acquire a student visa. A student visa is a type of visa that can be granted to those who are enrolled in an educational course, a study in Tajikistan. The validity of this visa type depends on the length of your study. It can be granted for various periods extending from 3 months to a year and renewed if your study exceeds a year. To understand better what is a student visa we should check out its types which you will find in the list below:
Academic Student (O1), Postgraduate and Doctoral (O1), Exchange Visitor (O1), Family Member of O1 (O1-AO), Intern/Trainee/Extension Courses (O2), Scientific Research (O2), Language Student (O2), Family Member of O2 (O2-AO)

Student visa requirements

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Just like others, a student visa has its own set of requirements. You will find the student visa requirements in the list given below:

  • You should fill out the visa application forum.
  • You should present your passport, which will be valid for 6 months after you depart from Tajikistan. This passport should contain two blank pages, and it should also have your signature. Your passport should be issued in the last ten years. If you apply online, you should send your passport in PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG format. The digital size of the document should not exceed 1 MB.
  • You should present a photo for the application. If it is online, then the format for the photo should be PDF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, or PNG, and the size should not exceed 1 MB. The photo should be taken against a white-colored or light-colored background. It should demonstrate clear facial features, and its width and height should be equal.
  • You should present photocopies of your passport’s main page along with copies of previously granted Tajikistani visas.
  • You should present the order of enrollment in an educational institute.
  • You should present a letter provided to you by a particular educational institute.
  • You may be asked to present Student’s ID card if you got any.
  • You should provide a certificate of test on antibodies to HIV if you are going to stay in Tajikistan for more than 3 months.

These were the main required documents for student visa application. Having said that, there might be additional documents may be required.

How to get study visa?

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If you want to apply for a student visa, there will be some procedures that you will need to complete. The first step will be to contact the embassy, consulate, or foreign representative of Tajikistan in your country. It is possible that none of the foreign representatives of Tajikistan exist in your country. If it is the case for you too, then you can apply for the nearest embassy, consulate, or foreign representatives of Tajikistan. By contacting us, you will make an appointment. Once it is your time, you apply for a student visa by attending the embassy/consulate of Tajikistan and presenting your documents. There you might be asked to pay for the visa fee. The next step will be to wait for the visa processing time to be over. You may wonder about visa processing time. Although it is not precise and purely dependent on the particular consulate and embassy, it is processed within 5 and 10 working days in most cases. When you apply for student visa, do not be surprised if you are not asked to pay a fee as in most cases, embassies and consulates of Tajikistan do not charge the applicants. But we must note that it can go the other way as it changes based on the applicant's nationality.

There is another way to get a study visa to Tajikistan. Since 2017 electronic visa has been used to acquire a visa. However, you can not fully complete the application using an electronic visa, what you can do to upload your documents on a government platform to get a study visa upon your arrival. It is faster but it has its own sets of disadvantages. When you present your documents upon your arrival, forgetting a document will result in the refusal of your visa. Furthermore, when you use the electronic platform, you will be charged a small fee of around 5 us dollars.

To conclude today’s article, we can note that Tajikistan is a bit unusual to study as it is remote, landlocked, and post-soviet. Having said that, we can not underestimate its education. Furthermore, the country can be exciting for tourists as well. Adrenaline lovers will find this country ideal in terms of its adventures. More than 90 percent of the country is mountainous. It has some of the most breathtaking scenery. This country will be a great place to visit if you are into hiking. It has a unique culture and rich cuisine that demonstrate delicious foods. Get ready to embrace all the delicious meals that are rich in ingredients. Whatever entices you to visit Tajikistan, you will need a visa to enter the country unless you are from one of the visa-exempt countries. This is where Pickvisa can be most helpful. Pickvisa offers the best visa services to ensure you get your visa without any problem. It is convenient to use our platform too as it takes only a few clicks to complete your procedure.

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