The best bars in Los Angeles

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Los Angeles is one of the brightest cities in the United States. It is a land of desires. As you walk through the city, you will experience the full range of Los Angeles. The day will end when you wander around the city, filled with magnificence. But what to do in Los Angeles after getting a US visa? Especially for entertainment. What can you do to rest? Of course, enjoy a relaxing cocktail. Los Angeles can be called the capital of cocktails. In bars in Los Angeles, you can find everything from classic drinks to pearls created by bartenders. What are some of the best places in Los Angeles to have a cocktail? If you want to taste your favourite beverage and have an entertaining night, our best bars in Los Angeles list will help you.

The Virgil

Knowing as one of the great cocktail bars in LA, this cocktail bar proudly offers you creative and refreshing drinks, along with live music and exciting events for special occasions. The Virgil becomes a place for tourists and city residents to spend the weekend. DJs revitalize the dance floor by adding music from Electro - retro - funk to Electro - rock. The bar adds special notes to the design using retro shades. If you are tired of people and dancing, you may want to go to a quiet place and talk to your new acquaintance. Different people, different costumes, music and unusual design will stay in your memory for a long time, of course, if you do not drink too much alcohol.

Black Market Liquor Bar

pendat lamp and some bottles

Those who sit in front of a candle-lit table under a brick ceiling come here to taste the delicious meals of Chef Antonia Lofaso. And to complement these dishes, the bar's menu includes authentic drinks - Autumn Apple, Red Hot and Bothered East India Cocktail. Bartender Pablo Moix and consultant Steve Livigni will show you their skills and make your day memorable. Black Market Liquor Bar is a must-go in this list of great bars in Los Angeles.

Wood & Vine

Wood & Wine, established in 2011, is known for hosting significant parties for Dreamworks, Disney, Netflix, CSI Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil, Reveille Productions, Magnolia Pictures, and The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Here you can have fun both alone and with your friends. After a tiring day, you can relax with a refreshing drink. The staff is also known for its sincerity and kindness and offers you delicious food and beverages. This restaurant is definitely one of the most popular bars in Los Angeles.

Library Bar

Book and cocktail in your hands, a soft, velvety cloth chair, dismal music. Don't you think it's ideal? If you are tired of noisy places and music venues, one of the best bars in Los Angeles - Library Bar is just for you. In a space filled with books stretched across brick walls, there are drinks known for their unusual names. You can see cocktails with "First work," "Loot of robbers," and other titles on the menu. 

Seven Grand

wine and grapes on the table

Whiskey lovers should visit Seven Grand, where they can taste perhaps the most perfect cocktail in Los Angeles. Giving drinks in modern techniques, billiard tables, and music, briefly, everything completes each other. There are over 300 different types of whiskey imported from Ireland, Scotland, Japan, and India. After tasting the Old Fashioned cocktail, you can understand why it sells for more than 75,000 servings a year. This bar is on top of the list of great cocktail bars in LA.

Dirty Laundry

You will not get bored in an American-style space. DJs fondle the guests both with retro and modern electro music. The bartenders offer a wide range of alcoholic cocktails. You can also leave music and dances by going to a particular Valentino's room and enjoy the silence. 

Harvard & Stone

The Harvard & Stone bar, opened by the Houston Brothers, touches on the World War II theme with its details, interior, and staff clothing. Here you can order new tasty cocktails from innovator bartenders. But do not forget the dress code of the venue; coloured, bright clothes are strictly prohibited. This bar is the best bar in Los Angeles for history lovers.

High Rooftop Lounge

sunset and drink

What could be more impressive than watching a sunset and drinking a cocktail? You can do this in one of the popular bars in Los Angeles - High Rooftop Lounge. From the bar on the roof of the Erwin Hotel, you can see the Pacific Ocean and the brightness of Santa Monica. It would be best if you watch the marvellous sunset while drinking a mojito. You can order hot cocoa if you feel cold; according to people, it tastes completely different in this bar.


bartender making a show

The name of the bar is justified; its interior is very rough and dark. Live music and alcohol in the youth-friendly space of Black make the night more colourful.

The Bungalow

white bar word written on the wal

The last one in our best bars in Los Angeles list is The Bungalow. This unusual space attracted many couples with its romantic aura. If you are travelling with your loved one, don't forget to have a fresh cocktail at the ocean coast at The Bungalow. In the evenings there are much entertainment. Some play table tennis, some sing around the bonfire and dream. 

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