The best hiking trails in China

The best hiking trails in China

Tamerlan Mehdiyev29 November 20211085 views7 min. read
The best hiking trails in China
travel to China. Whether it is beautiful places you want to see, or rich culture you want to experience, to go to China, there are certain things you should be aware of. First of all, you should ask yourself, do I need a China visa? You can find an answer to this question right here, right now. Just go to our "Services" section and choose China as a destination country. You can, of course, start the procedure of a China visa on your own. However, there will be some bureaucratic problems that will confuse you. Thankfully, Pickvisa offers a service to get a visa to China without tiring you out with such things. You can easily get your visa with a few clicks and travel to China using our services. China adorns many travellers' dreams. It has one of the world's oldest cultures, which influenced almost everything in the world. Chinese goods that have been transported for centuries bear components of its culture, such as ceramics. Chinese philosophers have played a great role in shaping religions, cults, and other countries' cultures. Confucius and Laozi are the creators of the two main religions in the country. These are Confucianism and Taoism. You can find temples of these two religions in almost every part of China. Art, martial arts, philosophy, cuisine, medicine have developed greatly under these two religions. If we look at the geography of China, we can see how important are the two main rivers, the Yellow River in the north and the Yangtze in the south. The area between these two rivers are fertile lands and have seen births of great personalities and empires. They both are originated in the Tibet mountains and poured down to the pacific ocean. The north part of the country is mainly alluvial plains. Southern China is highly hilly and mountainous. Most of the cities in East and South China have access to the Pacific ocean, and these areas are densely populated. West, on the other hand, is less populated and has different characteristics from the East. The west is a landscape of deserts and mountains. Tarim Basin and Taklamakan desert characterize the west. Southwestern China is defined with the Tibetian plateau, which houses the highest peaks of the world. With all these elevation changes, hiking in China is a great activity to explore the country. With that kept in mind, we will talk about the best hiking trails in China in this article. Without further ado, let's have a look at these hiking trails in China.

Best hiking in China

great wall china Starting with our lists, we have the Great Wall of China, which is one of the country's most well-known landmarks. It is also one of the longest hiking trails in China. This architectural wonder is an excellent sample of the might of ancient China. Using these walls, you can hike and enjoy the views of peaks and ancient Chinese ruins. You may not know some of the lesser-known parts of the great wall, such as Huangyagang and Jinshanling walls. It will take 5-7 days to complete the full trail. Each of these days you will see and enjoy different things. You will have plenty of time and opportunities to get great photos. If you are looking for the scariest hiking trail in China, Hua Shan might interest you. We are specifically talking about trails on Mount Hua. It has the steepest slopes, and it takes a lot of courage to just attempt to hike there. The mountain had great importance once for rulers of dynasties. Emperors had to climb up to the mountain, and if they failed, that would mean that the emperor's rule would be unsuccessful, and if the emperor managed to climb up and vice versa. Now that emperors are gone, it is more of a place to enjoy the view. It has breathtaking scenes from the top, but it is recommended only for advanced travellers. Another scariest hiking trail in China is in Tibet. Tibet is one of the spiritually important places in China. Almost everyone has heard about Dalai Lama and stuff related to Tibet's monks. Tibet is highly mountainous and offers some unique experiences for best hiking in China. The hiking route of Ganden to Samye is a great one. It is around 80 kilometres long and has challenges of its own such as elevation. But the result of the tiring hiking is rewarding. You will get to see the majestic Samye monastery of Tibetian Buddhists. One of the longest hiking trails in China is Tiger Leaping Gorge hiking. It is located in Yunnan province, and it is the adventurous one. It contains forest passing, river crossing, and mountains. On your way, you will marvel at the beautiful nature and scenery. It will take around 3 days to complete the trail. Therefore, you should be ready and well equipped. Supposedly you want to go to such places with local tour guides. Internet is a great resource for finding those tours. You can filter them according to cost of local tour guide or for services. Tour guides offer a variety of services. You might wonder about the cost of local tour guide. To give you a general sense, you might want to save like a hundred or two hundred dollars for a day for tour service. However, you can find it even cheaper upon careful searching.

Which canyon in China is known for hiking?

girl enjoys the landescape of valley China is a paradise for hiking lovers. Among all the places, one canyon can be distinguished for hiking opportunities. Which canyon in China is known for hiking? For many travellers and us, it is Pingshan. This canyon will remind you famous Colorado grand canyon. This reddish area is comprised of bare rocks, occasional plantations, and lots of hills. There are great paths you can choose for hiking. Some of them are long, and some of them are short. You will have opportunities for hiking in China in this canyon. Watching the sun rising and sunset are precious. You can unwind here and avoid the stress of daily life. It is so strange how simple things can be so beautiful.

How to go hiking in China?

alltrails app Before you decide on hiking in China, you might want to ask how to go hiking in China. What do I need for hiking in China? You can find many ways to fulfil this wish. The easiest way will be taking a tour. However, it will confine your freedom, and it can be a little cliché. If you want to explore these trails fully, then I would suggest you benefit from hiking apps. There are tons of hiking websites, useful apps. Not only do they give you locations of these trails, but they also give you reliable information regarding what to expect and what to bring. Besides, there are great blogs for hiking enthusiasts. These blogs share some of the experienced hikers' views of particular hiking trails. They also share some of the tips regarding how to go there, what to bring, etc. Some of the useful hiking websites are wikiloc, all trails,, etc. The important thing regarding preparation for hiking is to do your research thoroughly. Make sure you are well prepared, and you have planned your trip well ahead of landing in China. If you need a visa to China travel to China, then make sure you contact Pickvisa because we are here to help fellow travellers to fulfil their travel plans. Using our services, you can get your visa as soon as possible with ease. To wrap up things, China is an excellent hiking destination. The country is beautiful, full of natural wonders, and the locals are hospitable. It is both an excellent country for junior and expert hikers. Depending on your choice, you can find easy and daring hiking trails. The important factor here is that you are well prepared and you have taken all cautions.

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