The best hiking trails in the Czech Republic

Tamerlan Mehdiyev02 December 20213594 views7 min. read
The best hiking trails in the Czech Republic
travel to Czech Republic every vacation. The capital city takes visitors' breath away. Another interesting fact about Prague is that it is known as "the city of a hundred spires" as more than 500 of them are in this city. It makes the city look so unique and charming, creating a magical environment. If you look at the city's architecture, you will see many different types such as Baroque, Gothic, Renaissance, Romanesque, Classicism, Art-Nouveau, Cubism, Functionalism, etc. So if you are into architecture, then Prague must be on your bucket list. Whatever your travel reason is, to visit the Czech Republic, you will need to be aware of regulations for travelling. Most simply, we can say that depending on your nationality, you might be asked to have a Czech Republic visa to enter the country. How do I know whether I need that or not? Well, it is easier than you think. Go to the "Services" section on the top of our website, then choose the Czech Republic among the list of countries. You can identify whether you need a Czech Republic visa or not by finding your country. Let's suppose you need a visa, what to do next? Well, you can research that issue and find out how can you get your visa, or you can contact us, use our services and get your visa as quickly as possible. Hiking in the Czech Republic is a popular activity. It makes people feel good, healthy, and unwind. Czech Republic hiking is also a good way to explore the beauties of the country. With that kept in mind, for this article, we decided to have a look at hiking trails in Czech Republic.

Best hiking trails in Czech Republic

hiker meets the sunset on rock We will start with Bohemian paradise. It is one of the best hiking trails in Czech Republic because of its majestic sceneries. The hiking trail is 80 kilometres away from the capital. Its name already increases the expectations, and indeed it is a true paradise. Narrow rock corridors within nature and forested areas make a beautiful day for hikers. It is a natural park meaning that it is a protected area. You will find many beautiful sights, castles, ancient ruins, nature reserves, etc., on your way. Climbing up to the stones is not as difficult as climbing up to a mountain. At the top of these rocks, you will marvel at the beauty of the park. These areas are excellent for hiking, and it is not so difficult to complete them. Stunning Jizera mountains offer great opportunities for hiking in the Czech Republic. The mountain range is located near the borderline between Poland and the Czech Republic. There are many hiking trails, from easiest to hardest. It gets warmer in the spring and summer, and nature changes its colour from white to green. You can enjoy relaxing on the slopes of the mountains. The best time for Czech Republic hiking in this area is summer; however, you can hike and ski in winter. In the mountain range, there are some challenging mountains that you might want to hike. They are around 1000 meters high, which requires a good level of fitness and equipment. Are you daredevil thinking about hiking the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic? You would think that it takes exceptional courage to hike mount Snezka. However, when you think that it is only 1603 meters high, it does not sound so crazy. How hard is hiking the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic? It is the question you should be seeking an answer to. To start off, we can say it is not like climbing up Everest, obviously. To answer how hard is hiking the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic we can tell it has a moderate level of difficulty. First of all, you do not need to climb up the whole 1600 meters. People start from 1200 meters. There are car roads where you can park your car at 1200 meters. Then you have to go through a beautiful forest to reach the top. There you will get to see the surrounding area with a scenic view. The difficult thing about hiking to the mountain is the danger of losing track. Therefore it is strictly told not to wander around the mountain and follow the trails. Jettichovice is a small village, but the location is perfect for hiking. It has a great view which will help you to get away from the stressful city life. There is a vast pine forest extending for great distances, and small hills contribute to the beauty of the landscape. It is relatively easier to hike in these areas. However, it does not discourage people as it is an alluring place to hike.

Hiking in Prague Czech Republic

tourist man with backpack Hiking is an excellent way to explore a city. You get to see all the beautiful places on foot. You get to mix in society and interact with people. Supposedly you are interested in hiking in Prague Czech Republic, and you wonder about the hiking trails. Prokopské údolí and Dalejsky is 30 minutes drive away from Prague. This trail is an excellent route for avoiding city life and unwinding in nature. It contains a lake, green areas, and beautiful scenery. If you want to hike within the city, you might want to follow the route of Obora Hvezda and Břevnov Monastery. Obora Hvezda was the game reserve of Ferdinand I, and now it is open to the public. Karlštejn Castle is located near Prague. It is one of the most beautiful castles you will ever see. Set in a magnificent setting, this glorious castle takes visitors' breath away. Hiking trail includes passing a small village, stopping at a waterfall, and passing through a forest area. If you spend more time in these areas, you will also find caves, unique flora, and fauna.

How to hike in Czech Republic?

young woman holding Depending on the difficulty level of the trail, you might need to backpack. You might need hiking Czech Republic maps, extra shoes, clothes, a compass, etc. However, nowadays, smartphones made the hiking much easier. They make it unnecessary to bring a compass, hiking Czech Republic maps, watch as they already contain such gadgets. If you plan to hike in the Czech Republic, my advice will be to use services of hiking apps. They are so useful in many ways. You can find tons of useful information on the hiking trail you are heading to. They will assist you in finding, navigating trails. To make it easier, you can look at websites like,,, etc. However, there are things that phones can not alternate, such as clothes. Try to bring clothes weather accordingly. If the trail is not a flat one, you might want to bring boots or an extra pair of shoes. To sum up, the Czech Republic is an interesting option for travelers. It stands out for the architecture of its cities, beautiful architecture, and breathtaking landscape. Anyone who wants to travel to Czech Republic should be ready to get impressed by Czech hospitality. You are welcome to use our services to get a visa to the Czech Republic. With our services getting a visa to another country has never been this easier. It only takes a few clicks to complete the procedure.

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