The reason that makes the memories sweet

Joshgun Karimov20 August 20191647 views4 min. read


    The reason that makes the memories sweet

    Our experiences have a direct impact on the taste of the food we eat. Where, with whom, and how we eat is as important as what we eat. In recent years, the first has become more important than the second. Return to your memories about the food. We are not talking about the food cooked by your mother or grandmother and the special taste of childhood. Return to the "delicious" travel memories.

    I had my first touching memory on the far shores with the Menten family. I'd like to take you to Denver, Colorado, 17 years ago.

    jeff bezos

    Jeff and Paula Menten, who was going to host me for a year, loved to eat or, more accurately, to discover new tastes. There were more than 1,000 books on purely dining recipes on the upper floor of a 2-story house where they lived. The fact that Menten was a vegetarian for 12 years could create many problems for me, the meat-lover. But it was not as I expected. Where to get a great steak for a reasonable price in Denver? Thanks to this family, I discovered one of the most exciting and most delicious steak destinations in America.

    Jeff once told me, "Put on something formal; we are going to an important place." For a person who studied in the lyceum for years, the formal meant a tie. I asked for a tie. Jeff gaily gave me the oddest tie in his wardrobe. I could not understand the excitement on his face. In the evening, I understood everything.

    delicious stake

    We came to "Texas Steakhouse" in Denver. The employees, who saw me at the entrance, looked at the tie and began to whisper. They also had a smile on Jeff's face. There was a 10-step walk to our table in the best steak house in America. We saw 4 waiters coming to us. One had giant scissors in his hand. The man approached me and said, "There is someone in our house who dressed formally." There were many moments in my life that I was ashamed of. I will never forget this moment. I was a "formal dresser" among strangers in a strange country. Everyone in the house was staring at me. I could see in everyone's face the same weird laugh I had seen on Jeff.

    With the question "How do we welcome those with the formal dress in our house?" I could hear the roaring of everyone responding: "Scissors! Scissors! Scissors!"

    The waiter, who had the scissors, came close to me and cut off my tie in half. As a cup, he showed it to everyone in the place. He then hung it on the "tie wall." Jeff put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Now, you are one of us." Ties of foreign guests from dozens of countries were hung on the wall. We sat at our table with the applause and words of others saying, "Now you are one of us." The feelings and experiences I had, gave me a strange excitement. This was the excitement I needed to make my steak taste delicious. I ate it as a "new member of the family." With appetite, enthusiasm, and without the tie. That night I also had that smile on my face as Jeff had.

    Years later, when I wear a tie, I remember this incident. None of the steaks I've eaten to date has the same unique taste.


    What makes the food delicious is the way they are presented and the experiences you have. Today, different restaurants from around the world compete to make you experience this. They do not just give you the best taste. They give you memories you will never forget.

    I'm sure you also have such memories. I am sure you also return to the same places for that unique taste. Write it down and send it to us, and we will share the 10 most interesting memories with our blog readers. Don't forget to send your photo that made the day everlasting together with your travel memories

    Have plenty of reasons and trips that will make your memories sweet!

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