Unique and safest places to visit in Mexico

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Unique and safest places to visit in Mexico

Safe places to visit in Mexico / Unique places to visit in Mexico

la colorada beach What are the best places to visit in Mexico? What are some interesting places to visit in Mexico? How many safe places to visit in Mexico are there? Now we will try to answer these questions. Travelling is always an experience that can enhance a person, even when you decide to go to a place where you have already been. Each time you will experience different emotions, throwing yourself headlong into new experiences, perhaps far removed from what could be your daily life. However, setting foot in a new location for the first time is something fantastic. Your eyes fill with an incredible myriad of images in a vain attempt to capture them all. And if the choice fell on Mexico, with its variety of scenarios, then seeing and experiencing everything becomes a real mission impossible. It is a fantastic place, capable of gathering great city vitality, dream waters, beautiful mountains and dense jungles. Add to that a rich culinary tradition and great historical remains, and this is how Mexico could easily be a candidate for being one of your favourite countries of all time. There are many unique places to visit in Mexico. Around the world, there are cities and entire countries that are denounced as dangerous. Mexico is part of this bitter ranking, but it must be realized that travelling for real involves some risk. Mexico has its problems related to the cartel and more, but New York also boasts 'delicate' neighbourhoods, and even in some back streets of Broadway, it is possible to find yourself in unpleasant situations, but nobody thinks twice about going to the 'Big Apple'. In this sense, the media have a great influence, with a terrible effect on Mexico. It would be good to avoid driving alone, at night, in the desert, perhaps staying away from the central northern border, as well as from the states of Michoacan and Guerrero, on the Pacific coast. For the rest, the same personal safety rules apply here as they apply in any other place, including your own city. There are best places to visit in Mexico with family. There is an ideal time to visit Mexico, and it is between December and Easter. A period of time in which you can enjoy the wonders of the country without suffocating from the great heat and humidity, as happens from May to September. Generally, the weather from September to November allows you to have an interesting holiday, but at your own risk, being the hurricane season. jesus christ on good friday You can find cheap places to visit in Mexico. Needless to go around it, most tourists go to Mexico for the beautiful beaches. The coast of Quintana Roo is perhaps the best known, which also offers the highest level of services, from unbridled luxury to five-star facilities, without forgetting the penniless travellers, for whom there are some hotels on a tight budget. VIPs usually go to Los Cabos, where the facilities are of another level, with dream pools, to compensate for the fact that swimming on the beach is often not safe. All this, however, has an all too artificial flavour, at least for some, with Puerto Escondido, Zipolite and Mazunte, who will be able to offer a true slice of Mexican life. This is the Oaxaca coast, an ideal destination for surfers. If the Point Break climate is not for you, who are lovers of a voyage of discovery, inaugurating a very personal challenge with the famous local guides, Riviera Nayarit offers more rustic and less known beaches, which sometimes the locals prefer to keep for themselves. This is one of the cheap places to visit in Mexico. Not only dream beaches in Mexico but also intriguing cities with ancient history will make your holiday here perfect. Mexico City, for example, has its roots in the age of the Aztecs, who founded it on a lake in 1325. Today it is an increasingly lively and artistically attractive city, with modern architecture that has been spreading for years and many examples of street art. In recent years Merida, the capital of the Yucatan, has gained more and more acclaim. Far smaller than Mexico City but rich in art and culture. A real pearl, as is San Miguel de Allende, which is the favourite destination for Americans. Visually spectacular, both from a naturalistic and architectural point of view, with the iconic cathedral overlooking the valley. Mention of merit also for Oaxaca and Guadalajara, to be necessarily included in your itinerary, as long as you stay in Mexico for an average long vacation. This is one of the safest places to visit in Mexico. What are some interesting places to visit in Mexico? Secretly hidden beneath the Chihuahuan Desert and the Guadalupe Mountains in Southeast New Mexico, it is an incredible treasure in the Carlsbad Caverns National Park. On the surface, this area appears deceptively normal, and in fact, it is difficult to imagine that beneath this desolate stretch of landscape, there exists a magnificent world of exquisite beauty. Visitors are taken by elevator, 75 floors underground, to an illuminated walkway where hundreds of formations are unveiled, including some reminiscent of ocean waves, soda straws, and even the face of a mountain troll. The park is home to over 300 known caves, with more being discovered every year. big bend national park Mexico's history is often reduced to just the Mayans and Aztecs, but the cultural heritage is much broader. Just think of the remains of the Zapotecs, ruled by empresses, as well as the Olmecs, Huichols and Toltecs. However, the most important sites are the Aztec one of Teotihuacan, just outside Mexico City, and the Mayan ones of Tulum and Chichen Itza, near Quintana Roo. However, if you have time and desire to explore, we recommend visiting Monte Alban, in the city of Zapotec, Palenque, in Chiapas, and Calakmul, in the jungle of Campeche. These are a few of the best places to visit in Mexico. It is possible to visit various Mexican states, using two systems in particular. The first is that of low-cost flights, with VivaAerobus and Volaris at the top of the preference list. Alternatively, the bus system exists, allowing you to wander, backpack, really anywhere. Over the years, Mexico has increasingly opened its doors to the new millennium. There is a sharp increase in businesses that accept credit cards. It is good to have cash with you to facilitate some transactions outside the premises of major brands. After crossing the ocean, one of the big doubts for travelling Europeans concerns tips. As in the United States, people tend to tip in Mexico too, but unlike their wealthy cousins upstairs, 15% is welcome here. You have heard that drinking non-bottled water in Mexico could lead to serious health problems. You have heard a sacred truth. Locals don't try either unless you set foot in a fancy restaurant, which pays for properly filtered water. In any case, always and only rely on sealed bottles. What about brushing your teeth? The hotels of a certain level have a filtering system, but it is always better to inquire and use what remains of your bottled water if necessary. Impossible to miss the appointment with the typical street food. However, there are some general tips to keep in mind. Better to rely on those who use disposable dishes, so as not to find themselves eating on those clean with running water. Minimize the number of vegetables consumed (as they are washed with running water). Now you can go wild with quesadillas, tacos and cemitas, with delicious sauces attached.

Places to visit in New Mexico in winter

las cruces and the organ mountains What are places to visit in New Mexico in winter? New Mexico's mild, sunny winters are a perfect time to visit the southern part of the state. In summer, the dry and atmospheric climate serves as a backdrop for events such as the Alien Fest in the northern region. However, what could be perfect for keen skiers attacking Taos and other top ski resorts in the area? June-August offers pleasantly warm weather, just right for exploring the mountains. Without a doubt, September and October are considered to be the best time to visit New Mexico, as early fall boasts temperate weather throughout the state. Annual events such as the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta or the New Mexico State Fair are held in the fall. This place is one of the best places to visit in Mexico with family.

Historic places to visit in Mexico

ek balam mayan archeological site What are historic places to visit in Mexico? The Yucatán peninsula holds enchanting places that are real wonders. Cenotes are natural pools with freshwater formed as a result of the collapse of the limestone roof, which forms real underground caves in the Yucatan region; there are more than 6 thousand of them. The Maya considered cenotes to be sacred wells, and for the population of that time, they were real water reserves - the population centres were actually built next to the cenotes. Of course, Mexico is not just beaches and archaeological sites. The whole country is transformed into the occasion of the traditional feast of the dead, which is celebrated on the night of November 2. Dia de Los Muertos is heard throughout Mexico, but there are some regions where this festival is experienced more intensely than in others. If you want to participate in the festivals, an area where the celebrations are more traditional is Lake Pàtzcuaro, in the state of Michoacán. Right in the middle of the lake is Isla Janitzio. The streets, cemeteries, houses are decorated with the flowers of Dia de Los Muertos, the cempasúchil, and everything is tinged with yellow and orange colours. The streets are invaded by stalls where you can buy typical sweets or calacas and Calaveras, skeletons and skulls decorated with flowers representing death. Witnessing these traditions live is incredible as it is undoubtedly one of the most iconic holidays in Mexico. These are the safest places to visit in Mexico. You can find the visa procedure for the places you can travel by accessing our pickvisa.com site (https://pickvisa.com/services).

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