9 unusual restaurants in Toronto

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9 unusual restaurants in Toronto
Canada will definitely be on your list of wanderings. And the city of Toronto - the unofficial capital of the Anglo-Saxon part of the country - will be one of the main points of your route. Of course, you will want to see as many sights of Toronto as possible. And, of course, in the end, having received a lot of impressions, you will get hungry. Toronto will welcome you to its best restaurants. So why not get not only gastronomic but also aesthetic pleasure from satisfying hunger? Find the best restaurants in the city. Places where you will be deliciously fed and will certainly surprise you. So, are you wondering what is the best restaurant in Toronto? Well, 9 memorable Toronto restaurants.

1. Sings

restaurant One of the best restaurants can rightly be considered the Sings restaurant, which opened in 2014 in Toronto. The idea of creating it came to the owner after he encountered a deaf-mute visitor who could not explain what he wanted. Being a completely hearing person, Anjan Manikumar, with the funds invested in the business by his father, opened a restaurant for deaf and hard of hearing people. Solving the problem of special customers, such an institution partially solved the problem of employment of the deaf-mute unemployed in Canada. The restaurant is located on Yonge Street. There are hard-of-hearing or completely deaf waiters working here. But don't let that confuse you. The restaurant will be comfortable not only for people with hearing problems but also for the most ordinary visitors. After all, all the other employees of the restaurant are fluent in sign language and will be happy to help you make an order. And the owner of the restaurant personally meets each visitor at the entrance. In addition, the restaurant menu will have detailed instructions and photos on how to do it yourself. The walls of the hall are decorated with pictures with the alphabet of the sign language. Sings should be recommended to lovers of eating in silence and fans of Indian cuisine. In addition, you will be able to practice learning sign language.

2. O. Noir

onoir The work of the unusual O. Noir restaurant, which is located at 620 Church Street, is also based on the service and involvement of people with disabilities. Only instead of silence, visitors are plunged into complete darkness. And instead of the alphabet of gestures on the walls of the restaurant hall is the Braille alphabet. Going on a culinary journey, you lose your sight for a while. The guides in the world of darkness are the unseeing waiters and your organs of touch, smell, taste. In an extreme unfamiliar environment, they are maximally aggravated, and you seem to feel the taste of long-familiar and familiar dishes for the first time. Going to this restaurant will be akin to diving into your own subconscious, You will understand that everything in the world is relative, including the taste, smell, color of food. Initially, the concept of Toronto restaurants of this type was to show one side of the life of a blind person, the difficulties that he has to face on a daily basis. A secondary idea was to increase the sensitivity of the taste buds of an ordinary visitor in uncomfortable conditions. And the bet on this nuance of the institution was even more advantageous. "Blind" restaurants are popular all over the world.

3. Medieval Times

corn and chicken All romantics and lovers of medieval culture can recommend the Medieval Times restaurant in Toronto. The institution was founded in 1993 and is located at 10 Differin Street. Jousting tournaments, lunch at the Queen's, medieval-era flair, costumes and authentic 11th-century treats await visitors to the castle restaurant. The dining attraction includes a four-course meal and an amazing show. Queen Mary Isabella will invite you to dine with her and her royal court. She will order the chefs to prepare their popular dishes (garlic bread, tomato sponge soup, potatoes with herbs) just for you. And during the meal, you can enjoy a professionally staged fight with real swords. If desired, after the dinner and the tournament, you can take pictures with the knights and visit the museum. The restaurant menu is also suitable for vegetarians. Meals are available on request. The restaurant has a large selection of the best drinks, and you can order any alcoholic cocktails from the bar. So, if you are a theater-goer and a fan of the Middle Ages and crave not only bread but also spectacles, you can safely book a table in the castle restaurant and enjoy the performance. You won't be disappointed!

4. Canoe

restaurant Canoe Restaurant is located on the fifty-fourth floor of a skyscraper in the financial district of Toronto (66 Wellington St.) This is a favorite place for lunch and dinner among the business elite, as well as those who are looking for a special place for dinner. Almost right under the clouds. The restaurant offers beautiful panoramic views of Lake Ontario with its islands, the CN Tower and the city's airport. Depending on where your table is located in the restaurant, you will enjoy different views of Toronto. The design of the restaurant hall is designed in a strict minimalist style. Natural stone and wood are used in the decoration. The restaurant menu is made up of Canadian and international dishes. But the main highlight of the place is not in the impeccable service and not in the gorgeous views of the city. Since the fall of 2014, a true Canadian dish has appeared on the restaurant's menu. Extraordinary and extraordinary-roasted maple leaves are the symbol of the province of Ontario. Moreover, to order this delicacy, you need to call the restaurant in advance and ask if they are still available. According to the chef of the restaurant, green leaves are especially good in salted form and after a long marinating in apple cider vinegar. Is it possible not to try this delicacy?

5. Borealia

toronto restaurant Even the name of this restaurant, located in Toronto's trendy neighborhood at 59 Ossington Ave, invites an attention-grabbing lesson in Canadian history. A cooking lesson. The word “borealia", which is the name of this institution, could well be the current name of Canada as a country. But back in 1867, those who wanted to call the new Canadian confederation a word derived from the Latin word “borealia”, meaning “north”, were defeated. The restaurant serves dishes that were eaten by the first settlers to Canada, as well as the inhabitants of this country in the 18th and 19th centuries. The most popular dishes of the restaurant are mussels baked under coniferous needles, as well as the traditional tender Canadian pie with pigeon meat. The owners of the Borealia restaurant are proud of the author's interpretation of old Canadian recipes. In addition to the signature dishes, the restaurant serves food related to other culinary traditions. In addition to English or French, there are dishes of Chinese and Ukrainian cuisine. At one time, Canada was inhabited by immigrants from all over the world, and this fact affected the taste preferences of the population. Visit Borealia for a delicious Canadian dinner, and enjoy gluten-free options on the specialty menu.

6. The Sultan’s Tent & Cafe Moroc

cafe Lovers of oriental exoticism will enjoy The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc (49 Front Street East). Moroccan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine is widely served here. The romantic setting of an oriental harem. Girls in semi-transparent outfits, moving smoothly in belly dance. Oriental sofas and satin pillows. The semi-darkness of a Moroccan tent, lit by decorative lamps and candles. This restaurant will attract attention at first glance with its luxury. It is here that you can feel the atmosphere of the east and taste the delicious dishes of the national Moroccan-French cuisine. The restaurant hall is divided into two parts: The Sultan's Tent and Cafe Moroc. The first one has a more exotic setting and decor. The second one is distinguished by a special chic and somewhat resembles the scenery for the film. Both parts are always popular with tourists and locals alike. At the Sultan's Tent, you will be sure to prepare delicious beef ribs, stewed lamb knuckle and crab cakes. And for dessert, you can order honey baklava or a great chocolate cake. This place is also known for its aromatic Moroccan mint tea.

7. Raval

toronto Raval bar-restaurant is very unusual and impresses its visitors at first sight, because its interior is a kind of work of art. The streamlined mahogany shapes create a sense of comfort and sophistication. Shaped cutouts show bar counters and shelves with a huge number of bottles of various shapes and sizes. The restaurant hall is equipped with a unique acoustic system. The predominance of a dark color palette with elements of gold in the decor, the undulating lines of the interior-as a reminder of the paintings of Dali and the amazing buildings of the great Gaudi in their beauty. And this is not surprising, because the restaurant serves the Spanish cuisine: delicious tapas, smoked mackerel, grilled octopus, homemade cold-smoked mussels, jamon. Pastries are a mixture of sweet and savory dishes, which are laid out on boards in the bar. The best drinks include homemade wine, the famous dry sherry, whiskey, and a variety of cocktails. Another feature of the restaurant is the lack of a menu. Visitors look at the food options and choose what they want. The restaurant has a heated covered patio where you will find barrel tables around which you can just stand and enjoy a glass of dry sherry or a glass of homemade wine. Designed by Canadian architects Partisans, the Raval Bar and Restaurant (55 College St.), despite being located on the outskirts of Toronto, attracts more than just locals. A visit to the Raval bar and restaurant has become one of the tourist destinations for travelers. The very unusual interior of the restaurant will attract the attention of lovers of architectural delights, and the Spanish cuisine will not leave any gourmet indifferent.

8. Korean Grill House

korean gill house The peculiarity of the Korean Grill House is that the food here is not prepared for you. You'll take care of it yourself. Each table has a recess in which the grill is located. It is completely safe, and you will never get burned while preparing a dish for yourself. Also, your table will be equipped with all the necessary cutlery. Communication with the waiter is carried out by means of special remote control. The very name of the restaurant Korean Grill House (214 Queen St.) suggests that here you will certainly taste spicy Korean dishes, but in addition to them you can try Asian cuisine, grilled food, barbecue. You can order meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables at the same time. And immediately cook them together in the same grill. Everything will depend only on you, your imagination and taste preferences. Do not recommend this restaurant in Toronto to your friends for only one reason: if they are too hungry. After all, it will take time to prepare dinner.

9. The Rainforest Cafe

rainforest cafe The Rainforest Cafe (3401 Dufferin St. Yorkdale Shoppihg Centre) is a popular choice for tourists with children. The restaurant specializes in international cuisine, seafood and fast food. This is the perfect place for a quick snack. Your children will be delighted because most real animals will come to serve them. The waiters, dressed in the costumes of the wild beasts will bring your order. And the carefully designed interior of the restaurant will immerse you in the atmosphere of a humid tropical forest. Vines hang from the trees, and mechanical animals constantly "come to life" before the eyes of curious kids. The main thing is that they do not forget to eat. The acoustic component of the project is also thought out: every 30 minutes there is a very realistic thunderclap (after all, this is the jungle!). The sound of rain and waterfall, the roar of wild animals will complement the feeling that you and your child sat down to eat in Canada nature. Calm music that sounds against the background of all the animations and noises of the wild forest helps you not to break away from reality. And don't be confused by the fast-food declared in the menu. The dishes of this unusual restaurant in Toronto are far from ordinary. At least their names will certainly attract your child's attention, and he will definitely try: "Lava", "Forest raccoon", "Python paste", "Grilled gorilla cheese". And the dessert "Vulkan" will become a favorite treat of your whole family.

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