US Transit Visa requirements | Best Guide

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US Transit Visa requirements | Best Guide

The USA is one of the most critical countries globally in every regard. Foreign citizens from all over the world travel here for different purposes. State policies of the USA allow foreigners to travel to this country. Foreigners travel here to study, work, visit family, and other similar purposes. It is also possible to transit to other countries via the USA. This blog will give you information about "apply for a USA visa” and “US transit visa requirements”. Most importantly, we will give you information about the USA transit visa.

In general, there are many types of visas in the USA. But if we are talking about visa differences, we should show non-immigrant and immigrant visas first. The United States does not require foreign citizens with a visa waiver program to present a visa. However, if these foreigners come to the USA by air and water, they must obtain the Electronic Authorization, namely the ESTA certificate. After that, these foreigners have a maximum 90-day residence permit in the USA.

How to get US transit visa? / US transit visa application

application for usa visa

One important question that makes us think is "how to get a US transit visa?". We will try to find an answer to this question. If you are a transit visa owner, you have the right to go to any country and travel to a third country from there. You can take advantage of this opportunity by obtaining a USA transit visa. The US transit visa is also called the USA C-visa. With gratitude for this visa, foreign citizens can go to the USA and travel to other countries. This type of visa does not provide the opportunity to pass from the USA to all desired countries. In other words, you cannot transit from the USA to any other country you want. The US transit visa is issued to foreigners, especially in emergencies. Foreigners living in the USA can benefit from this visa even though they urgently need to leave the country. If the foreign national wants to obtain a transit visa only for visiting friends or family, he must submit other necessary documents requested for the competent authority. Some countries are visa-exempt to the USA. Citizens of the countries listed below can travel to the USA without a visa:

  • Canada
  • Bahamas
  • Marshall Islands
  • Micronesia
  • Palau

Only citizens of these states can enter the USA without a visa. On the opposite, citizens of some others have a prohibition on entry to the USA. These countries are Libya, Somalia, Syria, and Yemen. Another document that you need to travel to the USA with a visa is the Electronic Permit System document. In other words, ESTA provides you with the opportunity to pass a visa to the USA. If you do not have this document or your application has been rejected, you must apply for a visa.

If foreign national wants to go to a third country via the USA and stays in the USA for a short time, they must obtain a transit visa. This visa request is valid for traveling by land, air, and ship. There may be different conditions for particular transits. A crew member who has come to the US for a private work purpose and has a work permit for the operation must also obtain a C-1/D visa. Traveling to the United Nations Headquarters via the United States must also obtain a special transit permit. For this, foreign nationals transiting must obtain a diplomatic transit visa. This visa type is also known as the C-2 visa. A ship's officer traveling to the USA by ship must get a visa. They can stay in the USA for a maximum of 29 days. Another foreigner for whom a special transit visa is requested is an employee of the International Organization. For this, these foreign employees must obtain an International Organization Visa. Another name for this visa type is known as G-4. Foreigners holding this visa can enter the United States in an emergency or on permanent transit.

One of the essential issues is the US transit visa application. Where can we do this? You can apply for a US transit visa at the embassy or consulate. If none of these are available in your country, then you can obtain a transit visa by applying to the nearest embassy.

US transit visa requirements / US transit visa validity


One of the primary factors for us is the US transit visa validity and the documents required for the transit visa. Transit visa documents for the USA may be more than for other countries. There are also special required documents, in addition to the standard documents.

You must first prepare the application form and sign it. After your application form has been approved, you must present your passport or, if necessary, your travel document to the competent authority. At least one blank page must be left in your passport. This blank page will be stamped. You must also have a color photograph taken in the last six months. This photo must be 5x5 cm in size. After you have done these, the document you need is your status in the country you live in. You must also submit documents showing your financial situation. Another required document is the employer’s letter. Information such as name, surname, address information, telephone number, information about the job, salary to be received for the job, the purpose of the trip should be reported here. Most importantly, you must show your accommodation and ticket information.

Another important consideration is the processing time required to obtain a transit visa to the USA. You should wait approximately 3-10 days to obtain this visa. This processing time may vary depending on the country of your citizenship. Your application for a visa must be made by the laws of the US Immigration and Nationality Act. The approval procedure for your visa application can take a very long time. This processing time can be confirmed months or years later.

If anyone asks us how much is a visa to USA, we can tell them the transit visa is 160 dollars. This fee is expressed by the US government and is the same for all countries.

Appointment for USA Transit Visa

visa application

If you want to obtain a transit visa for the USA, you may be requested to give an interview for this. Applicants aged 14 to 79 should interview in person. Do not forget to take the application approval letter with you when you go to the interview. It is a good idea to come to the meeting on the appointed date. You can come 30 minutes before the time shown. If you are late for the meeting, your meeting may be canceled. The appointment may take a few minutes. Your interview consists of two stages and after successfully passing both stages, your fingerprint scanning will be done. Fingerprint scanning is carried out electronically. At the time of meeting with the authorities, you will be asked a series of questions. Some of the frequently asked questions will cover why you should travel, some information about travel, some information about your family, and so on.

If you want to get more information about visas, you can visit our official website.

When you make a transit visa to the USA, you have the opportunity to stay here for a short time. During this time, you can visit and see a few places to visit in the USA. Below are a few highlights of the USA to visit:

Rockefeller Center

ice skaters

This complex is a must in many tourist programs. A masterpiece of urban architecture, one of New York's finest. The complex was built with money from the Rockefeller family, who built the loud Rockefeller Center. The project began in 1930. The center consists of 19 publications combining shopping, entertainment, and office functions. The most prestigious of all buildings is General Electric. Its height is about 266 m. About 70 times. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the building’s observation deck. Rockefeller Center is famous for its ice rink, the golden figure of Prometheus, and the city's main Christmas tree. That is why many tourists want to visit the attraction just before the Christmas holidays.

Times Square

times square

Times Square is one of the most famous places in the United States. For those immersed in the bustling life of the big city, visit Times Square. Hiking in the mountains is guaranteed to be a new way of life. It's about re-evaluating values and focusing on what's important. These are benefits in all aspects of health and character building. Today we recall the most important, most beautiful, and most famous mountain peaks in the states. No one knows how many of them will decide to conquer once. The "snow-capped mountains" (translated from Spanish) rule almost the entire region of eastern California. The Sierra Nevada is a mountainous system that covers 750 km of coastline. Lake Tahoe is one of the most popular local reservoirs. There are scenic canyons (Kern Canyon and Kings Canyon) and the majestic Dendron redwood grove with the world's largest trees. At 4421 meters above sea level, it is the highest point in the Sierra Nevada. This mountain is located in the southern part of Alaska. It proudly holds the title of North America's Tallest Mountain.

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