Valentine day travel deals

Roxana Acosta Sosa 01 February 2021 355 views 7 min. read

Looking for valentine day travel deals? Then you are in the right place. Don't worry, we understand that Paris is not the only charming romantic place to connect with your partner. There are as many concepts of romance as there are travelers types. Many people seek to celebrate that day by resting on the beaches and others choose to walk through big cities. For them, there are some travel deals from Dubai to make this romantic trip authentic.

If you do not have a partner, do not be discouraged either, take a trip with your group of friends, who says, maybe along the way you will find someone special. There are destinations that, due to their imposing landscapes and tranquility, become the perfect setting for a unique trip. So, wondering how to find the best travel deals? Here we tell you everything.

Travel deals from Dubai

dubai skyline

The most luxurious, exclusive and Instagrammable city in the world, Dubai, also celebrates the most romantic day of the year, Valentine's Day, it does so even without Valentine.

When is valentine day? They say that February 14 is Valentine's Day and we celebrate the most romantic saint, Valentine, so what better occasion to travel to the most spectacular trip in the world? You can do it as a couple or decide to love yourself and discover this magnificent place.

Dubai offers the best travel deals because you will not only find its unmistakable skyline but it is also a few kilometers from the desert and that allows us to experience the city differently.

Visit the Dessert


One of the best travel deals from Dubai is contact with tour agencies because they offer us the possibility to get to know the desert in the way we want, with morning routes or under the stars, from the air discovering that the desert is not as desert as its name suggests or from a romantic refuge.

Depending on the agency you choose and the service you want, it will be the price since these tours usually include:

• Trip to the desert in 4x4

• Camel ride

• Dinner

• Show

Still, tours may vary. But how much does a Dubai desert tour cost? From approximately USD 70 onwards. This is one of the great cheap travel deals.

Relax in a Beautiful SPA

beautiful spa

As for wellness experiences, there is no one missing in each of the luxury hotels in the city but there is one that we especially like for a date like Valentine's Day, the one offered by the Six Senses SPA, what better way to enjoy your romantic trip that awakens all your senses?; This SPA has six treatment rooms, each dedicated to one sense. Will you dare to try them all?

How much does a treatment cost at the Six Senses SPA? Body massage of 30 or 90 minutes, costs from USD90 to USD215. The facial treatment of 15 or 90 minutes, costs from USD40 to USD300. Also, here you will find wellness therapies such as Chakra Balancing or Moroccan Hammam, etc, with sessions of 30, 60, or 90 minutes at prices ranging from USD90. The SPA offers many other options.

Enjoy a Romantic Dinner


Complete your travel deals in Dubai with an haute cuisine gastronomic experience because the city's culinary offer is magnificent; It will be difficult for you to choose between the diversity of gastronomic experiences that Dubai offers so, to make it easy for you, we are going to propose only two: the first is that of Al-Mahara, the restaurant of the mythical Burj Al Arab hotel, here you can dine under the water (but without getting wet!) and the second is the Thiptara restaurant, a Thai restaurant next to the Dubai fountain, famous for its light and sound shows. How much does it cost to have dinner at Al-Mahara? From USD 200 per person without the drink.

If you want to spend one night at the Burj Al Arab hotel, well, knowing that we are talking about a 7-star hotel, the prices are not so cheap but it is an experience that you must have at least one night of your life, we are talking about rooms with prices from USD 2000 onwards. 

Of course, you have other options For example, a 3-star hotel for two people is between USD 47 and USD 161. If you are looking for cheap travel deals you can find hotels in the city center for USD 300 to 800 per night. If you are looking for the cheapest, it is possible to find cheap accommodation (less than USD 70 per room for two people) and there are even hostels from USD16. Now, how much does it cost to have dinner at Thiptara restaurant? A minimum of USD 80 to 110 per person.

Travel deals Philippines


Many couples choose the Philippines to celebrate this February 14 due to the natural beauties and the vivid colors of everyday life like a romantic movie landscape. Many are impressed with the details, the feeling of tranquility of the region, it can be one of the best trips of your life, without a doubt. Knowing when is Valentine day, now you can have a different getaway with the next travel deals Philippines.

Diving in Balicasag Island


If you need to know how to find the best travel deals and where to venture with your partner, deciding to do a romantic trip for couples in the Philippines is going to enchant you and it will be a decision that you will not regret, especially if you are both adventure lovers. One of the most interesting activities to do is to dive in Balicasag island, where you will witness that there is one of the greatest marine biodiversity in the world.

How to get to Balicasag Island?


Balicasag is a small island located on the Panglao coast in the Bohol province, just 30 minutes by boat from Alona Beach. This place is one of the best travel deals in the Philippines where you can see turtles, corals, and many types of fish.

To dive in Balicasag you will first have to travel to Panglao. Alona Beach is where the largest number of diving schools that do these excursions are found. To give you an idea, in Panglao you have an international airport that opened relatively recently. Tagbilaran, the capital of Bohol, has an important port from which ships from islands such as Cebu, Siquijor, or Negros arrive.

Once there, you will only have to choose the diving center with which to go to know Balicasag.

How much does it cost to dive in Balicasag?

person diving

Dives in Balicasag are a bit more expensive than dives around Panglao, as you pay extra for going further and environmental fees. Typically, 3-dive Balicasag diving excursions (2 in Balicasag and one around Panglao) cost around USD95 per person including taxes, snacks, and coffee/tea.

There is so much more to do in the Philippines!


Yes, here you will find great romantic valentine day travel deals because the natural Philippines wealth is brutal. You can visit rice terraces over 2,000 years old in Batad; drive through the curious Chocolate Hills, more than 1,200 chocolate-shaped hills located in Bohol; enter the heart of the earth in the Subterranean Princess Port’s river; discover lakes and lagoons between huge limestone walls jumping from island to island in the Bacuit archipelago, in El Nido; And so we could go on into eternity.

The Philippines is much cheaper than you might think

romantic night

We already know that you are looking for cheap travel deals for Valentine's Day. Well, you are in luck, the Philippines is a great option for this occasion.

This is a trip for all budgets and with great travel deals. Traveling in a low-cost way, you could spend about USD40 per person including accommodation, internal transport, and food per person for a single day (not including international flights). In case you want to have a more comfortable stay, enjoying higher-level hotels, and doing more excursions, USD130 per person for 1 day is another of the great travel deals Philippines.       

Hawaii travel deals


When is valentine day? In 2021 it is the second Sunday of February and Hawaii offers awesome travel deals. Although the Hawaiian archipelago is made up of more than one hundred islands spread over 2400 km, we are only going to tell you which are the best known and which can be easily visited.

Big Island

big island

The Big Island of Hawaii is the main island, not only is it the largest but it is also the one that offers a great variety of landscapes and opportunities to enjoy the most with your partner. It has everything from the desert, jungle, and volcanic landscapes to impressive beaches that will help you see why the tropical islands are famous.

What to do here?

big island

If you want to have one of the best Hawaii travel deals and explore the lush rainforests and the Volcanoes National Park in one day, this excursion around the Big Island is ideal to make the most of your time. The Grand Circle Tour takes you on a full-day experience of the beauty of Hawaii aboard a luxury air-conditioned bus. The ride lasts 7 hours and costs around USD119. Keep in mind that this tour includes hikes to the volcanoes, so wear comfortable shoes to walk on uneven surfaces.

Maui Island

maui island

Maui Island is best known among surfers, as it offers fantastic coasts in which to practice various water sports. It is also known for its whale watching.

What to do here?


There is nothing more romantic than snorkeling off the shores of Maui's Molokini volcanic crater and exploring the marine life in Turtle Town to swim with green sea turtles aboard a catamaran. The ride lasts approximately 5 hours, costs about USD 80 per person, one of the best travel deals.

If your budget allows you, we recommend you enjoy Maui from the air aboard a helicopter. The ride lasts 65 minutes and you can find hidden valleys, the tropical jungle, and the most impressive waterfalls on this island. This tour costs around USD389.

Oahu Island

oahu island

On this island is the state capital, Honolulu. How to find the best travel deals here? in general, there are options for everyone.

What to do here?

foggy day

You can't miss the guided hike to the 763-meter summit of Diamond Head Crater. There you can enjoy incredible views of Waikiki and the turquoise Pacific Ocean. The excursion lasts approximately 3 hours and is a truly unforgettable experience, an excellent Hawaii travel deals that cost USD41 per person.

On the other hand, if you are looking for more valentine day travel deals, you have to go for the shark diving tour. This excursion lasts 2 hours in total (includes safety talk) and offers you the unique possibility of being a few centimeters away from the sharks for USD73.

Final Thoughts


Finding the perfect valentine day travel deals can depend on many factors. Although a romantic trip to iconic cities is the most common option, many couples love to break the mold and travel to a different place and do activities out of the ordinary. On the other hand, if you are single you can also enjoy and find cheap travel deals. Many describe traveling alone as an enriching experience, in which you can feel freer and have greater interaction with the environment.

What are your plans for this coming February 14? Whatever they are, Happy Valentine's to lovers and singles!