Why you should visit Saint Barthelemy

Why you should visit Saint Barthelemy

Punhan Shukurov22 January 20211306 views8 min. read
Why you should visit Saint Barthelemy
visa-free travel to the Caribbeans has been an increasing trend among Europeans who look for new exciting travel adventures. Many islands in the Caribbean region belong to European countries, such as France and the Netherlands. Saint Barthelemy, also known as St. Barths, is one of the exquisite travel destinations which has lately been famous on social media. Everyone, who sees charming vacation photos captured in St. Barths, becomes interested in this island nation. Where is Saint Barthelemy? This French overseas collectivity is located in the Caribbean region, near Saint Martin, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Saba islands. The capital of Saint Barthelemy is Gustavia, which is home to the major harbor of the island. Many people wonder what colors are on the Saint Barthelemy flag. As Saint Barthelemy is officially part of France, the Saint Barthelemy flag is identical to the French tricolor flag. The widely spoken and officially used language is French. Besides, Antillean Creole is a regional language prevalent only in some parts of the island. Euro is an official currency in the country, which is very advantageous for European visitors. How to get to Saint Barthelemy? You can travel to Saint-Barthelemy via many North American, South American, and European airlines. You can easily find available flights to Saint Barthelemy airport after an online search for a few minutes. As we have learned some basic facts about St. Barths, now, it is time to talk about why it is great to travel to this beautiful island.

Stunning capital Le Carenage

capital of saint barthelemy The original name of the capital of Saint Barthelemy is Le Carenage. There are too many things to do and see in the fascinating St. Barths capital. First, Gustavia is home to an astonishing harbor that amazes the visitors, who approach the island by ferry at first sight. Boats and mini-ships create an amazing scenic view when they stand still in the harbor. You will enjoy the picturesque view of the harbor while having lunch or a coffee break at the restaurants along the coastline. The best restaurants in Gustavia St Barts are located in the harbor neighborhood. The government tourism agencies have invited French chefs to the best restaurants in Gustavia St Barts. Tourists love original French dishes cooked by high-class chefs to enjoy fresh seafood, crepe cake, succulent, and delicious French croissants.

Ferry tour

saint barthelemy tour Furthermore, one of the best tourist attractions around the harbor is a ferry tour. Many tourism companies organize ferry tours where local and foreign travelers attend to see the fascinating coastline of the red-roofed capital. Tourists can get a lot of information about the rich history of the capital during guided ferry trips. Moreover, fishing boat trips around the harbor are especially worth mentioning. The Caribbean Sea is rich with a myriad of fish species. Kingfish, tuna, sea bass, dolphin fish, swordfish, mullet, and pompano are perfect for cooking. The best restaurants in Gustavia St Barts serve freshly caught fish with the most delicious recipes.

Rich history

boat in the ocean The capital of Saint Barthelemy also features a rich colonial history. While wandering around the Gustavia streets and attending cultural trips, you will feel the colonial era's influence. The old architecture, historical infrastructure, style of the walls, and road systems tell us a lot about the city's history. Fort Gustave's ruins, the stone walls of Fort Karl, and the remainder of the Shell Beach are the most noteworthy Saint Barthelemy places to visit. Vieux Clocher, Anglican Episcopal Church, and Swedish clocktower are also valuable historical sites built in the 19th century. Furthermore, the city of Le Carenage is home to astonishingly modern architecture and urban life. While wandering around the capital streets, you can enjoy shopping in the boutiques and stores featuring local and global brands. You can also find original French shoes, jackets, and jeans by top-notch brands. What the foreigners love most about La Carenage shopping is the French perfume. For very affordable prices, you can find original French perfumes prepared with local scents of St. Barths. It is impossible to imagine travel to Saint-Barthelemy without shopping in the capital.

The best hotels in the tropical Caribbean are in St. Barths!

hotel in saint barthelemy According to many tourists who have been to almost the whole Caribbean, Saint Barthelemy hotels are top-notch accommodation choices. Hotel Gustavia Manapany, Le Barthelemy Hotel, Villa Marie Vitet, French St. Barths Luxury Resort, and Holland House are the most rated places on the island. Hotel Gustavia Manapany, the most luxurious hotel in St. Barths, is not far from the Le Carenage harbor. What makes Saint Barthelemy hotels very special in the eyes of the tourists? Well, first of all, St. Barths hotels are very affordable. To attract a huge number of foreigners and locals, the government requires hotels to make price discounts. During the tropical vacation season, almost all hotels present incredible discount offers. Therefore, tourists can stay in luxurious high-class hotels for very affordable prices. Pocket-friendly Saint Barthelemy hotels have attracted thousands of foreigners in the last few years. Some tourism companies offer economy packages that include flight tickets, hotel stay, and transportation for discounted prices. As tourists prefer convenient and affordable vacations, they choose St. Barths instead of other island countries. Most importantly, hotels offer free breakfast, lunch, and dinner for guests who stay at the hotel for more than a week during the summer season. By choosing St. Barths hotels, tourists save a lot of money and time. 


shopping Many St. Barths hotels have indoor shopping centers. Indoor clothing, jewelry, handicrafts, and technology shops create huge convenience for tourists. Without leaving the hotel area, people can get almost anything they need during the vacation. Also, some hotels allow local artists to sell their handmade stuff at indoor stores. You can buy many interesting souvenirs such as a specially decorated Saint Barthelemy flag as a gift for your friends and family members. Hotel Gustavia Manapany features the biggest indoor shopping center in St. Barths. 

Hotel bus trips

bus Another advantage of St. Barths hotels is that they offer bus services for tourists who wish to explore the city. For sure the hotel bus is not free of charge. However, traveling around the city via a hotel bus costs much less than using public transportation or taxi. Hotel buses also offer guides during the tour. You will have a chance to learn more about the lifestyle of St. Barths by attending guided hotel bus trips. Tour guides will not let you get lost, as well. Last but not least, the fact - hotels are not far from Saint Barthelemy airport is very advantageous for tourists. In this case, the transportation costs from Saint Barthelemy airport to the hotel become very low and pocket-friendly.

Caribbean shores - water sports heaven

saint barthelemy beach The tropical Caribbean Sea is worldwide famous as beach heaven. Thanks to its crystal clear water, unique turquoise color, and rich flora and fauna, the Caribbean Sea has attracted global attention. A considerable number of tourism experts strongly advise St. Barth's shores of the Caribbean as a vacation destination. While enjoying the summer holiday in St. Barths, you can try several water sports. Start with snorkeling is a great activity when the weather is calm and dry. After wearing proper snorkeling clothing and getting some instructions, you can start an incredible underwater adventure. It would be better to join guided snorkeling tours where the local professional will take you to the underwater world's most colorful areas. You will have dozens of chances to see a myriad of interesting tropical sea creatures. Smooth trunkfish, barred hamlet, great barracuda, queen angelfish, and rock beauty are famous Caribbean fish species that you will see while snorkeling. 

Scuba diving

scuba diving Another water sport that you will adore on St. Barths beaches is scuba diving. This water sport is a great opportunity to explore the wild sea life of the Caribbean. The preparatory instructions for diving sport are pretty easy, and you can dive on the first try. Furthermore, sailing is a great tourist activity perfect for calm Caribbean waters. It is great fun to attend sailing journeys with other tourists. Sailing around the island will allow you to admire the beauties of the St. Barths from different angles. Sailing will be one of the best activities during your travel to Saint-Barthelemy. Kitesurfing, jet skiing, kayaking, and paddle boarding are also available on many beaches and hotel areas. Vitet, Ile Fourche, Grand Cul de Sac, Anse des Flamands, and Colombier are exceptional beaches suitable for a myriad of water sports. Beaches are one of the best Saint Barthelemy places to visit.

A quick recap

saint barthelemy In this blog article, we have talked about the great tourist attractions and noteworthy places in Saint Barthelemy, an exceptionally charming island in the Caribbean region. We have also answered the following questions: Where is Saint Barthelemy? How to get to Saint Barthelemy? What are the best Saint Barthelemy places to visit? This blog has given you basic information about St. Barths and has listed the most entertaining tourist attractions, activities, and sightseeing. After finding out where is Saint Barthelemy and how to get to Saint Barthelemy, you can book the flight tickets, arrange your accommodation, and organize the most beautiful tropical vacation of your lifetime.

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