“We are from the future” – How will travel change?

Arzu Chinarli26 November 20192126 views4 min. read
“We are from the future” – How will travel change?

We are unaware of what will happen to us today. However, we have some ideas about the future, due to some research and hypothesis. We imagine the future as a fantastic movie: flying cars, strange buildings, space travel, and teleportation, etc. Now let’s travel to the future together and see how tourism can change.

How travel and tourism will change in the future?


We will have two kinds of news for you regarding the future of tourism: good and bad. Though we will upset you at the beginning with some points, in the end, we will make you happy.

The bad news about future of tourism is that there is nothing permanent in life, everything ends, and historic buildings are not an exception. There are many historical monuments and exciting places in the world visited by tourists that may not exist in the future.


What is the forecast for future tourism? If the forecasts for global warming and rising water levels in the world oceans are correct, the Maldives will be the ones that will be wiped off the face of the earth. The process is already underway, and the islands are about to sink. The pessimist scientists claim that the Maldives will become a submerged city in 30 years, and optimists claim for 100 years. The locals take it all seriously and even set up a fund to buy new land for the Maldives. Many companies are already constructing their restaurants and hotels underwater. For example, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island opened the Ithaa Undersea restaurant underwater in 2005.


Venice, the Italian city, soon will not be able to please tourists anymore. The town will be underwater gradually. Every year Venice is submerged in approximately 5 mm. Floods continue to rise, and water will eventually wipe off Venice from the map in 2100. 

Increasing water levels are damaging many tourist areas. Nevertheless, it is enough about the bad things that are happening. Let’s talk about good things about the future of tourism and cheer up.

The bright future of tourism

white costume

Innovations are waiting for us in space tourism, and maybe our children will want to travel to Mars and Jupiter instead of Paris or London. And, these will not be impossible dreams, as some processes are underway for the development of space travel and space tourism. The Virgin Group creator, Richard Branson, says that anyone will soon be able to go on a two-week space trip. Although there were trips to space in the 2000s, the price did not suit anyone. 

Let’s not rush into space tourism yet and talk about the bright future of tourism. It is not right to escape to other worlds without exploring our world thoroughly. The water layer of our planet is not, however, thoroughly investigated. Tourists engaged in diving get acquainted with the underwater world of the seas and oceans. What about others? Should they watch them in regret? No, because of the possibilities of the future, the doors of the underwater world will be open to all and underwater tourism will be very popular. Our keys are ships. There are currently marine tours in the Caribbean, Cyprus, and Spain. The most famous manufacturers of submarines are Atlantis Submarines and Mobimar.

U-Boat Worx is known for its small boats - Cruise Sub. The submarine has large windows that help tourists to see the beauty of the ocean’s flora as a whole.

Underwater tourism is in its blooming period, and soon these tours will be more widespread.

Hotels of the future

hotel sign

The hotels of the future are also promised to be extraordinary. Experts believe that in the future, the number of hotels in underwater, mountains, and isolated areas will increase and become even more popular. The hotel staff will consist of robots, not humans. 

Research shows that tourism in the future will grow and the number of tourists will increase. Even some scholars believe that there is tourism dependence. Economists say that tourism will be one of the three critical factors in the economy in the future, and each country will develop its economy by boosting its tourism. And the main thing is that tourism is the best option for a holiday. 

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