What are the best tourist attractions in Belgium

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What are the best tourist attractions in Belgium

Belgium is one of the most beautiful countries you can see in the world. Here you can see the tourist attractions in Belgium. However, before traveling to this country, you need to learn about the Belgium visa. First of all, we need to find an answer to the question of “What to do in Belgium?”.

Those who come from the 15 countries of the European Union do not need a visa to enter any part of Belgium. You will still be subjected to registration requests, particularly if you stay longer than 90 days. Those from other countries may or may not be subject to visa requirements. The embassy or consulate of the country you go to can help you with the information you will need, but keep in mind that the regulations are complicated and subject to change. Belgium is part of the Schengen Treaty, allowing free movement for residents in the countries below the Schengen Area: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Holland, Portugal, and Spain.

Travel between 90 days and six months, for tourists from North and South America, a visa is not required for most non-EU countries and other countries. If you are not a resident of the EU, you must stay more than 90 days, and you must personally present yourself to the local consulate or embassy of your country before leaving.

Short-term visas: for those on a visa for no more than 90 days, the most common type is the Schengen visa, which gives you the ability to travel within the countries recognized by the treaty without any problems. You must apply for the first destination you have chosen, where you will reside the most time or the first country you will enter. These documents need for you: a passport valid for at least 3 months after the date of departure, a document to be completed and a recent photograph, a valid reason for stay, sufficient funds to be able to live, and a return ticket. The application process can take up to a month, so plan.

embassy of belgium

Residents of Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, Norway do not need a stay of fewer than 90 days unless they are eligible for a work visa. Citizens of other non-European countries must apply for a long-term visa in the consulate or embassy of Belgium of origin and have the stamp in their passport before traveling. Visas cannot change once you arrive in Belgium.

To apply for a long-term visa, you need a passport that is valid for at least 3 months after your arrival, plus some of the following documents:

  • A legally recognized and translated birth certificate for all members of your family
  • Copies of marriage or divorce certificates with translation
  • A medical certificate from an approved doctor (your consulate or embassy will give you a list)
  • The completed certificate
  • 1 to 6 or more passport-sized photos
  • Work permit
  • Proof of legitimacy to carry out your work in the country or a professional card that will serve you as a work permit.
  • A report from the police (also called a certificate of good conduct)
  • Proof of financial resources
  • Proof of health insurance
  • If you are a student, proof of admission to a school or university
  • If you are an au pair, a copy of the agreement with the family.

What are some tourist attractions in Belgium


Belgium has many beautiful cities that you can visit. You as a tourist can find tourist attractions in this country. There are popular tourist attractions here. So, what are some tourist attractions in Belgium?


gent city

You have many reasons to travel to Belgium. The city of Gent is one of these reasons. Gent is a wonderful student city, with a rich history and a lot of cultures. Visit the Gravensteen here, a medieval castle right in the center of the city. If you visit here in the summer, you can enjoy the city festival Gentse Feesten, which is one of the largest folk festivals in Europe. Gent is also the ideal city to go shopping or to visit museums. Another highlight is the Gent altarpiece in St Bavo’s Cathedral in Gent. You will find the Mystic Lamb by the brothers Hubert and Jan van Eyck, who created it in 1432.


belgium cityscape at central railway station

Antwerp is a real diamond city. You can search and find popular tourist attractions in this city. The mainly Jewish diamond dealers trade their wares in the streets around the central station. Because of all the cyclists you see driving around, and the city feels a bit Dutch. In the Golden Age of Flanders, the 17th century, Antwerp was already a prosperous city due to its flourishing trade center and large port. The city is of great economic importance to Belgium.


yacht harbor of ostend

You can find tourist attractions in Belgium in Ostend. Ostend is also called “the queen of seaside resorts”. You have a beautiful casino, where famous stars regularly perform. Stroll here in the shopping street, along the quay and between the yachts in the harbor. Also, visit the Mercator, a three-masted ship from 1932, which is currently no longer sailing but still serves as a museum ship. If you have had enough of the beach and the shops, you can enjoy the quiet in Leopold Park next to the fountain. Have a nice dinner here in the evening and taste the delicious fresh mussels and the inimitable Belgian beer. You can visit the Museum Aan de Stroom, go shopping in the popular shopping street Meir or discover the cozy streets in the vicinity of the Groenplaats.


liege city

The city of Liege is one of the top Belgium tourist attractions. The city is known as the birthplace of the writer George Simenon and, according to several historians, Charlemagne. In addition, Liege is the city of “a hundred bell towers”, representing a strong cultural and architectural tradition. It can be seen, for example, in the platform, the fountain that does not go unnoticed in the center of the Place du Marche, the symbol of freedom. İn the most characteristic corners of the city, such as the alleys, old buildings, and streets that connect one part of the city to another. There is no shortage of religious places that majestically serve as historical references and meeting points. Centuries-old traditions alongside the desire for modernity are expressed here in the futuristic lines of the Guillemins train station, signed by Archistar Calatrava. In this place, visitors coming to Liège by high-speed train are welcomed.


picturesque dinant town

At The Botanic Garden in Meise, you can enjoy the most beautiful flowers. At Bouchout Castle you will learn all about plants and their fascinating adaptability. In the Flower Theater, you can see thousands of magnolias, crocuses, and snowdrops in bloom. The different bamboo species that grow there are also impressive. After all that walking you can relax and have a bite to eat in the Orangerie. The little ones have also been taught where they can walk around with bare feet. King Amaryllo tells them all about the most beautiful plants in the world.

Tourist places in Bruges Belgium

historic city center

Bruges is, without doubt, the most touristic city in Belgium. You can see more than enough tourist places in Bruges Belgium. It is the capital of the province of West Flanders and is located in the northwest of the country. The entire historic center has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, and when you walk around it, you will immediately see why: the medieval city is incredibly beautiful. Here you can see where the Beguines lived and where many painters got their inspiration.

The winding alleys and pretty squares offer an authentic sight. Climb the 366 steps on the Belfry for a fabulous view of the city. Stroll through the old town and walk over the many bridges along the water. Sit on a terrace at the Burg, order a ‘Brugse Zot’ beer and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

The Atomium is one of the most recognizable landmarks in Brussels. It was built in honor of the 1958 World’s Fair and represented an elemental iron crystal. The original intention was to dismantle the structure after six months, but towards the end of the Expo, it was decided to leave the now popular building. The remarkable architectural construction in Heysel Park defines the skyline of the city. The steel construction consists of nine spheres with a diameter of 18 meters. Together they form the crystal structure of iron, magnified 165 billion times. The design is by engineer André Waterkeyn and was recently clad in stainless steel. You can visit five of the nine spheres, buy your ticket €16 for the Atomium online in advance.

The Grand Place, in the center of Brussels, still exudes a typical medieval atmosphere. The marketplace originated on the right bank of the Senne, which was drained in the 12th century. Seven different streets open onto the square, with resounding names such as Hoedenmakerstraat, Vlees-en-Broodstraat, and Boterstraat. The square offers an impressive view of the 15th-century town hall, the royal house, and the various baroque guild houses in Flemish-Italian style, including the Broodhuis where the bakers used to sell their bread. Also, note the guild house “Den Cruywagen” which belonged to the guild of the fat melters and tanners, and Den Sack, which housed the guild of the carpenters.

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