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What are the conditions of the Turkey Family Reunion Visa?

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What are the conditions of the Turkey Family Reunion Visa?

By applying for a visa for Turkey, you can achieve whatever your goal is. There are different types of visas for this country. According to the policies of the Turkish government, citizens of many foreign countries can travel here without requiring a visa. At the same time, you have the opportunity to travel to Turkey by obtaining a visa quickly via e-visa. There are several countries where Turkey requires a visa. These countries are Cuba, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Laos, North Korea, Palestine, and Tonga. Only for these countries is there a requirement to obtain a visa to Turkey.

You can apply for a visa for Turkey for different reasons. Among these reasons are subjects such as getting an education, working, and traveling as a tourist. Another reason is a family reunion. It is a very essential and demanding process. When you apply for a visa to Turkey, you should have extensive knowledge about this subject. In this blog, we give you short information about family reunions and then more information about a family reunion in Turkey. We recommend that you have extensive information about this and research the visa for Turkey issue.

Marriage and family occupy a special constitutionally protected position. This protection also applies to immigrants. You have the option of family reunification under certain conditions. The right to join the family generally applies to the nuclear family. That includes spouses, minors, and parents of minors. Other family members can only obtain a residence permit in exceptional cases. If you want to bring your family to Turkey, you must have a secure residence status and be able to provide for yourself and your family. Knowing Turkish can also be an advantage for you.

The Republic of Turkey, within visa policy it has executed, requires foreign citizens to apply for a visa in line with their purpose of coming to Turkey. There are many types of visas, such as tourist, student, work, and family reunification visas, depending on the arrival purpose of foreign citizens. Visa application procedures differ from country to country. Foreign nationals and children married to a Turkish citizen can obtain a Turkey family reunification visa, and spouses and children of foreigners residing in Turkey with legal permission can also apply for this visa type. The primary purpose of the family reunion visa is to preserve family integrity. Applications for this type of visa are made to Turkish foreign representations, and electronic visa applications cannot be made online. After the rehearsal of the necessary documents requested by the representation, you must introduce the documents to the foreign representation at the meeting time. Although the required documents vary according to the countries, you can find out which documents need to be prepared by contacting the Turkish foreign representatives.

According to the visa policy Turkey imposed on particular states, the citizens of those countries are required to obtain a visa for their arrival in Turkey. A family reunion visa is permission granted to foreign family members to protect family unity and foreigners who meet certain conditions. The foreigner who is a citizen of the Republic of Turkey or married to a foreigner with a valid work or residence permit in Turkey or their children must apply for a visa for family reunification, prepare the necessary documents on the appointment day and apply to the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey.

Visa procedures can be initiated in the family reunion category after foreign nationals have officially completed their marriage with a Turkish citizen and have a valid international marriage certificate. Both parties are expected to submit documents proving the marriage. First, the foreign spouse creates an appointment record from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey to present the documents he has prepared. For the Turkey Family Reunification Visa Application, the foreign national must apply personally on the date and time of the appointment. Submitting the necessary documents in writing on the day of the appointment and verbally declaring the same information is one of the important criteria affecting the visa result of the applicant. After the successful interview, the application documents are taken into the examination. Issues such as the reality of the marriage and the accuracy of the information given are investigated. If this process is positive and there are no contradictions or false statements in the information given, the candidate's application will be approved. With the approved Turkey Family Reunion Visa, the foreigner can live in Turkey for 3 years.

Turkey visa requirements / Family reunion visa application form

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Those who apply for a visa for a family reunion in Turkey should obtain the necessary documents and submit them to the competent authority. This visa application and submission process are conducted at the embassy or consulate. Here we give you information about Turkey visa requirements for a family reunion. The documents commonly requested from foreign citizens who will apply for a family reunion visa are listed below:

  • The validity duration of the passport of a foreign citizen who will apply for a visa must be at least six months.
  • Application form filled and signed by the visa applicant
  • Four biometric photos were taken within the last 6 months
  • Marriage certification

Apart from the documents mentioned above, some documents are requested to be administered by the foreign representative office. The list of documents that should be obtainable to be submitted upon request is presented below:

  • Multinational marriage registration example for spouses
  • Proof of birth certificate for spouses
  • Residence permit document of the foreign spouse lawfully living in Turkey
  • For individuals under the age of 18, the court judgment stating that there is no obstacle to marriage and the written permission of the parents
  • The spouse of a foreign national may be required to submit a birth certificate instead of a birth certification.
  • If there was a previous marriage, the divorce decree of both spouses showing the end of their previous marriage and its Turkish translations, if there is death status, death record samples.

Foreign nationals who want to carry their children with them should prepare a separate file for the visa application. Spouses and accompanying children of foreign nationals should be made appointments as different persons and essential documents should be prepared for application. The documents to be introduced for the application for children are listed below:

  • International birth registration sample of spouses
  • International marriage license certificate of the spouses or a document from the Marriage Office in Turkey indicating that the marriage application has been made
  • Birth certificate of the children or a copy of the birth certification

Other family members - such as adult siblings, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and aunts - can only reunite if there is an “unusual difficulty”. The requirements for this are strict. For example, a severely dependent grandmother who lives alone in her home country and cannot be cared for there may fall into this group. In these cases, the Immigration Office has discretion, within a range of preferences, as to whether to allow family reunion and uses it in rare cases. In addition, living expenses, including health insurance, must be secured.

You must complete the required family reunion visa application form and present it to the authorities. Make sure that the documents you submit are prepared thoroughly and correctly. Any mistake made may result in a negative result of your visa application. Do not falsify (manipulate the document) the documents you will present. If it is comprehended that you have illegally tampered with the document, your visa application will be invalid. In addition, legal action can be taken against you as it constitutes a crime under the law.

It is helpful to visit our official website for more information.

How long does it take for family reunion visa?

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One of the important questions we can ask is “how long does it take to family reunion visa?" By the visa policy of the Republic of Turkey, the period of stay given to foreign citizens with a visa is 90 days during the last 180 days at the most. Foreigners who want to stay for more than ninety days must obtain a residence permit. If a foreigner staying in the country with a family reunification visa in Turkey wishes to stay longer than the visa time, he/she must obtain a family residence permit. In general, Turkey Family Reunion Visa preparation time is done around 5-30 working days. This process may vary by country.

Family reunion visa Turkey costs / Family reunion visa fees


Another issue that makes us think is Family reunion visa Turkey costs. Turkey Family Reunion visa fee may vary depending on the country you are a citizen. However, the standard fee for this type of visa is 25-80 dollars on average. Price changes may occur if extra documents are requested. Before applying for this visa type, we should get information about the Family reunion visa fees.

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