What are the points to consider in Belgium National (Long-term) Visa

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What are the points to consider in Belgium National (Long-term) Visa

Before getting information about visas to Belgium, let's obtain more information about the country itself firstly. Belgium, officially known as the Kingdom of Belgium, is a Western European country with a population of 11,420,163 people. Brussels, Belgium's capital, is one of the country's largest and most densely populated cities.

The Dutch, Spanish, French, and Austrian ruled various parts of today's Belgium, leaving behind a rich history and architecture. The country is known for its canals, cobblestone streets, and medieval architecture. Now, it is time to learn about Belgium visa, Belgium visa appointment and other relevant information.

Belgium national visa information

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If you plan to stay in Belgium for more than 90 days but don't intend to stay permanently, you'll need to apply for Belgium visa (a long-stay category D) non-immigrant visa. Your reasons for coming to Belgium might be are work, study, or stay with a family member, for example. Certain long-stay Belgian national visa applications have required an additional contribution since 2015. This fee is in addition to the standard handling fee, and it must be paid to the Belgian Immigration Office before the submission of Belgium visa application form. Belgium visa fees range from €62 to €358 depending on the circumstances, though certain groups are exempt, such as children.

You will need to apply for a category D long-stay Belgian visa to relocate to Belgium or plan to visit for an extended period (more than a year). Your reason for moving to Belgium determines the type of visa you apply for. How to get a Belgium visa? A long-stay Belgium visa fees €180 plus the same surcharges as non-immigrant visas. In most cases, you must apply for this visa at a Belgian embassy or consulate in your home country. If you're applying from Belgium, go to your local municipal administration office/town hall, or you can find more Belgium national visa information on "Services" section part of Pickvisa.com.

There are several types of Belgian immigrant visas available. Including:

Visas for family reunions

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If you're a non-EU/EEA or Swiss national, you can apply for a long-term visa to accompany your spouse, registered partner, or parent (if you're a dependent family member) who has been granted Belgium visa appointment and visa to come and live in Belgium. You must prove your relationship, have suitable housing in Belgium and have sufficient funds to support the family's living and healthcare costs.

For a long-stay visa in Belgium, you'll need to fill out a Belgium visa application form, provide various documents (such as a valid passport/ID and proof of relationship to a relative), and show proof of payment details.

Children who have been adopted

You must apply for a long-term Belgian category D visa for a child if you a Belgian citizen or a foreign resident is residing in Belgium who wishes to adopt a child from another country. A completed application form, passport, parents' passports with visas/residence permits, child's birth certificate, and completed adoption forms are required before apply for Belgium visa. Belgian citizenship is automatically granted to children adopted by parents born in Belgium or who have Belgian citizenship.

Visas for work

You must first find work in Belgium before applying for a long-term work visa. Employers in Belgium apply for work permits on your behalf. A Category A work visa is a long-term Belgian visa that allows the holder to work for any employer indefinitely.

Visas for business owners

Non-EU/EFTA nationals who want to start a business or work in Belgium must first apply for a professional card, which acts as a license to trade and conduct independent business activities. You must apply for a long-stay classification D Belgian visa at the Belgian consulate or embassy in your home country (or at the municipal administration offices if you are already in Belgium), filing an application form along with all Belgium visa requirements. You can apply for a professional card and a Belgian visa at the same time. The regional authorities issue the professional card. More information can be found on the websites for the regions of Flanders, Wallonia, and Brussels-Capital.

Belgian retirement

Residents of non-EU/EFTA countries must apply for a Category D long-stay visa at the Belgian embassy or consulate in their home country. You must demonstrate your ability to support yourself without working in order to retire to Belgium. This can be accomplished by providing six months' worth of bank statements, pension statements, or proof of real estate income. You'll also have to write a letter explaining why you want to move to Belgium. Those who can show a connection to Belgium will be given priority (e.g., family ties or having lived in the country before). The Belgium visa requirements are a completed and signed form, valid passport/ID, medical certificate, criminal record history certificate, and proof of visa fee payments.

How to get a Belgium visa


If you arrive in Belgium by air, you will be required to present some travel and identification documents to a Belgian border officer upon arrival. The following are the documents:

  • A passport or other travel document that is valid. Issued within the last ten years and valid for at least three months beyond the date you plan to leave Belgium (and the Schengen Zone).
  • If you are subject to the Belgian visa regime, you will need a visa.

Other supporting documents, such as an invitation letter from a Belgian host, proof of lodging, or a round-trip ticket, may be requested. Contact our services for more information.

The Belgian border official will examine these documents and may ask you a few questions about your trip to Belgium, such as:

  • What is the purpose of your trip to Belgium?
  • Do you plan to stay in Belgium for a long time?
  • Where will you be staying in Belgium?

The Belgian border officer will make the final decision on whether or not you should be allowed to enter Belgium after reviewing your documents. If everything appears to be in order, you will be permitted to enter Belgium and, as a result, the Schengen Area.

When entering the Schengen area, make sure the Belgian border officer stamps your passport with an entry stamp. You could be fined or deported from Belgium if you don't have a stamp.

Belgium visa requirements


When applying for a Belgium visa, you must submit the following documents:

  • Belgium visa application form. In the end, the document is filled out, printed, and signed.
  • Two nearly identical photographs. The photos should be no older than three months and taken following Belgium visa requirements.
  • Your identification card. To apply for the Belgium visa sticker, it must have at least two blank pages. Before applying, make sure your passport is valid for at least three months beyond the date you plan to leave Belgium (Schengen territory). It cannot be more than ten years old.
  • Copies of any previous visas you've had (if applicable).
  • A Language Preference Form is available. Belgian authorities give you the option of having your application processed in one of the three national languages of Belgium (French, German or Dutch). If you prefer to complete the application in English, however, please select "no preference."
  • A letter of introduction. In which you explain why you want to visit Belgium and provide additional information about your trip.
  • Itinerary for a round-trip flight. Contains the dates and flight numbers for entering and leaving Belgium (Schengen area).
  • Travel insurance for the Schengen Area. You must present a document confirming that you have purchased travel insurance for Belgium and the entire Schengen area, with a minimum coverage of €30,000 for medical emergencies and repatriation in the event of death.
  • A proof of lodging is required. A document indicating your lodging arrangements in Belgium. That is, a hotel reservation for the entire length of the planned stay in Belgium.
  • A copy of your civil status. This could be a marriage certificate, children's birth certificates, a spouse's death certificate, and so on.
  • Evidence of sufficient financial resources for the duration of your stay in Belgium. According to the Belgian Immigration Office, a traveller must declare that he or she has €95 per day if staying in a hotel and €45 if staying in a hostel. And take into consideration that additional amount can be spent for Belgium national visa extension. If you want more about countries visa extensions, you can find lots of blogs on our website.

Belgium national visa application

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You must complete the following steps to complete Belgium national visa application:

1. Determine where you must apply for a visa to enter Belgium.

2. Select the appropriate Belgium Schengen visas are the most common. Choose the appropriate visa type for your trip to Belgium based on the purpose of your visit.

3. Gather the necessary documentation for a visa to Belgium. Make sure you have all of the necessary documents for the type of Belgium visa you're applying for, and that they all meet the requirements set forth by the Belgian Embassy or Consulate in your home country.

4. Schedule a visa appointment with the Belgian Embassy/Consulate in your country of residence or a Belgium-accredited visa application center.

5. Go to the appropriate Belgian Embassy/Consulate/VAC for a visa interview. After that it will take some Belgium visa processing time to complete all steps. Now, let's find out how long it takes.

Belgium visa processing time


In most cases, Belgium visa processing time can take up to 15 days. This period may be extended in some cases as follows:

  • Up to 30 days, depending on the volume of applications received by the Belgian embassy or the sensitivity of your case
  • In exceptional circumstances, such as when the Belgian embassy needs to consult with the embassy of one or more Schengen members, up to 60 days may be granted.

As a result, you should apply for your Belgian visa as soon as possible, but no later than three months before your trip to Belgium.

Belgium national visa extension

european parliament

The European Parliament's regulation and the Council of 13 July 2009 establishing a Community Code on Visas allows for Schengen visa extensions. However, if you do not have a compelling reason to support your application, you will have a very slim chance of receiving one.

Only the following are acceptable reasons for extending a Schengen visa, according to the Schengen visa policy:

- Late Arrival

- Humanitarian considerations

- Extenuating Circumstances

- Reasons of Great Personal Value

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