What is the difference between Wallis and Futuna short and long term visa?

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What is the difference between Wallis and Futuna short and long term visa?

Some people leave their own country and go to another foreign country for different purposes. Some of them travel to other countries to continue their education, some as tourists, and some for different reasons. Wallis and Futuna are one of the ideal areas for travel. So where is Wallis and Futuna? We can give such an explanation to the question of where is Wallis and Futuna. Wallis and Futuna is a French region located in the South Pacific. This region is located between Fiji and Samoa, and the capital of Wallis and Futuna is Mata-Utu in Uvea. The people of this place are governed by the authority of the Catholic church and the French administration. The current population of Wallis and Futuna is around 9000. It was founded by a Polynesian people who were conquered by Tongan warriors due to great wars many years ago.

This place has a rich dance and food culture. One of the places that tourists must visit is Lalolalo lake. The depth of the lake extends up to 80 meters. In addition, there are the Pierre Chanel Church, St. Peter Chanel Basilica and Mata-Utu Cathedral.

Every foreign people who want to come here should get general information about this region. In particular, it is necessary to have information about places to visit, accommodation and flight tickets. But before that, the more important thing is to know the documents and visa procedure required to travel to this region.

The official language in Wallis and Futuna is French. However, Wallisian and Tununian local languages are also used. Other than these, English is used, but the number of English speakers is not very high. People who are considering traveling here are advised to speak French.

Traveling to Wallis and Futuna can be easy or difficult depending on which country you come from. It is possible to reach this land only by air and you can only fly here with Aircalin. There is only one airport in the region. Hihifo Airport is the only airport in Wallis and Futuna. After getting off the plane, it is possible to easily reach the desired location of the region from the airport.

Wallis and Futuna short term visa requirements

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When traveling to Wallis and Futuna, we first have to know the visa-related document requirements. After preparing all the documents, we can start our trip. What are the Wallis and Futuna short term visa requirements? These are Wallis and Futuna short term visa requirements:

• Original passport (Must be valid for 6 months)

• Copy of passport biography page

• Online visa application form

• 2 photos of 35x45 mm size (The picture must have a white background matt finish and have a face size of 80%)

• Return ticket.

• Original savings bank statements of the last 6 months, updated with a healthy account

• Enough blank pages in your passport for the required entry visa

• Bank Statement (Copy of bank account status information for the last 3 months)

• Round-trip airline ticket or ticket to another destination

• Medical travel insurance certificate (Minimum 30.000 euro consistency and validity for all Schengen countries)

• Employment Letter (A document from your place of work showing that you have been given leave and that you will return to your current job. If you are self-employed, then a copy of the document showing the business's tax return. If you are retired, then document showing proof of pension fund)

• Copies of the latest 3 pay stubs

Hotel reservations

• Personal invitation (İf you are visiting family or friends, this time you need the contact information of the visitor and the host, reason for visit, duration of stay, date, address and signature. You also need to have proof of the host's status in Wallis and Futuna. Also, if they are not citizens of the Wallis and Futuna Islands, copies of the residence permit and a copy of their national passport information are required.

Wallis and Futuna long term visa

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Wallis and Futuna Long term visa has a validity period of up to 1 year with multiple entries. Who needs a long term visa? You can apply for a long term visa when you go for a long-term job, scientific research, education or other similar reasons. What are Wallis and Futuna long term visa requirements? There are required documents for Wallis and Futuna long term visa:

• Application Form

• Passport

• Photo

• ID Card Copy

• Residence Permit/Visa Copy

• Travel Itinerary

• Letter from Local Employer/Sponsor

• Proof of Financial Means

• Medical Insurance

• Supporting Documents that Show Your Reason for a Trip

For minors, you need an English translation of birth certificate or adoption certificate, or if parents are divorced or deceased, then you need an English translation of this. If the minor is travelling without parents, then official proof of parental consent is required.

The Embassy may request other documents in addition to these documents.

Wallis and Futuna short term visa application

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How can I apply for a Wallis and Futuna short term visa? Those who want a visa have to complete the Wallis and Futuna short term visa application process. What steps do the Wallis and Futuna short term visa application process consist of? The application process is almost the same as in other countries. These stages can be listed as follows:

• Visa appointment process

• The process of collecting the necessary documents

• Payment of visa fee

• Visa interview

• Waiting processing time of visa

After successfully passing all these stages, you have completed the necessary procedures.

What is the difference between Wallis and Futuna short and long term visa?

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There are some differences between Wallis and Futuna short and long term visas. First of all, there is a duration difference between a short term visa and a long term visa. For a short term visa, you have a residence permit for up to 90 days. For a long term visa, you have a residence permit for more than 90 days. You can apply for a short term visa for touristic purposes. You can apply for a long-term visa for academic study or by obtaining a work visa.

Wallis and Futuna visa interview

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When you travel from one country to another, you may have to give an interview. Is a Wallis and Futuna visa interview necessary? Yes, a Wallis and Futuna visa interview is required. You must apply to the Embassy or consulate for the Wallis and Futuna visa interview. Here you may be asked about your reason for travelling to Wallis and Futuna and your general information.

Where to apply for a visa?

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The easiest way to apply for Wallis and Futuna is at embassies and consulates. You can also apply at the France visa application centres. Depending on the country you are in, the application system may vary.

Visa-Free countries

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Even if Wallis and Futuna are not included in the European Union and Schengen Area, citizens of this country can travel here with facilitated applications. Citizens of the European Union, as well as citizens of the Schengen Area, can travel to this area without a passport. All they need to travel is their national identity card.

Citizens of the countries shown below can travel to Wallis and Futuna without obtaining a new visa if they hold a multiple entry visa (Schengen) valid for more than 6 months, issued by the French government:

• Belarus

• Russia

• Ukraine

• Bahrain

• Kuwait

• Oman

• Qatar

• China

• India

• South Africa

If you are a citizen who does not qualify for these conditions, you must obtain a separate visa for Wallis and Futuna from the French diplomatic missions (Embassy or consulate). A special statement must be specified on the visa for validity. Otherwise, you cannot travel to France and other Schengen countries with the visa you have only obtained for Wallis and Futuna.

Wallis and Futuna long term processing time and visa fee


The estimated processing time for the Wallis and Futuna long term visa is within 10-30 days. However, this period may vary according to the countries where the application is made. Wallis and Futuna long term visa fee is 99 euro. But this fee may vary from country to country. In addition to this fee, a service fee may also be requested.

Wallis and Futuna short term visa extension

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Sometimes short term travel isn't enough for people. People want to extend the visa period in the country they go to for different reasons. So, is Wallis and Futuna short term visa extension possible? You can extend your short term trip by applying to the immigration office of the country you are visiting. Thus, Wallis and Futuna short term visa extension is possible.

Wallis and Futuna short term visa on arrival

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Sometimes people take advantage of the option of obtaining a visa where they travel. Are Wallis and Futuna short term visa on arrival possible, and how is it done? Yes, Wallis and Futuna short term visa on arrival is possible. When you arrive in this country, you have the opportunity to obtain a visa at the airport. You can complete the process by presenting the official documents to the airport officer, which we mentioned before.

Wallis and Futuna visa benefits

What are the Wallis and Futuna visa benefits? If you are coming to Wallis and Futuna for a trip, you should visit the historical places here and taste the cultural dishes at the same time. Especially, every tourist should visit to Catholic Church. The Catholic church in Wallis and Futuna is a large catholic church inspired by the life and death of Jesus Christ. The majority of the population of French territories in the Pacific today is Catholic. According to research from The CIA World Factbook, 99% of the Wallis and Futuna population is Catholic. When you travel to these lands, you can research the region's religious culture and learn a lot of things about Catholic Christianity. There are also famous foods and drinks. Kava drink, used in religious rituals, is one of the most common local drinks of the region. This drink is brewed in a wooden bowl. Australian beer is a very popular drink in Wallis and Futuna. When you travel here, you can taste this beer. Examples of things that attract tourists are the tomb of Saint Pierre Chanel, lakes on the island, beaches, golf courses, and diving and flying. These are just minor parts of Wallis and Futuna visa benefits.

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