What to pack for a trip to Argentina?

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What to pack for a trip to Argentina?

Starting your tour with travel to Argentina is the perfect choice for you. Before planning trip to Argentina, you should research how you can get to this country. Before traveling, get information about the country's visa and search for an Argentina visa. You can go here with either an e-visa or a classic visa. If you intend to travel as a tourist, you should obtain a short-stay visa at this time. You can go to Argentina as a tourist with a short-term visa, and you can also take part in events such as short-term training and conferences. Before applying for a visa, you should thoroughly research this country and planning trip to Argentina.

You can apply for an Argentinian tourist visa at the Argentinian embassy or consulate in your country. Moreover, visa centers can also assist you. If you are only going to travel as a tourist, you will need to get an Argentinian Tourist Visa.

argentina visa

A tourist visa for Argentina is issued in about 45 days. This period may vary by country. Before we come here, we must find the answer to the question "how much is a trip to Argentina." By researching the Argentina visa fee, we find answers to the question "how much is a trip to Argentina." The Argentinian tourist visa fee varies between 150-200 euros. According to the agreement between Canada and Argentina, Canadian citizens must pay a reciprocity fee of about 160 dollars.

Before traveling, there are things people forget to pack. People should not forget to take their documents. To obtain a tourist visa to Argentina, you must have the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Two New Photos (4cm x 4cm)
  • ID Card Copy
  • Residence Permit
  • Return Flight Tickets or Travel Itinerary
  • Letter from Local Employer
  • Proof of Financial Means
  • Proof of Visit
  • Proof of Paid Argentina Visa Fee

Sometimes passports, mobile phones, and tickets are things people forget to pack. Do not forget them.

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Why take a trip to Argentina / Fun things to pack for a road trip

mount fitz roy

One of the countries you should go to when traveling to South America is Argentina. There are as many places to visit in Argentina as you want. The historical places, museums, waterfalls, rivers you can visit here are pleasing to the eye. Argentina has a unique culture, food, and lifestyle, geographically rich country. The country's cultural changes are visible with the influence of those who migrated here from Europe.

Moreover, the country is famous for its tango, local dances, and football. When you visit here, you should not forget to visit the beaches of Argentina. Some places that can be visited and seen in Argentina are mentioned in this blog. What you should take when you travel to Argentina is also mentioned. If you are traveling with your child, do not forget to take his toys with you. These toys are fun things to pack for a road trip.

Buenos Aires

ponte de la mujer

Buenos Aires is one of the reasons to trip to Argentina. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, is of great importance in terms of tourism. In general, tourists always go to the capital city first in the country they travel to. Therefore, the importance of Buenos Aires is relatively high. This city, called the Paris of South America, reminds us of European cities. Because the city's architectural structure is very similar to the architecture of European cities. Buenos Aires is known for its tango and fashion. When you get into the city, you will find places that offer tango lessons and fashion-related stores in many places. The country's presidential palace is also located in this city. At the same time, historical buildings, museums, and opera arts centers are among the city's most important symbols. So comfortable shoes among things to pack for a trip.

La Plata

zamora skyline by duero river

La Plata is the capital of the province of Buenos Aires. The architectural structure of the region belongs to ancient times. Designed by someone named Dardo Rocha, the city is rich with parks. There are parks, albeit small, on almost every street of the region. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is one of the most visited place by tourists. At the same time, this place is frequently visited by the local people. The Argentina Theatre is considered one of the city's most important structures. Not only foreign tourists but also local people come here. If you visit this region, it would be beneficial to go and see the Museo Plata. La Plata is worth the trip to Argentina.


mount fitz roy

The Patagonia region is a mystical land located in Argentina. The division of this region into two by the Andes also increases its importance. The Andes mountains share this region with the two countries. Part of Patagonia is in Argentina, and the other is in Chile. This region, divided into two, is partly covered with green forests, and the other consists of plateaus. By traveling to this region, you can feel the richness of nature even more closely. Patagonia is the best choice for people who love to travel in the bosom of nature.

If you want to hike on the mountain simultaneously, you can take advantage of the Andes. You can spend your day in a better way by visiting the museums and national parks in the region.



One of the places you can visit with pleasure in Argentina is the city of Ushuaia. This city can answer the question, "why take a trip to Argentina." This city is in the southernmost part of the world. For this reason, the city was given the name "end of the world." Surrounded by great mountains, the city is a beautiful place in nature. Tourists come here both to visit nature and to see the "end of the world." This land was established by the British. The Ushuaia region began to be used by the Italians after the second world war. Buildings such as new restaurants and residential areas began to be built in the region.

The fact that the area is tiny does not create an obstacle for tourists. The Beagle Channel and other islands present here attract tourists. Given the presence of the sea in its vicinity, taking an excursion by boat is just the thing to do. The region has built parks with walking paths to make it easy for tourists and locals to travel. What's more, although the area is small, there are also lakes. If you are going to travel here in summer, you should not forget to pack sunscreen in your suitcase so that you can sunbathe on the seashores. This is one of those things to pack for a trip.

Tigre and Parana Delta

tigre river

Tigre is a tiny town in the Argentine capital. Despite its small size, it is of great interest to tourists. Parana is taken from the nickname given to the local people living here. The town of Tigre is a vibrant place in terms of nature. Although it is a small-scale land, there are forests and a river here. At the same time, unique restaurants and nightclubs operate for tourists. You can watch the lifestyles of the local people by traveling here. At the same time, you will have the chance to learn about their culture and food. Besides learning something new, you will have an excellent tour.

Peninsula of Valdes

sea lions

About 1,400 kilometers from the Argentine capital, the Valdes Peninsula is one of the perfect places to visit. The exciting part is the geographical structure of this place. Most of the peninsula consists of salt lakes. These salt lakes cause tourists to visit this place. At the same time, a large part of the land consists of deserts. These lands were ruled by the British in the past. They founded this place in 1886. This region is rich in different kinds of animals. You can often see whales, especially in the region where there are a lot of marine animals. San Jose bay is famous for its whales.
Along with this, the peninsula is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Remember things to pack when traveling when you come here. You can place different memories in your life by visiting this place.

El Calafate

glacier perito moreno

El Calafate has become the pearl of Argentina and the entire South American continent. Los Glaciares National Park is one of the most different best-known places for tourists. Special buses are available for tourists to come here. Or you can easily travel here by taxi. The most important place of the region is the region with a large glacier. This place, called Perito Moreno, consists of a sea rich in ice. When you come here, you will see that the ice melts and falls into the water. You can watch this view for hours without moving. Thinking that icebergs are dangerous, it would be beneficial to stay away from them. Boat tours are also organized here for tourists. You can have a good time by taking advantage of these tours. It would be best if you did things to pack when traveling before coming here.



San Carlos de Bariloche, also known simply as Bariloche, is located on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi at the foot of the Andes in northwest Patagonia and is the largest city in the lake region. Embedded in a beautiful, typically alpine mountain landscape, it is a well-known tourist destination that attracts visitors worldwide. Here you will find some exciting sights in every season: in winter, you can ski in the snow of the Cerro Catedral, in the warm months, you can go hiking, fishing, rafting, canoeing, cycling, and horse riding.

Bariloche has a strange history. Originally founded as a center for the leather and cattle trade between Chile and Argentina, it was rebuilt based on the model of Alpine architecture with houses made of wood and stone so that it was nicknamed "Switzerland of the Andes." Walking through the center, you can admire buildings like the Centro Civico and the neo-Gothic Cathedral of Our Lady of Nahuel Huapi, and you feel like you are in a European village. Be sure to visit the signature cafes and taste the chocolate made here, the best in Argentina.

The paths that climb the surrounding mountains offer beautiful unspoiled scenery. In Bariloche, there are also numerous inviting beaches for a relaxing day in the sun, such as Playa Bonita, Playa Melipal, Playa Serena, and Villa Tacul on Lake Nahuel Huapi or those of Villa Los Coihues and the west bank of Lake Gutierrez. But be careful before you swim: the water here is pretty cold.

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