What to pack for a trip to Cuba?

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What to pack for a trip to Cuba?

Although the country's development of tourism is much slower than in other destinations, travelers are heading to the pearl of the Caribbean. Among the different peculiarities of the requirements to travel to Cuba, there are two that tend to be the ones that most concern travelers. First, it is mandatory to have travel medical insurance to Cuba to enter the country. Second, you must have your visa for Cuba or your Tourist Card. All this stops being a headache for you. We have prepared this blog that will answer all your answers.

Before starting the procedures to travel to Cuba, you may have read about the documents and have doubts about them. In some places, they call it a Visa for Cuba; in others, a Cuba visa, and you may even have heard of the Tourist Card of Cuba. If so, we understand that you are in a mess and do not know where to go.

We have spoken on numerous occasions about the need and the enormous benefits of good travel insurance. In the case of Cuba, it is not only highly recommended, but it is required. If you arrive in the country and do not have travel insurance to Cuba, they will force you to get one at the airport. It has a much higher price and less coverage than those you can get online.

The option of obtaining a visa "on arrival" was enabled for travelers entering the country through the Havana airport, but at this moment, this service is suspended.

The tourist card for Cuba has a validity of 180 days. When you get this document, it arrives in Cuba, and you can stay here within 30 days.

Before you plan trip to Cuba, you should have some information about your visa. To travel to Cuba, you should apply for a visa, and for that, you must obtain the necessary documents:

  • Application Form
  • Passport
  • Two New Photos (32-26mm)
  • ID Card Copy
  • Residence Permit
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Overseas Medical Insurance (min. 30,000 euros)

Plan trip to Cuba / Cost of trip to Cuba

cuba visa declaration form

The Cuban Tourist visa fee is in the range of 20-75 dollars. However, this fee may vary from country to country. The cost of trip to Cuba is this fee not only for the visa. Apart from that, you have to bring money to travel the country. So try to find cheap places to visit as a tourist in Cuba.

It is often said that Cuba must be seen at least once in a lifetime. I suppose this is true, considering that everything changed radically before and after the death of Fidel Castro (the Leader of the Cuban revolution). In that case, it is true even today that change in reality still seems so far away. The model of society that the revolution wanted to create but partially realized, the beaches that Cubans dream of, its fertile nature, the sluggish life in their cities, and the joy Cubans face must be seen.

It is located in the Caribbean Sea, just over 150 km from Miami and about 200 km from Mexico; it represents a very important historical witness. Thanks to its low cost of living, always warm tropical climate, and unmissable natural beauty, it is also very much appreciated. It is a popular tourist destination.

If you've been to the Caribbean, it's because you love the sea most and dream of beaches. What more do you want white sand, clear water, and classic palmette as a background? Maybe a freshly prepared mojito from a buffet or a Cuban pound for a few euros? Yes, you are in heaven. Playa deL este, Playa Rancho Luna, Playa Maguana are just a few of the more than 300 people nestled in between 6,000 kilometers off the island's coast. Here we recommend a few places to visit:


morro fortress

Coming from Europe, the first impression on the island is almost always through its capital. Havana is a great city with old charm and Cuba's economic and cultural center, with palaces, churches, castles, and museums witnessing the Spanish colonial heritage. The old town has a unique charm and has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Don't miss the Cathedral, the Capitolio, the Grand Theatre, the Museum of the Revolution, the cafes that Hemingway frequented, and the 50's Cadillacs still on the streets.

El Malecon


It is Havana's promenade and perhaps one of the best-known promenades in the world. Street performers and musicians perform at dusk as the lights go out and the city becomes a magical and romantic place. From the street, you can see the buildings and monuments of the old city and have a special perspective to take some meaningful photos.


little church

Trinidad is a beautiful village with colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Stop to sleep in a Casa Particular, taste the local food and immerse yourself in the dances held in Piazza Mayor, here is the live music. Trinidad is also a UNESCO heritage site.

Tobacco fields

tobacco plantation

We will see how the cigar is prepared. It is one of the many symbols of Cuba and one of the driving factors of the economy. The area is Pinar del Rio, amongst green hills and tobacco fields; you can go horseback riding and visit Haciendas where precious leaves are processed until the final product.



If you like architecture and culture in general, Camaguey is for you. Built with a square urban layout, it features buildings that combine Art Deco, Art nouveau, Neoclassicism, and Eclecticism is an amazing mix. Beautiful theaters and cultural environments give the city that slightly chic air that sets it apart from the rest.



It had started to flourish in recent years when we noticed the beauty of the surrounding nature, the pristine beaches not far away, above all Playa Pesquero and Esmeralda. Biran, Banes, and Gibara are small towns around Holguin that visit. It is little known as a tourist destination.

Island of Cayo Largo


200 kilometers south of Havana lies the Los Canarreos archipelago, and Cayo Largo is one of its most beautiful islands. It is a privileged place to observe, snorkel or relax on its magnificent white sandy beaches, observing pelicans, turtles, small crocodiles, and countless other wild species. So much beauty to fill your eyes.


View of Baracoa and El Yunque

If you want to take a break from the big cities and immerse yourself in a more human and authentic Cuba, it's time to head to Baracoa. The Cuban old town offers historical attractions such as the Municipal Museum and the Spanish Fortress, the magnificent beaches, above all Playa Boca del Miel and Maguana. Do not miss the flavors of the region.

The seabed around the island


If the Caribbean Sea is famous for world-class diving, it owes a lot to diving around Cuba. Coral gardens adorn a vibrant and colorful coral reef, while flora and fauna are very rich. There are also many shipwrecks, visibility is excellent on average, and temperatures never drop below 24 degrees. The Giardini della Regina marine park, along with the Maria La Gorda resort and the island of Cayo Largo, is the best places for your diving holidays in Cuba. Don't forget to take your sunglasses with you when you travel here. It is an essential pack Cuba, in this region.

Santiago de Cuba

Cathedral of Santiago de Cuba

Located between the Sierra Maestra and Cuba's second-largest city, the Caribbean Sea, the city has a multicultural identity and is considered the cradle of the revolution. Home to many major tourist attractions such as the Museo de Ambiente Colonial Cubano and Castillo El Moro, Santiago de Cuba hosts the Cuban Music Festival. To witness the importance of music in these parts, take a walk every day on the street or at the famous Casa de las Tradiciones in the Tivoli district, where many musicians improvise, professional or not.


cienfuegos architecture

"Pearl of the South" is a town in love. The pastel colors of the colonial buildings make them elegant and inviting, while the Jagua Castle, Provincial Museum, and Cathedral are historical testimonies not to be missed. The city is also an ideal starting point for exploring the surroundings, the bay, and the mountains, but at the same time, the El Nicho waterfalls are a welcome diversion from beach life.

A little history in Santa Clara

main plaza square

İn 1958, the revolutionaries of Che Guevara and Fidel Castro completed a military coup against dictator Batista's army, completing Cuba's liberation path. They are buried in the imposing Mausoleum, which many tourists visit every year. Members of this order and Che Guevara himself. A small museum of the revolution and the historical reconstruction of this war will make you relive this epic venture.

What to pack for a trip to Cuba / Things to pack for a trip to Cuba


Before we are in Cuba, we need to research the question "what to pack for a trip to Cuba". Because here there are things to pack for a trip to Cuba. Before traveling to Cuba, you should research what you should put in your bag or suitcase. Cuba is generally a warm and sunny country. While visiting the country's historical places under the sun, you should take a camera with you to record these places.

We should also seek to answer the question "what to pack for Cuba in May". Traveling to Cuba on hot days will be very nice. The month of May can be a great choice to visit this place. Have your fine clothes ready before you come for this. You can make the perfect trip by choosing light shirts and shorts. If someone asks you "what to pack for Cuba in May", you can answer that. Don't forget to bring sunscreen and a sunhat as you will have hot days in Cuba. This is an essential pack Cuba.

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