Yemen Short-term Visa details

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Yemen Short-term Visa details
Yemen is indeed a good choice for travel. This country has its fair share of historical landmarks that dates back as long as 3000 years. Travel to Yemen will throw you back into its culture-rich yesteryears with simply a walk along the roads of its capital of Yemen, Sanaa. The brown buildings are made of mud and stone are decorated with geometric patterns that resemble distinctive ancient architecture. The scenic geographical destinations like Socotra Island, Al Ghaydeh, Rub Al Khali, and Wadi Hadhramaut beckons natural beauty. All that being said, it is worth mentioning that you need to practice caution on your travel to Yemen. It may not be a seemingly safe place for leisure travellers, especially women. However, if you take the correct precautions and plan your trip, it is indeed a worthy experience. This article will inform you about procuring a visa to Yemen and details on how to get Yemen visa. Well, this is, after all, the first step in planning your trip to the country! The Yemen visa policy requires that any national who wishes to go to the country temporarily for tourism, study, or business must obtain a visa issued by the country. You can get a visa to Yemen depending on your purpose of travel. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions when it comes to getting a visa to Yemen.

Is it possible to get a Yemen visa on arrival?

crowd at the airport Yemen visa policy urges travellers of most nations to obtain a visa to Yemen before travel. Nonetheless, there are some Yemen visa free countries whose nationals can obtain a Yemen visa on arrival. Yemen visa on arrival is provided to citizens of the below-mentioned 11 countries. · Algeria · Bahrain · Egypt · Jordan · Kuwait · Malaysia · Oman · Qatar · Saudi Arabia · Syria · United Arab Emirates The nationals from these Yemen visa free countries are issued visas with validity for up to 3 months. Moreover, non-ordinary passport holders like diplomats and specific government officials of other countries will also be issued a visa on arrival.

How to get Yemen visa?

human hand filling application According to the Yemen visa policy, the immigration authorities will issue a visa upon receiving a Yemen short-term visa application. Here are the steps that tell you how to get Yemen visa for a Yemen short term visa application. Print out Yemen visa application form. Fill in all the details with the correct information. Make sure to state your purpose of visit in the Yemen visa application form. These could be either: · Business visa · Tourist visa · Student visa · Visitor visa upon invitation from a person or organization Make sure that your passport has a validity of at least 6 months. The photographs that you submit with the Yemen visa application form must comply with all the Yemen visa requirements. The dates of arrival and return are to be mentioned with the application. Also, a copy of your e-ticket or your travel itinerary must also be submitted along with the application. You must provide a health certificate or a doctor’s note/medical report. This must be signed by a licensed physician. It must also certify that the visa applicant is free of any contagious disease. Ensure to bring the filled-in form and all the documents as per Yemen visa requirements to the consular section at the embassy. Pay the visa fees. Wait for your visa to get processed.

How much does it cost for a Yemen short term visa?

hundred dollars banknotes Yemen national visa requirements imply that a visa fee must be paid along with the Yemen short term visa application to be processed before the applicant’s travel to Yemen. This fee varies depending on the type of stay in the country. This is around $35 for a single-entry visa and around $65 for a multiple-entry visa.

What are the Yemen visa requirements for a short-term visa?

giving documents closeup There are many restrictions to the visas being issued to Yemen now. Nonetheless, if you travel to Yemen, the necessary basic documents to obtain a short-term visa. • Your original passport with 6 months validity and at least one blank page to issue the visa. • Photographs of the applicant that was taken no longer than 3 months back. • A company letter / no objection letter from the company from your residing country. • A filled-in and signed application form. • Invitation letter from the person or company based in Yemen. This should include the phone number and full local address of the person or company to be visited. • Proof of your travel arrangements. This includes either a copy of your travel itinerary or a copy of your e-ticket that displays your round trip. • Proof of sufficient funds. This must be a bank statement or financial guarantee from your employer. • A medical report issued by a licensed physician stating that the applicant is free from any contagious disease.

How to extend Yemen visa?

immigration control stamping passport Unless you are from one of the Yemen visa free countries, you have to be sure about how to extend Yemen visa while your stay in the country. Any case of over-due will be legitimately fined by the authorities. The valid duration for a short-term visa in Yemen is for up to 90 days. If your period of stay will exceed more than 14 days in the country, then you have to register your passport with the Yemen immigration authorities upon arrival to the country. So, always be sure that you know how to extend Yemen visa if you plan to stay for more than the valid duration.

How long does it take to get a Yemen short term visa?

calendar dates closeup If you have submitted all the documents per the Yemen national visa requirements, it might take around two to four weeks to process your visa. But what about spending a few hours in the country? Do I need to get a transit visa in Yemen? If you have a confirmed onward ticket for a flight within 24 hours from the airport in Yemen, you can transit without a transit visa. However, you must be present in the airport's international transit area and must have all the relevant documents for your travel.

What should I know before travelling to Yemen?

covid 19 vaccine in researcher hands You will be outrightly denied entry to the country of Yemen if you have Israeli entry or exit stamps in your passport. Make sure to get all the necessary vaccinations and medical supplies before your travel to Yemen as the country has the poor medical infrastructure, and your health could be at risk. Yemen could be quite difficult to get around for a foreign national. Hence, always make sure to abide by the local rules and stay in close contact with the local law enforcement in need of any help.

Final words

yemen flag on the sky Yemen is one of the most challenged countries in the Middle East owing to the ongoing civil war since long. Despite being geographically adjacent to wealthy neighbours like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Yemen is one of the region's poorest and least developed countries. Nonetheless, Yemen is blessed with numerous geographical wonders and ancient cultural memoirs to delight any interested traveller. The people of Yemen are very friendly and are open hosts. However, you have to respect the local traditions and customs while staying in the country, as you would not want to offend the locals with anything unpleasant.

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