Zambia visa instructions

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Zambia visa instructions

There are many reasons people visit or desire to spend their next vacation in Zambia. This African country is beautiful and stunning, with many things to offer to visitors or tourists. If you ever thought of an African country that has lots of wildlife reserves and beautiful natural parks to visit, then you should have your next trip to Zambia. To come to Zambia, you need to have a visa for Zambia. You can get different types of visas, such as a Zambia business visa, to come to Zambia next summer to enjoy the different water sports common in the country.

It is not difficult to know how to get a Zambia visa. All you need to know about the Zambia visa policy is uploaded on This website has made Zambia visa application easy, as you will see the online Zambia visa application form on the site. In this article, you will know about Zambia visa fees, how much is a Zambia visa on arrival, and other frequently asked questions about visa for Zambia.

Is a visa necessary for me to come to Zambia?

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This is one of the many questions travelers ask on Zambia visa application. The answer to this question depends on your country. You can know if your country is among the Zambian visa free countries. To find out, check your eligibility for the e-Visa for Zambia that offers. All you have to do is to introduce your country and select Zambia as the country you want to visit.

Validity of Zambia Visa 

The Zambian visas that you will use to travel to Zambia, be it a Zambia business visa or Zambia tourist visa, must be valid for 6 months after it is being issued. If you are going on a tourist visa, you will stay in the country for up to 3 months – 90 days. You can stay up to a month – 30 days in Zambia with a business visa. With a single entry, you can stay for 90 days with a Zambia e-Visa. So, depending on your reason for coming and your expected days of staying in the country, apply for the right visa.

Requirements for Zambia Visa

Knowing that a visa is important to visit Zambia, you need to meet all the instructions or requirements to obtain a Zambian visa. You need to have the following:

• International passport

An international passport is very necessary for any journey you want to make outside your country. It is a sign of identification. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months above the end of your stay in the country. Also, it must have two black pages. It must not be torn or damaged if you must obtain an online visa for Zambia or the paper type. You can visit to find out more requirements of an international passport from the Zambia visa policy.

• POF – Proof of funds

Before you visit any Zambia visa application form for your Zambia visa, make sure you have enough money to show you can take care of yourself in the country. Without it, you may be denied a Zambia visa. So, as you prepare to spend your next vacation in Zambia, increase your earnings. With proof of funds, obtaining a Zambia visa becomes easier.

• Medical certificates

The world is not as safe as before, and every country is careful to allow anyone into their country. One of the instructions given to travelers by the World Health Organization, WHO, is to have a medical checkup on different ailments such as the rampart COVID-19 that had killed thousands of people. You also need to have your certificate for yellow fever to prove you are free from the disease if you must obtain a Zambia visa.

• Photo

The instructions about your photo are few. You should not slant or bend while taking the picture. Your eyes and other facial features should be visible enough, and the photo must be taken with a white background. You should not wear a glass while taking the picture.

Zambia e-Visa

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Sometimes, having your Zambia paper visa ready after applying might take some time. The average processing time is 3 – 30 days, but one thing or the other can prolong the date. You will not love your journey to Zambia to be prolonged or take more time than expected after you might have paid all the Zambia visa fees required. To overcome this possible delay, many travelers visit to apply for e-Visa, which works like a paper visa. The Zambia e-Visa is faster to obtain and saves you money and time. However, there are instructions you must obey to obtain it.

How to apply for a Zambian electronic visa

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Based on the reason for your traveling intention and the country you are from, extra requirements may be asked for. Some of them are:

  • Airline confirmation
  • Applicant or traveler photo
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Passport personal details scan
  • Cover letter
  • Invitation letter if it is applicable
  • Cover letter from your school if you are coming to study or from your employer, if you are visiting for business-related activities such as business meetings and conferences if it is applicable
  • Selfie showing when you are holding the credit card you used to make the visa transaction. The last four digits of the physical credit card should be made visible in the selfie. Only an image if required per order and if it is applicable
  • Host’s ID
  • The business registration details of the company inviting you in Zambia if it is applicable
  • Last page of international passport if it is applicable

What is a Zambia e-Visa?

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A Zambian e-Visa or online visa is an official document that allows a traveler into Zambia and to travel within the country. It is a direct substitute to the paper visa Zambia embassy or consulate or other Zambia visa application centers issue to people who want to travel to Zambia. When you arrive at the port of entry, you are to present your visa approval letter and passport.

Zambia visa fees and processing times


Your country and the currency involved in the transaction can affect the processing time for a Zambian visa. There are three common processing times for a Zambia visa. They include:

• Standard processing

To get your Zambia visa under the standard processing time might take three business days. The Zambia visa fee will be around 77 USD for e-Visa, while it might take 3 – 30 days and a higher price for a Zambia paper visa.

• Rush processing

The price in obtaining a Zambia e-Visa here is higher and would take around 2 days to get. Set aside 120 USD for this rush processing visa.

• Super rush processing

This is best for people who want to travel immediately or urgently. You will get your Zambia visa in one business day and are likely to be charged around 140 USD. It is the fastest option in obtaining a Zambia e-Visa.

How to apply for Zambia visa


It will take you less than 20 minutes to apply for a Zambia visa on All you need is to use the Zambia visa application form on the website, fill it up – your details, upload any documents you are asked for, make your payment and submit and wait for the visa. You can always contact the customer care representative for guides on how to get a Zambia visa, how much is a Zambia visa on arrival, or if you made any mistake while applying. Knowing the Zambian visa free countries is also possible on the website.

How to apply for my friends and family

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The same instructions you followed while applying for your visa should be followed here too. Instead of filling in your information or passport scan, fill in the information of your family members or friends. After you are done filling in the information, make your payment and wait for the visa. It is very easy to do especially on 

Security instructions in Zambia


Now that you have secured your Zambia visa and you have traveled to Zambia, it is expected you keep your heads down to avoid being deported or becoming a victim of crime. The country has a few security issues. Travelers are encouraged to avoid every criminal activity and keep the instructions below to avoid the withdrawal of visas. There may be low-level violence or civil unrest during elections (local and national). If you happen to be in the country during the election, these instructions below will help you:

  • Be careful of your environment
  • Avoid public parks, walking alone in the dark, especially at downtown locations.
  • Have the numbers of the Zambia police authorities at all times in case of an emergency. 
  • Follow the local events media coverage.

Final thoughts

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Zambian citizens are welcoming, and you will enjoy your time in the country, especially when you travel with the right documents such as a visa and your passport. To get your Zambia visa, follow the instructions mentioned above and have all the requirements ready. While in the country, keep to the rules and be careful at all times.

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