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Canada visa types

Canada has 2 visa types: Temporary and Permanent Canada Visas. Each of them has a few subtypes. The most common visa types are Visitor visa, Study visa, Work visa.


Visa requirements of Canada

Canada visa requirements are different for each visa type. The list of required documents, processing time, and the fee varies depending on your visa type and purpose of travel. Canada online government system defines your visa type and it also gives you detailed information about the required documents depending on your visa type and total fee.


Processing time

Average processing time for a Canada visa is 10-60 calendar days. It can depend on your visa application country and visa type.


Canada visa rejection reasons

Your visa chances depend on many factors and on the visa type you are applying for. The most common Canada visa rejection reasons are following:

  • Failure to Meet Financial Requirements
  • Family ties in your home country
  • Providing incorrect or insufficient information
  • Weak travel history

Canada visa interview questions

There is no Canada visa interview. Visa officer will contact you in case of any questions.


How to apply for Canada visa?

You can apply for Canada visa in 2 ways: on paper or online. You need to gather all the required documents and provide biometric data.


How to apply for Canada visa online?

During a pandemic, Canada visa applications are accepted only online. You need to create an account on an official website, and upload all the documents there. After paying visa fees online you will be requested to visit the Canadian visa center to provide your biometric data.


How much is Canada visa fee?

Canada visa fees include visa application fee and fee for taking biometric data 85 CAD.

Canada visitor visa fee is 100 CAD. Biometric data fee is usually between 80-120 CAD.