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You can make a planned trip to Djibouti by obtaining a Djibouti visa in advance. Foreign nationals can apply for short-term visas to Djibouti (electronic visa) for temporary reasons (tourism, business, cultural and other short-term purposes). You can apply for a long-term visa (through embassies) or residence permit if you want to stay in Djibouti for different reasons (work, education, etc.).


Djibouti visa requirements

Required documents vary depending on whether you are applying for an electronic visa or through an embassy/consulate.

Your application form must be completed appropriately, filled out and signed by the applicant.

Your eVisa will usually be emailed to you within 72 hours of the date you complete the application form and decisions are made. 

How to get a Djibouti visa?

If you need to get a visa to Djibouti, we can assist you in applying for a visa. You have to visit our website under the ''Services'' section to meet the requirements.

How long to get a Djibouti visa?

The average time for processing an electronic visa to Djibouti is 1-3 working days. If you will apply for the Djibouti short-stay Visa in Djibouti embassies, or consulates, the average processing time is 1-3 working days.


How hard is it to get a visa from Djibouti?

If you meet all visa requirements correctly, you will not have problems with getting a visa.