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JULY 1, 2019 1 min. read

Scottish scientists compared Baku with the world's most populous cities. The results shocked all Africans. There are rare features in Baku that you will never find in other cities. They explained it as follows:

- Let’s compare to London. There is really cold weather. However, they do not have khangal ( a dish, prepared of meat and rolled pastry) to eat in these cold days.

- Or Amsterdam. They have crazy beers, ales. But not a chechil cheese, pea, or the fried dushbara (Azerbaijani dumplings).

- Let's take Oslo. There's a fish. No narsharab (seasoning prepared by thickening pomegranate juice). 

- Let's take Delhi. It has rice but does not have shah plov, fennel plov, plov with noodles, or with dried fruits and meat.

-Let's take Istanbul.  There is excellent coastline, delicate sweets, but no tea, or let’s say that it would be better if they don’t have.

-Let's take Dubai. They have shisha, but not a set.

-Or Cape Town. The sunny May weather is year-round. However, there is no cherry-plum.

- Or let’s take New York. They have rap, but not a Meykhana.

- Or Rio. There are coasts, but not the fences.

- Paris: It has a baguette, but not tandoor (bread cooked in clay oven). It has éclair, but not baklava. It has a croissant, but not a Shekerbura.

- Let’s take Beijing. There is pure tea, but not sugar loat, cornel or walnut jam.

- Mexico: There are large green parks. No marble to sit on.

  And you want to move to another country?!



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