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Don't be scared! Taste it!

JANUARY 27, 2020 3 min. read
Don't be scared! Taste it!

While traveling somewhere else, we should visit the "cuisine world" of that place. Many people cross the border to taste different foods. The stunning, saturating meals await you in every corner of the world. Weird restaurants, different chefs, and various dishes will be a new experience for you, something you will like, and something will not please your stomach. As it is said: "not all tasty meals were tasted, and not all the meals you tried should be tasty." However, there are still foods that you can eat without fear, and we are giving their list below.

Mulukhiyah. The meal, one of Egypt's national dishes, is intended for true kings. If only the Pharaohs were able to eat it in ancient Egypt, now you can smell Mulukhiyah in every house in the country. The meal is prepared by boiling the leaves of the Jute mallow with garlic, and chicken or rabbit meat is added while serving. In some parts of Egypt, they use beef or fish. Our tourists who "conquer" the pyramids recommend eating this meal in Egypt.

Bloody pancake. You might think it is for Halloween, but not. Do not be scared of tasting this ancient and unusual meal of Finnish and Latvian cuisine! A distinctive feature from the ordinary pancakes is the use of blood instead of milk. It is served with pork or deer meat. Although the name is frightening, the dish is very delicious. We think vampires would love this dish; what about you?

Tuna eyeball. Just imagine that you are in the restaurant and waiting for your order. The waitress serves your meal, and when you look to the plate, you see a pair of eyes staring at you. Did you get scared? No need. You will get used to this in Japan. You can see these eyes in every supermarket. One of the most popular dishes in Japan is Tuna eyeball. It is eaten raw and cooked. Although seafood lovers like this food, which tastes a bit like squid and octopus, others do not like it. However, try the food, while it is watching at you.

Muktuk. It is translated as "edible skin" and is one of the traditional dishes of Eskimos, Inuit, and Chukchi cuisine. The meal made from frozen whale skin and blubber is mostly served raw. However, you can also get fried ones. It is considered healthy food since it is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin D. You will not be scared of this dish, as its look is both beautiful and useful.

Huitlacoche (Corn smut). Mexico is always remembered for its strangeness. The cuisine is keeping up with it. Huitlacoche or truffle fungus grows on the ears of corn, i.e., the corn is mutated and become unrecognizable. Although the combination of mushroom and corn has led to the destruction of all cropping, Mexicans have made this product their most delicious meal.

Cuisses de Grenouille. Frog legs are one of the better-known delicacies of French cuisine. While saying a different meal, you can think of this fascinating national dish of France. There are various ideas about the history of food. According to some suppositions, frogs have been used as food during the Hundred Years' War. Some historians claim that when hunting was forbidden in French forests, the people had to add a frog to their menu. Now, this meal is the decoration of the French table at the holidays. Tourists also find frogs interesting. You can find different meals prepared from the frog in French restaurants. The chefs are always experimenting, some fry or boil it and serve with either vegetables or macaroni. The gourmets say it tastes either like chicken or fish. Taste the favorite French meals with frogs, and do not be afraid, the frog will not jump over you!

There are a lot of exciting, tasty, weird dishes, and you will not have enough time to taste them all. But you can travel and experience not only different feelings but also different tastes. The main thing is to eat what you like, not what someone loves and advises! There are so many exotic cuisines in the world; find yours!


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