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Euphoria, Adrenaline, and Extreme Tourism

OCTOBER 2019, 8 466 Arzu Aliyeva
Euphoria, Adrenaline, and Extreme Tourism

Fearless and brave ones, extreme tourism is for you!

Are you tired of museums, historical monuments? So dive in the air with the parachute, jump into the deep sea, climb the high rock, and fill your belly with adrenaline.

Extreme tourism is an active and risky form of travel. Modern extreme tourism was formed in the 20th century. Currently, there are more than one hundred different species. The most popular types are diving, mountaineering, rafting, bungee jumping, etc.

The popularity of extreme tourism is growing from year to year when the number of extremes was 10,000 20 years ago; now, it reaches 100 million. So what makes people go for extreme sports? Interest, self-determination, strength, overcoming their complexities and fears, as well as the need not to stay away from anyone, can be reasons. Some people realize that they are not born for extreme after the first try, and some cannot live without it.

The constant desire for extreme sports is like drug and alcohol addiction; scientists call it an adrenaline addiction. It is explained as follows. After prolonged stress and anxiety, the body releases hormones that cause euphoria. Yes, stress can cause us joy at times. Because of the peculiarities of people, some people have an addiction to extreme, adrenaline.

I want to point out that not every person who wants to have euphoria strives to experience extreme tourism. After all, extreme tourism has its requirements. As well as being physically and psychologically prepared, extreme lovers must be willing, durable, and able to take risks. In return, they will be among those who have experienced great feelings.

There are many places to travel in the world, but for some, people risk their lives. We offer you the most popular adrenaline spots.

Devil Pool in Victoria Falls

While Victoria Fall attracts ordinary tourists with charming scenery, it attracts extreme lovers with a devil pool. There is a beach for the extreme lovers formed with the small cliffs preventing water flow in the waterfall. To our brave ones, you can only swim in the pool from September to December, and for the rest of the month, it is impossible to swim because of the steady flow of water.

Bike ride on Cliffs of Moher

Most tourists come to the Cliffs of Moher to feel at the end of the world and experience the beauty of Ireland. However, among the tourists, there are some lion-hearted ones. They come here for adrenaline and to conquer the top of the cliffs. Some of the cliffs are less than half a meter away from the abyss, and the constant volatility of the Irish air is a significant risk for illegal bike tours here. However, it will not stop you!

Macau Tower

Do not be surprised that we included the tower to the adrenaline places. It is the most spectacular for bungee jumping. As you descend from 233 meters from the world's largest jump platform, you will not forget the brilliant view of the city's jungle.


Sea, hot sun, architectural pearls, etc. Is this what attracts tourists to Dubai? We would say it would be a boring place for extreme lovers; however, Dubai is an excellent choice for the parachutists. From parachute, you will see all the beauty of the city - skyscrapers, magnificent peninsula, and desert. After you land, you will be able to enjoy it all again while walking. Do not miss this opportunity!

Oymyakon - the coldest place where life goes on

Therefore, we see that nothing stops you. Then let's go to -600C cold. Tourists come here to check their bodies' cold tolerance, study how many seconds the boiling water freeze, and look at frozen landscapes. There are also skiers, and to experience extreme on snowy hills is a special feeling.

Heights in Turkey

Turkey is an ideal choice for climbers. Both beginners and professionals will have their mountains. The tallest peaks of Turkey – Mount Erciyes, Beydagh, and Mount Agri - are some of the favorite places for mountaineers.

Finally, we want to say that no matter where we go, we can live extreme moments that we will never forget.