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5 dishes that you should refrain from eating

JANUARY 14, 2020 3 min. read
5 dishes that you should refrain from eating

Each of us travels at different times in our lives, go to different countries, and the first thing we do to get to know them is to try different dishes from their national cuisine. Of course, this is also one of the best ways to change our palate and gain new, exciting experiences. In our destination country, we are always looking for the best restaurants with the best food. However, there are some dishes that you will not only want to eat or taste, but you will not be able to. Let us take a closer look at these dishes from around the world and selected according to many sources and travelers' ideas.


Century egg - China

This dish, known as a delicacy all over Asia, is also famous as Centennial Egg, Millennium Egg, or Canned Egg. Of course, it has not survived for hundreds or thousands of years, but at least it has a rotten odor like that. This dish is prepared for months by protecting ducks, chickens, or quail in a mixture of clay, ash, salt, lubricant, and rice stems. Because of this process, the yolk turns dark green or gray, developing a sharp flavor due to the present hydrogen sulfide and ammonia. The egg white turns dark brown, transparent jelly with a salty taste.


Hákarl – Iceland 

In Iceland, this dish, which is demanding, is made from shark meat. While eating shark meat is universal, its preparation differs from other dishes. First, it should be a Greenland shark only. Meat is fertilized, and the process goes a long way. The meat of the shark is buried under a cold pit, fastened with sand and stones, and kept there for 6 to 12 weeks. Thus, toxic cold fluids living in cold water can be discharged, making the meat safe for consumption and edible. Later it is dried before cutting in strips and served. The process lasts 4 or 5 months. When it is cooked, the meat smells so bad that it can be eaten only with tiny pieces.


Haggis - Scotland

If you are traveling to Scotland, they will recommend you to try the dish that is considered "delicious." However, it is doubtful as it is on our list. It is a pudding made of sheep'ssheep's heart, liver, and lungs. They are all chopped with onions, oats, fat, spices, and salt, mixed with broth and cooked in the stomach of the animal. Although it may not seem so unpleasant, and even though the Scots love it, it is a dish that, after knowing the ingredients, is unlikely to be eaten by anyone other than them, generally not even trying to eat.


Casu Marzu - Italy

One more dish, which is favorite for its nation, but we would not like to taste. The Italian cheese considered the "Best of the Best," is made in Sardinia with sheep milk. In a literal sense, "Casu Marzu" means rotten or dirty cheese. When served, you can see that there are live insect larvae in it. They are added to the cheese to increase the level of insemination and fats. It allows the cheese to reach the stage of decay that occurs after the digestion of the piophila casei larvae after the typical fertilization. As a result, the cheese softens, and some fluids appear. Sometimes these larvae can even jump in cheese, so people who eat cheese must be prepared to protect themselves. There are situations where they can continue to stay alive after you eat cheese.


Balut - Philippine

Wow, after all these unusual dishes, we finally arrived at our last meal on our list. These are the bird embryo that has not developed for 14 to 21 days. In most cases, duck eggs are preferred. These eggs are boiled commonly, served with chili vinegar, and then eaten as regular eggs. However, inside, there is not York and egg white as we accustomed to, but little bird embryo. It is Filipinos favorite fast-food. 

You probably thought that this list would consist mostly of East Asian cuisine, but it was not. Besides, as many people eating these foods is populated chiefly countries such as China, Japan, and Korea, it affects the tendency, so they are not included in the list. 

 Of course, this list could be extended to 10, 20, or even 50 different types of food. There are many dishes such as bat soup, the heart of cobra, turtle soup, bee crackers, eye bone of tuna fish, etc. that we have not yet named. You can see all of these dishes and about 100 others at The Disgusting Food Museum, opened in 2018 in Sweden. Even the interesting point to note is that meals such as Khash and Kallapacha, which are very well known in our kitchen, are included in this list worldwide.

So, we can safely say that if you do not want to have unpleasant memories of your journey, you should always avoid these and any other such foods.

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