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How to travel with pets?

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You can’t stay away from your favorite pets even for a few seconds, but there is a traveling waiting for you? Should you give the pet to someone to take care of? No, it’s not a good option. It’s best to take your little loyal friend to the trip and have fun together. However, there are some moments you should know before traveling with pets. Pay attention to them to make your journey smooth and comfortable!


First, think about whether your pet is ready to travel! If your pet is old or vice versa and has health issues, long-distance travel can be difficult. For animals with severe air shortage and heat intolerance, air travel may result in death. If you are traveling with your pet for the first time, be sure to consult a vet. It is noteworthy to say that you have a lot to do with the vet, including various vaccines, analysis, etc. which will become your nightmare. Nevertheless, you need to be patient!


Collect the necessary documents! One of the processes that nobody likes is collecting records: long queues, long list of documents, nervousness, and stress. However, you will have to stand all these just because of your little friend.


You need to go to the vet two months before your trip. First of all, it should be noted that never leave the appointment at the vet to the last days! Sometimes there should be a week gap between some vaccinations, and some injections should be done 30 to 20 days before the trip. 


As mentioned above, the vet will prepare relevant documents after completing the vaccination and chips. These include your little friend’s passport (which contains all its health history, what diseases it has been treated for, which vaccines are injected, etc.), health certificate, and approved document for departure from the country.


Find out!!! There are laws on bringing animals to the destination country. Some countries do not accept a certificate if it has been issued eight days before, and some states do not allow any animals to be brought. Moreover, find out about the conditions the transport you will use - airplanes, trains, etc. provides for the pets. Be aware of the rules and prohibitions. A small point that you do not know can later create a big problem. For example, it is forbidden to bring Pit-bull, mastiffs, and any animal under three years old to France. You can’t bring your parrot to Arabia. Or, in the UK, your pet can be kept in quarantine for up to four months if the rules are not be followed. All this information is available at the embassy of the country in which you travel.


Everything is ready; now it’s time to buy a ticket. But, hold on, inform Customer Service before paying for your ticket. Also, check with the airline to see if the flight is suitable for your pet. Sometimes, someone else can get a wiggle on and register a friend on the same plane before you. So, to avoid such cases, call Customer Service, register your pet, and then get your ticket. 


When traveling on a train, you must have a baggage allowance. You should also purchase a ticket to a compartment for no more than three people. Occasionally, other passengers, for some reason, do not agree to stay with the pet in the same compartment. To prevent this, either find out about the passengers or pay for the whole compartment. 


Go to the airport earlier! If you are one of those who leave the house in a rush an hour to flight or arrive at the airport just 10-15 minutes to the end of check-in, do not do this. Go to the airport at least an hour earlier. Registration and control of your friend’s document is a long process. Each airline has its requirements for animal transportation. Even if you are interested in this beforehand, they can sometimes comment during the check-in. Be ready for such moments!


Talk to your vet before leaving for the port! Ask about nutrition, what is allowed to be given. Find out about the soothing agents and do not provide any medication to your pet without the vet’s advice, which may worsen its health. Stop giving food for 4-6 hours before leaving.


Don’t forget the first aid kit for your pet! If your friend has an illness, take the medication and drugs that the vet advised. Identify the best veterinary clinics in the destination country (city).


“Look before you leap!” Traveling with animals is a very responsible job. Evaluate everything before you make a decision. And most importantly, can you provide comfort to your pet? Wherever you go, we can assure you that there will also be places where animals are not allowed to enter. Who will you leave your animal with, in this case? Will it be able to stay alone in a new, unfamiliar place? Before selecting a hotel, consider the conditions for the animals.


Love, protect, care for animals. The closer we get to them, the happier we and our pets are.


Traveling is great. It would be fantastic if your friend – pet – that colors your life will be with you too!

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