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Magnificent Venice

JULY 15, 2019 1 min. read
Magnificent Venice

We introduce six must-see places in Venice to you:

1.Saint Mark Square. The heart of Venice. The spectacular landscape of the sea is divided into parts of Pyatsetta and Pyatsa.
2.Saint Mark Cathedral. The cathedral that holds many traces of history in its treasure combines elements of Byzantium, Rome and, of course, Venetian architecture.
3.Kampanila. The highest building in Venice. From the pavilion, you can view the mindblowing sights of the city. Here, the hectic sight opens to the town with the observation stadium.
4.Doge´s palace. The place where the History of the magnificent Venice is established. In this masterpiece, gothic, renaissance, and moody styles are mixed.
5.Santa Maria Della Salute Church. One of Venice's most famous characters. When approaching Mark Square with the Grand Canal, this church is the first of its kind.
6.Rialto bridge. The only bridge over the Grand Canal for a long time. Even those who have not been in Venice for the first time, the profile of this transition is familiar.


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